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Quintel"L"-"Z" E.N.T/LLC / Blog

Keep Being You!

If you're considered the "Black Sheep" in/of the family, embrace that fully and totally because there is something *Extra Special about you that God will use to Deliver *Nations back to Him and bless you in ways *Unimaginable to the human mind. But you gotta do your part: 1. Endure. 2. Grow. 3. Love Unconditionally...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬

Keep Pressing!

The honest truth is. Sometimes no matter how Positive you wanna be.....some days just SUCK!! There's no way around that. You just gotta press through them. With the notion that Tomorrow *Must/Will be a better day. But even then.....Nothing in this life is Promised, all the down to your next breath. Just gotta find that last bit of Faith/Hope/Power within yourself to say: I WILL MAKE IT, THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!!!...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬

Where Has Time Gone...

It's such an Interesting Dynamic to see the *Parking lots of McDonald's/Taco Bell/Burger King packed with Vehicles, and the Homes of Families *Empty with dinning table that haven't yet gotten the opportunity to Capture those *Priceless moments of Intrinsic Connection...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬

For All Artist!!

For ALL artists: Sometimes you have to stop Creating and allow yourself to Experience(for however long that is). Then come back and Create with the Experiences you've acquired. Simply because if you Create more than you Experience.....it translates into you yourself no longer you doing it from a deep place of "Deep Rooted Passion" and becomes a habit, which is ultimately considered a Lie. Allow yourself to *Pull Back/Out sometime and just Be...#QuintelLZ

UNITY isn't a Dream!

If we truly want UNITY! Then we must stop Talking about it, and begin Doing it. But keep in mind that the Biggest enemy you will Face in this Life is not Death, instead the Two Biggest enemy's you Will face in this Lifetime, in One way or Another are: A》 1. Pride 2. Fear Luckily the Cure for those Two are: B》 1. Humility 2. Confrontation But we Can't allow this Knowing to Rest as we become Complacent with it at the level of *Head Knowledge.* We must Take it a step Further and get into the Habit taking the (Head Knowledge) and creating an Effective--- Life Application that works Daily in our Lives towards Transferring that which is ABOVE-below. Resulting in the--- Applied Action which is rarely Spoken about, and understood to be *Heart Knowledge.* And when we Finally reach a place Inside ourselves where this process becomes *Second Nature* then and only then will UNITY be removed from the realm of Desire, and become a Happening, a Reality, and finally.......a way of Living....not a way of Life. The funny part is Even After you've read all this. The Human Condition is designed in such a way that in order to Live this out Effectively you *Have To* make the Conscious decision to live *Contrary To Your Nature* everyday by the Renewing of your Mind. Because society and Everything in you is going to Continue to Fight you and try to get you to Believe that: 1. (A lot of) Pride 2. (A good amount of) Fear Create PERFECT Individuals. Which is not Correct. But ultimately the Decision is ours to make. [Will we choose A》or will we Stop, Think, examine Ourselves, and our Lives and choose B》]. Which will we choose...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬


Authority and Power are for Distribution, not for Preservation. Reason being: Your Life has a Time Limit, and if you do it Right, you will live on in the Hearts of those you Impact, not in the Buildings they will Build. Legacy lives in People, not in Buildings...#QuintelLZ

Let It Go!

If you're having a bad day, week, month, season. Let me be the First to tell you....“IT'S PERFECTLY FINE TO---Fall Apart, Cry, Breakdown, Loose a Couple Screws, or Push Pause." Heal through the Brokenness in your Life---{however long it takes.} DO NOT EVER!!!! Conceal the Hurt/Pain/Torment, or whatever it is. Allow yourself the Opportunity to Break Completely/Totally---{however long it takes.} Collect yourself Again, and Move Forward by Growing Through the Residue. You got this! Keep Growing!!!!...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬

The Individual!

An individual without a Vision for their Future, always Returns to their Past......."Stay focused on Where your Going. Your future Successes are waiting for You to Inherit all that they have to Give." Keep Growing!!!!...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬

Help Change This World!

The focus of Getting up Everyday, and working Towards the Goal of Obtaining and Maintaining this idea of “Real Wealth" through way of Money and Things that Occupy Attention, Emotions, and Intellect has SUCKED the very Life out of the Meaning of Life itself. And has left behind Generations of “Full-of-Purpose-Individuals" Empty & in Pieces. Working towards a Future that is Believed to be Full-of-Purpose. One that Encompasses a Plethora of Enrichment. So much so that I would have Enough to pass it Around and Share it with You, Me, and 3 other People. But that isn't so. Money is the Root of all Evil. As much as it is a Blessing to those who Possess it. And things....well you can't take Those with you Anyway. So what are we really Fighting for? And are we even Fighting at all? The Purpose of Life is to Serve, and be a Blessing to those You come in Contact with. But somehow the Fun in that has been Sucked Right Out as well. And the Value of Family, means less than "Walking a Dog." So to answer the question....We're fighting for "Tri-unity" not Conformity, and Yes we're Fighting. Everyone despite Race, or Skin color. We're all in this together. And if you Agree with this, I would like to Extend this Opportunity to you, to Join the Thousands of People who believe in ‪#‎QuintelLZ‬ and Help make this Dream a Reality each day, by Inviting 1 person a day to Like and Share this page, so we can reach the Masses. Thank you for your support, and be Blessed. www.facebook.com/QuintelLZ

Its All Apart Of The Process!

You know, often we Hear things about God using People in GREAT BIG POSITIVE WAYS, for the Edification and Glorification of who He is, but most of us Don't know, and Some of us Forget is that if there is a Positive, there must be a Negative, and vice versa. So with that being said Understand this: There are People being used by God himself, Right Now, who are being; Beaten, Humiliated, Talked Bad About, and are Constantly Experiencing Negative Unexplainable things that most of us have the Privilege of Never Experiencing. You might ask Why? This is because Our Nature, the Human Nature is Sin-Filled, so without being ask to do something Wrong We are Automatically Prone to this Way of Life. So like a Potter and his Clay or even something as Vaguely thought of as the Process of Gold. God has to Constantly be teaching us through the Process of "Pain." And you see the Beautiful thing about that is that, Pain Connects all of us According to Experience. Which eventually brings us all Closer together, if "We allow it To." But God's process is Focused towards getting you to a Place of "Perfection" in his Eyes, so that you can be you can be Used in ways others Thought were Impossible. So if ever you feel, Alone, Rejected, or Fearful of anything. Grow Through it with a New mindset that says "It's all Apart of God's process for Perfecting "Everything" Concerning my Life." Keep Growing, and stay Blessed. You got This!...‪#‎QuintelLZ‬