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MIGHTY SWINE Spotlight Artist

Artistprolist.com is proud to announce that THE MIGHTY SWINE are our SPOTLIGHT CHALLENGE Winner this week! Tell all of your friends and fans to visit Artistprolist.com and select Platinum Spotlight Videos to see your video, “LUST ” which will be featured on Artistprolist.com’s Platinum Spotlight page beginning 06.25.12 (by 1:00pm CST) through 07.0212. Thanks again for supporting all our artists!

Hawkeyes, Bikes, & Punks

Scott Tady / Times Online caught The Hawkeyes performance at Pittsburghs Market Square Sunday & had this to say about the band, "Hawkeyes singer Jay WIley always has looked like a rock star, with his puffy hair, wiry frame, and stage moves that include leaps, spins, and splits, (but) he's elevated his songwriting judging by material the band played at Market Square's weekly Bike Night".

See what else Scott has to say about the band at:



KRANKENSTEIN & ONE PRETTY MINUTE - Tonight's spotlight bands on tonight's LAUGR, beginning @ 10pm


The Hawkeyes kick ass (again)

"The Hawkeyes kicked tail tonight at Market Square's Bike Night. One of my fave new-ish Pittsburgh rock bands" - Scott Tady, Entertainment Writer for Times Online and Beaver Co Times.

Follow Scott on Twitter at: @scotttady or online at: http://www.timesonline.com/entertainment


Thanks to Radio Rock Cafe (Canada) for picking up Krankenstein's Dirt Nap, One Pretty Minute's Addict, and The Mighty Swine's LUST. Listen online to all your favorite artists at: http://www.radiorockcafe.com/v4/radio/wave.php

Thanks to 99.7 The Blitz f(Columbus OH) or picking up One Pretty Minute's Addict.

Thanks to Bobby Wild & Luie Oro for featuring The Hawkeyes on 99.9 KWKR (Garden City, KS) as part of their Rocklahoma Recap.

Thanks to Abby Krizner at 105.9 The X (Pittsburgh PA) for playing Double E over the weekend.

Thanks to Wes & Caitlin at Streamcult for featuring The Hawkeyes Double E on their Daily 6 - June 8, 2012. http://www.streamcult.com

Thanks to The Metal Showcase for picking up The Mighty Swine's LUST. http://www.spreaker.com/show/metal_showcase

Hawkeyes make PA Musician Cover

The Hawkeyes make the coveted PA Musician cover for June 2012! While PA Musucian has covered them during the Millennium Music Conference (Harrisburg PA) and reviewed the band on several occasions, the band makes its first full cover appearance on the widely distributed publication. (Note: they did share the cover for the FEB 2012 MMC edition).

Look for it EVERYWHERE in the great state of PA. Can't find a copy? check it out online at: http://www.pamusician.net/Welcome.html

Thanks to Robin Noll, Rachel Rocks, and Meredith Kaminek for all their continued support of The Hawkeyes. For all the news on your fav PA Musicians (& more) check out the FREE Monthly publication & support its advertisers!

The Hawkeyes are the next generation of music

"The Hawkeyes are the next generation of rock your face off music and I digg it all the way......." ~ Kevin "GrapeApe" Dean, Morning show host on Classic Rock 105.1fm / KTMC-FM


One Pretty Minute on WRKZ 99.7 The Blitz

Catch One Pretty Minute on 99.7 The Blitz - Columbus OH this Sunday at 9pm as the guys discuss the new E.P. - ADDICT

Listen to the new songs, hear the guys discuss the recording, and details of the new upcoming tour.

In the meantime call 99.7 The Blitz and request Addict at 614.821.9970 (Columbus) or toll free 1.800.821.9970

You can also hear them on Radio Rock Cafe http://www.radiorockcafe.com/v4/

Make sure to request them at: http://www.radiorockcafe.com/v4/request

ADDICT comes out on Broad Horizon Records June 5 with official CD Release party June 8 at O'Shecky's in Columbus

for additional information, please contact BHR at contact@broadhorizonrecords.com


Catch The Hawkeyes on KWKR 99.9 - Kansas Sun June 2 at 9 pm (Central Time) as part of the Rocklahoma Recap

Bobby Wild & Luie Oro of the Afternoon Buzzsaw (99.9 KWKR) broadcast the interview done at Rocklahoma as well as follow with the guys as the head back in the studio to finish up Goodbye Americana before hitting the road June 8.

KWKR 99.9 will be spinning the original EP along with DOUBLE E single and more!

Make sure to tune in & listen to the Hawkeyes & the guys from the Afternoon Buzzsaw!!!



for additional information, please contact BHR at contact@broadhorizonrecords.com

Rocklahoma Update

Every interview The Hawkeyes did at Rocklahoma was met with, "You're from where" and "You drove how many hours" ???

We drove +16hrs (1009 miles) ONE WAY to play 40 minutes and everyone asks, "Was it worth it"? HELL YEAH! It's ROCKLAHOMA!!!!. When they call and ask if you want to play, you just answer "when?" & "where?"

The entire crew from Axis Ent were great! Thanks to Sunshine, Shawna, David, Joebob, Dean, and ___, and ___, and ___ for all your hospitality and help.

Everyone at Rocklahoma treated us like VIPs and we could not have had a better time (well, hanging out with Megadeth would have been cool but we were getting our laminates & passes during their set)

SATURDAY MAY 26 /// 2am: The Hawkeyes leave Pittsburgh // 7am: we leave Cincinnati with The Hawkeyes // 11am: Stop off in Terra Haute Guitar Center to get new cables, snare head, and strings. Ate at Denny's, gassed up & headed back out // 830p: Arrive in Pryor Oklahoma // 9:00p: Check in at Rocklahoma, get credentials // 9:30p: while getting settled in can hear Megadeth KILLING it! Our stage manager asks if anyone wants to catch Rob Zombie // 10:30p: 5th row for Rob Zombie // Midnite: Cruising the campgrounds & talking to people / passing out download cards / networking

SUNDAY MAY 27 /// 4am: Bedtime // 7am: Woke Up & walked the grounds - very quiet at that time of the morning // 9am: Showered & ate // Noon: Load In at the Axis Entertainment Stage // 2pm: The Hawkeyes go on (KILLED!) // 2:30: Eddie Trunk & HDNet Concerts stop by to broadcast part of the Hawkeyes set - got to give him a copy of The Hawkeyes EP and The Mighty Swine's new Video (LUST) Said he really liked the Hawkeyes set // 3:15: Media Tent for interviews with Holly (No Cover TV) Luie & Bobby Wild of The Afternoon Buzzsaw (99.9 KWKR) Helen & Shannon from I Heart Robot, Jennifer from Stage Shots, Rock Audio.com, and Eddie Trunk. Got to watch Black Stone Cherry & Vinnie Paul interview & do photo shoot - great bunch of guys!!!! // 4:15: Off to Radio Row to do live on air broadcast with Lenny the Rock Lizard (103.9) Kevin Dean (105.1) + Critter (Z94) // 530: Load Out // 6:00: Hit the Road

MONDAY MAY 28 /// 8am: Got dropped back off in Cincinnati // 1pm: Hawkeyes get back in Pittsburgh

Just wanted to note that while we stopped off at Guitar Center in Terra Haute for gear; we got the wrong sized snare head & left the bass strings somewhere so had to borrow bass from David Castro Band (Thanks guys) and luckily didnt need the snare head (autographed & sold for gas $$)

I Strongly URGE EVERYONE to attend Rocklahoma 2013 - So many great bands - lots of fun in the sun, 20,000+ people all camping out & partying all night (didnt see one fight or arrest).

Cory S. - Maybe next time you'll be able to meet up with us as we miised ya dude!