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On 21 April, 2012, locals gathered at four locations in the central area of Boston, Lincolnshire, to listen to various types of music by new artists, some just starting their careers. Inspite of the weather, most locations were filled by enthusiastic audiences and a few approached to encourage it's continuation. My intent is that it grows each year filling more pubs and music halls in the center of Boston with new, as well as more popular, well known artists introduced by emerging new comedians. The initial event was free to introduce the idea and see the publics response. I'm holding a smaller venue this year with three talented new artists on 27 July, 2013 from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM at the Sam Newsom Music Centre; admission £10.00 With the past success of Party In The Park and the artists in the 60's performing at the Gliderdrome when they were just starting out; the likes of Elton John, Tom Jones, Brenda Lee and Stevie Wonder, I plan to bring those times back. I look forward to seeing you there.