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Maze of Your Mind

Doors open upward Stairs go down Tiles on the ceiling belong on the ground Swirling images flash on the walls Watch your step the corners crawl. Go through the doorway, the one on the right But dont u dare turn on the light, Shadows that walk and faces appear whenever they smell the scent of fear. Open your mouth to scream 4 help, astonished to find that nothing comes out. Your pulse quickens, pounding in your ears, the sound so deafening enhancing your fears. {NO WHERE TO RUN NOWHERE TO HIDE UR TRAPPED IN A VORTEX THE MAZE OF UR MIND} Scream they cant hear you, reach out they cant see. U lie there in darkness and in solitude but not free. Where are you going or where have you been, the way or that way there is no end. Climbing then falling through the floor, nothing remains cant find the door. Run they are coming! To take you away, forever lost in thus endless day! {NOWHERE TO RUN NOWHERE TO HIDE UR TRAPPED IN A VORTEX THE MAZE OF UR MIND! }

Inimitable  (over 1 year ago)

Nice! Sounds like a freaky introspective acid trip (not that I've had and personal experience but I was it in a movie once.) lol