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Debbie Woods Nunn / Blog

Is rock dead?

The music today has been over run with bland pop and boring hip hop. No MTV. Will rock slowly fade away with the baby boom generation?

Pop Metal?

Where did that come from? I've just noticed people using that term. I hate it! I think it is very derogatory. I got an email from Amazon with music suggestions. They referred to Black Sabbath as "Pop Metal". Ok. What....?

Music Graph

When people send friend requests do they look at the music taste graph?

Sound alikes?

Why do so many bands sound identical? It is not just the same genre I am referring to. It is that they sound like copy cats. :(


Sometimes I think I am on an island surrounded by a sea of B.S!


Don't call yourself metal if you are rap. If you wanna be a rapper, that is fine. To each their own. Just be upfront about it. No false advertising. :)