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Cosmic Record / Blog

Year 2014

Soon updates and new song's in Section, Metal, Pop, Techno, Dubstep and many more styles. Websites, twitter and facebook pages. Better

Update 2013 October


We are still there working our way up. New websites, New Music and all. In the next upcoming month to this next Christmas, we well navigate on Reverbnation to see for new artist/Band

Updated for Quebec Shows We will add show around us Timely

Updated Websites Cosmic Record Jma http://cosmicrecordjma.wix.com/crhs Mage Band http://cosmicrecordjma.wix.com/mageband Jim-Magelorth Music http://cosmicrecordjma.wix.com/magelorth

Visit us, like us on Facebook and Twitter Facebook ... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cosmic-Record-Jma/317693108261551

Twitter ... https://twitter.com/Cosmic_Record

2012 a great year

Manny new development. Sound card crash material loss. But I am still on my legs and will always be...

Now, the structure of the website is getting to conclusion, it is a manner of week. When it's finish I will let know.

New music concept, affiliate and workflow.

A band is on is way. Still working on it.

I will start to review and Masterize all my music so stay tune for cheap albums release.