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EMR Records and Managemet / Blog

EMR Roste registered roster members

Please read blog if you received a registered roster. Invitation. http://emrregisteredroster.blogspot.com/2015/01/emr-registered-roster-menmbers.html

EMR Roster Members Free promotion.

If you receive an invitation saying EMR would line to ad you to our roster. EMR is sending you an invitation. If you chose to join the roster click accept NOT ALLOW so you can still control your Reverbnation account.EMR Roster member receive free promotion, no contract, no fee, no BS just free promotion. EMR releases your album or single on our sites. When fans click to purchase they will be directed to your site to purchase. EX. click www.EMRMEDIA.info. This is how members share fellow artists everyday. Ask about registration fee. Ask any EMR roster member if they are happy. All success Sugar Bear A&R department.

Max Out

Max Out to get started. EMR by invitation only will add you to our roster. EMR does not charge fee's,no contract just free promotion.You must subscribe and that is all.Make a list of your fans to forward you and your fellow artists music scenes. Share on FB page http://www.facebook.com/pages/EMR-Records-and-management/281355821906913 . Keep your Reverbnation account do not click allow if you receive a roster invitation. We all share and cross promote.EMR does not sell your music.Send covers 1000x1000 and buylinks to private email not to be shared sugarbeartrio@live.com.. Join these sites for cross promo and airplay. www.IMRadio.com www.Superstarcentral.ning.com www.Ourstage.com www.AirPlayDirect.com www.Podomatic.com www.Codagroovesent.ning.com and many more. Please keep your Reverbnation account when you receive an invitation, so you can control the content, do not click allow. All success our goal is to maximize your global exposure. Please checkout our showcase albums globally distributed. www.Reverbnation.com/emrallstars www.Reverbnation.com/EmrStarof2013. All respect! www.emrmedia.info www.emrmediaandemrrecords.info Remember if you do not subscribe you will not be emailed promo of tours, releases or promo of your music scene. Make a list of contacts to forward your promo. Increase your shot at getting any exposure. As artists our first goal is to get someone to actually listen to our music.After that we are all on our own.1 day in this fast click world someone will listen to you. EMR will do everything we can to increase your odds by sending out massive emails daily! All respect for all of you! You have picked a tuff biz! All success! EMR

Elizabeth Bryan
Elizabeth Bryan  (over 1 year ago)

Hi EMR, I'm now following, liked and shared on FB! Respects!!
Elizabeth Bryan.

EMR Roster Agreement

EMR was started by Sugar Bear Trio to control their own destiny after a bad experience with another record company,{unnamed}. Global Indie artists seem to be experiencing the same thing. So EMR was born. EMR does not sell your music. EMR directs your releases to buylinks you have already paid for. No contract, no fee, free promotion come and go as you please. Even if you belong to another roster, that's cool with EMR. No legal binding anything to do with your intellectual property. Keep your Reverbnation account. If you get a roster invitation click accept not allow so you can control your content. All success. EMR Records and EMRMEDIA. Ask about registration fee.

Bob Erl Band
Bob Erl Band  (over 1 year ago)

It would be an honer to be added to your roster list. We are currently seeking more promotion as our fan base is continuing to grow. If there is any information you would nee please feel free to contact me anytime. bobe743@gmail.com

College Radio Airplay

Underground Radio recently about accessing the artists and bands played on the station for record and production deals. Currently, the management company that represents Mary J. Blige, Akon and Fabulous Tre has approached College Underground Radio to turn them onto good new artists. FUTURE SOUND RADIO SHOWSFuture Sound Radio Shows welcome The Ray and Joe Show to the family. The Ray and Joe Show is the story of two guys who have known each other for over 30 years. Good friends from way back, they had a lot of good times and generated many great memories throughout the years. Now, they have put their talents together again to bring fun, music and entertainment to The Ray and Joe Show. Together with their excellent friend from England, the lovely and talented Sarah Mason. Our Future Sound Radio Shows are a big hit. The cure for radio boredom. A welcome relief to the clutter of preprogrammed, boring terrestrial radio. Give a listen to our show. The are currently available “On Demand”The Drunkards Ambassador Programme featuring Kyf Brewer. Have you caught the show yet? Why not? Almost 2,000 people per month are tuning in to the show. The Drunkard's Ambassador Programme was born out of Baltimore rock and roll, reared on British Invasion, old country western, 60s & 70s radio, and upon re-entry, landed somewhere in the North Channel. Your host Kyf Brewer and his world-wise "whiskey-enhanced" nodules soothe & tease your ear's inner child with music you won't hear on commercial radio. The Independent Music Show featuring Tom Lambert. Approximately 1,100 visitors per month. Where have You been?The Independent Music Show features music from Real Country, Rock, Rhythm & Blues and whatever you the listener, would like to hear. Sure you will hear some mainstream music on the show, but you will find it hard to figure out who’s on big budget production and who isn’t….because the Independents are as good and in some cases better, than the mainstream.The Big Rock Show hosted by Tina Peek. If you are a Metal Head and have not caught Tina’s show, you are truly missing out. Around 800 Metal heads per month through College Underground Radio. The Big Rock Show, which is now in its 6th Season, has established itself as one of the most popular radio shows across North America. Syndicated on both FM and Internet radio, it has showcased many great interviews and new music from the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal genres, featuring both National and Indie names. The Captain SIB Show We went to the majestic land of Scotland to bring the Captain SIB to you. The show is clinically proven to cause slight quivering of the eye and mild narcolepsy. Show Ingredients: 125g/4oz Confusion, 55g/2oz Depression, 180g/6oz Medication. Empire State of Grind with your hosts, Romeo & Mocca. Online Radio for those who want to keep it 100! If you love your Hip Hop, tune in. We have interviews, talk, news, hot topics, features, live on location broadcasting and so much more! You never know what will & can happen here.The Nikki Rich Show an online radio show that plays music of all Genres, We have music executives such as A&R’s , radio Host, songwriters, producers and managers that share their background, knowledge and experience in the entertainment industry.Revolver Underground exists independently, by indie artist, FOR independent artists. We bring talent, otherwise unheard, to the masses ona global scale. Indie artists themselves, they know first hand the needs and struggles of the independent artist.Reverse The Curse The nationally syndicated radio show comes to College Underground Radio. Reverse The Curse aims to prove that Hip Hop can be utilized to positively inspire and restore morals and right living amongst youth of every community - globally.INTERESTED IN DOING A SHOW? Let us know and we will see if it is a good match.

MITCH TRU  (over 2 years ago)

Thank you for sharing this.

EMR Records and Managemet
EMR Records and Managemet  (almost 2 years ago)

EMR is owned by the artists that are on the roster. Started by Sugar Bear Trio because of a bad experience with we will say another record company. We promote each other. Let us no your site link where you post your music for sale and we with forward your url with EMR Records to your site for example BurningBrainsTheBand
/emrrecordsllc.com . We suggest to use your Reverbnation or build your the best 2 page Tumblr with your Reverb widgets and any other widget you have active such as EPK widgets from http://www.Ourstage.com with a 2$ a month Pro bundle.All we ask is to brand EMR Records. You may download Trademark from pics and make as small as you like to place on releases. No contract whatever distribution you have we will promote it. Join www.Superstarcentral.ning.com www.Codagroovesent.ning.com
Post on FB Pages http://www.facebook.com/groups/340326779387225/?ref=ts&fref=ts
and http://www.facebook.com/pages/EMR-Records-and-management/281355821906913?ref=ts&fref=ts. email us sugarbeartrio@gmail.com. We will all support you. Get a Radio interview with Djblack Ceza he loves all genres and has 2 great shows Connect FB http://www.facebook.com/ceoceza

SweetKenny  (over 1 year ago)

I'd Like to be on the radio shows
let me know what to do?

EMR Records get paid!

EMR wants every artist to get PAID,for everything. Do not be so quick to hit that agree button without talking to EMR staff.The are so many licenses you will need to get paid.Join http://www.SoundExchange.com they really cover most airplay internationally but not sure what you getting into without proper license. http://www.codagroovesent.ning.com Check out on Codagroovesent.ning.com for license Charlie Mac is a good friend to have and a free site. Make a site with http://www.AirplayDirect.com free 10 songs that may be uploaded free by radio stations for airplay only.You will receive a nice little tracker stations playing your music and you may send them a nice pro thank you note,but find out if you are licensed with them. All for this week! EMR Records and managemet.

Gball da Godfather
Gball da Godfather  (about 3 years ago)

My name is Glenn M. Stallworth I own my masters and have all licences needed to proceed into agreement to my taste. I own hit records period. Need radio play and international distribution able to travel when needed. My contact:219-677-3401cell/219-939-7364hm thanks for your time.

Ash The Sky
Ash The Sky  (over 2 years ago)




MITCH TRU  (over 2 years ago)