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Marketing 101...PROMOTION!!!

HELLO!!!...It's been a bit since the last post!!! Today we're addressing promotion!!!...Bands/artists trying to get your name out?...Definitely utilize your internet tools...Social Media (FACEBOOK, REVERBNATION, TWITTER, WORD PRESS etc)....Set your music/video links up, press links, event invites etc...Anything that will get your name and art out to your targeted audience. THEN (and THIS is where most bands fail...) there is your physical promotion...You HAVE to effectively make your presence known in a PHYSICAL since....You need to make flyers, handbills, posters...business cards? etc...not ONLY for events but perhaps simply for your band as well. All the online online promotion in the world cannot beat some good ole' "face time" w your demographic market...like politicians...you have to get out and "shake some hands and kiss some babies"...Can't tell you how many times I have been out at a rock show or hangin at a venue and someone comes up to me..."Yo, Ant...I have this new project...you gotta book us!!!"...and they have NO handbills, cards...not even a sample of their music?...My first impression is that they prob don't have a website, no recorded music, have they played anywhere?...and I'm witnessing first hand their promotional skills (or lack there of?) Remember...you don't have to be playing out to promote...you can continuosly promote your band, official website, SM site(s), vblogs etc whenever/wherever you are out connecting with people...and if you do it correctly you will find your online promotion becomes easier and more effective. Until next time, Anthony

Effective mareting and promotion!!!

Effective promotion is the key to an independent or unsigned band's success simple as that!! Three key areas can really boost your band's presence in any market. 1. Viral - all bands jump on this because its free!!! Carefully and strategically utilize your SM sites (REVERBNATION, FB, Twitter, Youtube etc) THEN if your budget can sustain it?...try taking advantage of some of the premium features offered? Promotional ads can be quite successful! Finally track your numbers. Check for new fans, who's actually interacting w you, views on yours sites, monitor comments etc. 2. Internet Radio - what once was a joke is the support of the indie / underground Artist. Getting your music to internet radio is still your music to fans. if an internet radio program has only say 5000 listeners and was play your music? that is still 5000 people who now who you are, may visit your website, purchase merch etc...Now do the math...if 5000 spent only $10 w you?...well you get it. 3. Fans - You are NOTHING w/o fans...they are your lifeblood!!! Respect them, chat w them, hang w them at shows if possible, take pics etc...they will in turn remember that and you. They will tell others about you, re-Tweet and Fav your Tweets, watch your videos...and be at your next show w more people!! I've seen this many times!!! I have seen these tactics work for bands that in my opinion were not NEARLY as talented as their fans thought they were. However, they effective used their promotion and showed dedication to their fans! Thats it for me!! C-ya at the next show!! Anthony

Booking and Promotion

How to effectively book your band:

1. It starts FIRST and foremost w you or booking person ANSWERING their phone and responding to emails. While, every offer may not be what you want….you need to at the very least ackowledge the agent venue or promoter. Somewhere, someone started the practice of NOT returning calls/emails to offers that don’t interest them. You don’t have to divulge WHY you’re not interested but to respond is generally considerate. This alone may keep people returning w ith show offers.

2. Don’t take more than 72 hrs to confirm or deny an offer. Some artists, and even some agents think it’s a “savvy” business tactic to “stall”. Truth is at 72 hrs you KNOW whether you want to play a show, venue or event. Beyond that??… you’re stalling for whatever reason (don’t like the pay, venue or entertaining OTHER offers…)….my pet PEEVE is to make a show offer to an artist and it takes two wks figure out if the can or cannot do the date. At 72 hrs I’M done and have recinded my offer and I’m on to another show and I make notes!!! Ex - great band but drummer books and is slow to confirm on ANY date....this can negatively effect your booking business.

3. Finally, promote yourself. Turn your numbers (friends and fans) out, sell your tickets (if that’s the route)….get your people to your shows…consistently! Numbers alone will attract, agents, promoters and venues. This will increase “repeat” business and usually constitute bigger and better show offers.

How to promote your band

1. CALL, TEXT, EMAIL, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, everybody you know and tell them about your show. 2. Create a mailing list at your shows. Gather email addresses and Reverbnation links, and email them about your show. This will grow your fanbase. 3. Put up flyers everywhere in the Metroplex. (record stores, churches, schools, colleges, coffeehouses). SELL TICKETS!!!!… 4. Tell your friends, fans or ticket holders to come at least 30-45 min. BEFORE your scheduled time. (ie: 8pm show, promote it as 7:30pm, this way your fans won’t be late.).




www.modernrockmusic events.com/blogs

Strategic Booking

K, so you're band is ready to play out. As scary as it may sound to some people you need to sight and strategize your booking. What is then end result? Where do you want to play? how often? What type of pay do you want? How will you achieve these goals? First decide who is going to the booking (for business purposes) it prob DOESN'T need to be the person handling your band finances. That person needs to be the liason to venues: clubs, churches, parties, media such as TV or radio, or booking promoters etc.. That person needs to be organized enough to track show confirms, return phone calls (that's a big one!!), check emails and continuously follow up on booking business. If you have ONE (maybe two) person consistantly handling this aspect of your business band you should begin to see a positive response from bookers!! Ant