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Ile Kallio Big Band

Their gig at Tavastia club on wednesday was great. It was their first gig and they palyed like they wolud have been together for years.

Ile Kallio Big Rock Band

They will be palying live at Tavastia Club Helsinki Finland on 5th of March! Be there or be quare!


Do you recall what was revealed the day the music died?

Snow was snowing, wind was blowing When the world said, goodbye Buddy Still I know that up in heaven Is where we'll hear him sing again...

It's cold outside

Today it's -16 celsius here! Not much fun, but I can defrost the freezer.

Keep on rockin'


I'm on this video too, try to find me...!

Christmas music

Listen to this! https://soundcloud.com/texasoil/boogie-woogie-christmas

Detroit's album release gig

Yesterday was Detroit's album release gig at StreetBar 95. They were in great shape and the gig went well. Everyone liked the show. http://kcsoundshop.com/

Dani Wilde christmas single

On December 15th, Dani Wilde has a new christmas single release "Love Hurts". This single will be available from I-tunes, Amazon and all large digital music outlets worldwide.

Watch the video= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWyZmU9PChQ

CD release party

Detroit new CD release gig at StreetBar 95 in Turku, Finland, on Saturday December 14. Detroit is to play at 11 in the evening.

Roots Espa 2103

5th Roots Espa concert in park was the highlight of the summer. Lots of good music. I don't know which band was the best, cause they all were so great...!