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We can turn this thing around!!

The realest thing is....while there is an Attack of Racism on Black People, there are in like manner White People who are Barely making it, and living from Pay Check to Pay Check, and are Feeling the same Pressures and Struggles, and Unfair Treatment as Black People are.s Plenty of it to go around. But we must First, get Disgusted Enough with this Core Problem, and Make the Conscious Decision to Live Contrary to Our Nature, so that We can Grow in the Understanding/Acceptance of the Reality/Realities that is Self-Love/Unconditional Love. You are Loved, and You are Accepted. Keep Growing!!!!...#QuintelLZ

Experience Doesn't Lie...

When it comes down to the Ongoing fight on "Racism" this Issue should Have been Dead a Long time ago, simply because. Racism is a Byproduct of Religion in that, Religion has "3" particular Factors that "Contextualize Division" among the Brethren. With a thick False Layer of "Spiritual Propaganda" to Enforce and Appeal to the "Selfish Nature" we all possess. Here are the 3: 1. Since the Beginning of Time "Religion has gotten People/Innocent People Killed.."Repeatedly" up to this Present Moment. Even as you're reading this right now...someone is dying in the name of Religion, in Comparison to Racism. 2. If you claim one Religion, the other one is Automatically Wrong...because its not yours, in Comparison to Racism. 3. Religion gives an Individual the Opportunity to Accept and Proclaim "Opportunistic Division" between the Brethren, in Comparison to Racism. The Truth is in the "Fundamental Construct" of things we are "ALL" individuals, Connected by 1 Common Experience, {and will Continue to have that 1 Common Experience as long as We Exist in this Lifetime,} that is known as "Pain." Keep Growing!!!!...#QuintelLZ

Challenge Yourself...

The world isn't a perfect place.....That's understood. But the World didn't make People the way they are..People Make the world what it is, and is still becoming. People Make up this thing called The World. But what if you allowed all the Negative that happened/is happening to you Before and Even in this Very Moment to do something New Inside You? Instead of going the easy route and allowing it to make you bitter, Challenge your own Power and allow it to make you Better. Instead of Displacing the blame on someone else for your Inaction, take full responsibility and say "That was my fault. I take Full and Total Responsibility this issue and I'll do better next time. True strength isn't in your ability to conquer but in your Level of Humility, and your ability to Control your Thoughts, Words, and Actions...#QuintelLZ

Karen Freedmaan
Karen Freedmaan  (about 1 month ago)

This is what I believe is instilled in me since birth, to be grateful, honest, caring , and most important , to listen before answering if need be ...

Karen Freedmaan
Karen Freedmaan  (about 1 month ago)

This is what I believe is instilled in me since birth, to be grateful, honest, caring , and most important , to listen before answering if need be ...

Change it!

If the reality is that: Airports see more Sincere Kisses than Wedding Halls. And the walls of Hospitals have Heard more Prayers than the ways of Churches......then we must pause as a Culture for a moment of Self-Examination to simply as ourselves the question.......Why have we Allowed Ourselves to stray so far away from our Roots, because of some Temporary Setback, or that idea that you can't achieve what's in your head because the Majority is brainwashed into believing its Impossible because its Never been Done. Keep Growing!!!!...#QuintelLZ

You Have the Power

You Have the Power In you to Change the Outcome of your Life. Get up, Dust Yourself Off, Renew Your Mind, Heart, Body Soul, and Spirit, and Use all the Energy you now have Towards Being "Your Best Self" for the sake of Your life, and the Lives of others around you. Nothing is Impossible for you. "The Battle is in the Mind" and You Have the Power to Control what you let in your Mind So that what Comes out of you is What you Intended it to Be and Not what the Media is Telling you.....Supposedly "What The Social Idea of the Right Thing Is".....This is your Life, You Came Here Alone, And you will Die Alone....But As Long as You Have.....Life. Make it a Mandate on yourself to Live the Best Acceptable, and Pleasing Life you Can While The Big Man Upstairs...is Allowing you to Draw Breath From Your Body....Do Better. Be Better. Live Healthier And Be the Most Positive Product Your Environment Has Ever Produced. And How your Life/Situation Rapidly Changes for the Better. Keep Growing!!!!...#QuintelLZ

You Never Thought It Possible Till Now!

True enough What You Want For Yourself, and Where You Are Right Now maybe Two Different Places. But Truth be Told....it doesn't have to be that way for long. You can get there faster If you Assess, and Adjust your "Self-Concept Problems"-- ;) is Where it all Begins......This is some Deep Stuff, so make sure you Know: 1. Which Direction your Headed in Life. 2. The Company you Keep Around you While on your way There...#QuintelLZ

Master Yourself From A Young Age!

If your Pragmatic, Get Wisdom, learn yourself Emotionally, and practice Balance in every aspect "Daily" in your younger years, it will work miracles for you as you get older. You will Grow Easier into your Genuine Authentic State, Know Exactly Who You Are.....and will be able to Relate/Communicate/Adapt to many different types of People/Situations on any Level. But you can't decide to do this one day, then stop, it's an Ongoing Process and must be Practiced Daily as long as you live and will become more Subconscious with age. Your World will be more Stable if you practice this Daily...#QuintelLZ

Truth Be Told!

Truth be told: 90% of whatever happens/has happened to you, is brought to you, in part, by you. Whether it be Negative or Positive. We all have this inclination to avoid the "Obvious Truths" in life, which is exactly what ruins most of us emotionally, setting us up for tragic relationships and further corrupt embedded habits/lifestyles. But what we fail to realize while caught up in the emotional entrapment is, "WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE OR CHOICES TO MAKE" that will either Affect or Improve or current situation. So the next time you your in a moment, and it has control over you, Pause, and find some brain power within you to think logically for even a millisecond. Before you hit the final state of "Outcome."...#QuintelLZ


When you understand that life is bigger than your Emotions, things will begin to align themselves for you, and your life will Actually Feel (on the Inside), and Look (on the Outside) the way it was Purposed to be. Without all the Extra Unnecessary Entrapment of your "Obviously-Unrecognizable Self-Inflicted-Pain"...#QuintelLZ

Let not your heart be troubled...

Don't allow your "Intellect" or "Pride" to overrule your better judgement, because it inevitably creates a false reality, having you then adopt false personality traits, resulting in the creation of a 1 track, 1 way, tunnel visioned individual, leaving no room for error, yet all the space for ignorance. Humble yourself and own your problems, then accept the reality and truly decide in yourself to change it for the better in your life. And.....DO NOT!!!! Allow present temporary corruption to blur your progress...#QuintelLZ