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Nothing Is Perfect Right Out The Box

Perfections is the most overused word in existence. Along with it being overused I honestly believe that it has no real meaning. At least not the meaning that most people view it as. Perfect, as in to have no "flaws entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings" is what the dictionary describes it as. Its not happening. Well, Not in that aspect. See, i do believe in perfection. But i also believe in perfection being relative. Something is only perfect in comparison to something that's not perfect. Or something can be perfect to you. But i believe that "nothing comes out the box perfect." Now, imagine if you will, your brand new toy. iPod, cell phone, or computer whatever it is you wish. Fresh out the box its nice, cool, shinny, maybe even "perfect". But that's just the allure of the new toy, the glitz and glamor of having something brand new. But its not until you put your contacts into your phone that it starts to be great. its not until you starting playing with and downloading apps. Figuring out your GPS and enjoying YouTube or the internet and discovering all the great things of your phone, as well as its limitations. And even then its STILL not perfect, not yet. The moment you are in dire need of your phone, the darkest night, and you have your flashlight. You get lost and your GPS is there. You lose someones number and you have to update your FB status in order to get in touch with your friend. Or even more specific, an event relating to me, i have no music for this promoter or DJ I can email him the music i have in my inbox. Now THATS when it becomes perfect. That's when i look down at my Phone, or new toy, computer, or whatever and I say... perfect! Believe it or not guys, this is a metaphor. A metaphor describing relationships, weather friend, family or spouse. Nothing comes fresh out the box perfect. It takes for you to put that work into it, the time effort and patience. Your last phone you molded it into the best situation for you. It didn't work out, it didn't reach perfection. So you got a new phone, that first week of having your new phone, tho it was better, you didn't like the feel of the phone. The weight. The texture. You don't like the touch screen. Now there's no track ball. You have to get use to some of the things that the phone is lacking at the same time enjoy the things that the phone provides. Its give and take. A relationship has vast similarities to the phone that we were talking about previously. Tho you may have hated your last relationship, or maybe unfortunate circumstances stopped the relationship from working. You go into the next relationships missing what the last one had. Some of the better qualities. Maybe your last lover was more affection then the new one. Maybe you expect to finish each others sentences. The point is nothing comes out the box perfect, and we must take that into consideration as we strive to create perfection in one another. If your in a new relationship, or your trying to mend an old one. Time and patience can make the union perfect, or perfect again. Do not expect it to be perfect by itself, only you can make it perfect, for you. Thank you -Aaron (Son Krillin) Stewart