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*Good Luck*for New Year*

.."the NY 014 worked hard on me- started with full RED speed a. power (hear the sound of wild horses kicking the ground)..so difficult to handle for a blue woman! *a lots of success wishes (lil.gu)Gudrun to all of her Friends&FANS&ARTIS whole reverbn. family!111111111 **** forJanis Joplin:thankyou Hollywood of given her "a star"on walk of fame(it took her 40 years) that she's not alive but still living with us and getting recognized!11111 Selena Gomez takes us on a "Stardance" video youtube liveshow

Thank#all Artists& Friends f. their music-files&videos-

......nice-inspir.pics-so fantastic-pls forgive- when takes me time of faning a. writing you back-but I hear&see you!! -alw.think about the woman is busy,works hard a. she'll go on singing/writing/ play/guitar. ..."it's not easy to dig out those roots that grow on a hard&heavy ground-where the envirom.&climate is too rigid f. their plants".....lil.gu/Gudrun

Let's say "RHYTHM is LOVE"!****

ROCK TO BETHLEHEM an Austrian Project org. by Emmanuel Fleckenstein with Austrian a. German Artists!111111111 **** KEZIAH JONES-he tells us what real "Blufunk"is and rides the "African Space Craft" and you know "Bluefunk is a fact" so let's "femiliarise" it's the time Rock turns into Blues and Funk and back to the Roots of....?!!!OH-OHH Jeah-JEAH...

Against femal exploitation of body&soul&mind

I'm still insisting urgently to prohibit any violence against the body&existence of girls&woman&children also go against detect psychological&social ways of pressure!11111 "thankgod" pussy riot-musicband got free now!