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NEW RELEASE "Reach" 24:7 !

Hear 24:7's New CD "Reach".

"dS 24:7" by daniel Siemert

Hear the Best of 24:7's Producer/Songwriter, Daniel Siemert, as he Sings and Plays an Unique Blend of Electro and Pop Music that will Sparkle your Soul. Special guests include, Rick Young - Guitar and Vocals and Lewy Stix - Drums. Get it Today on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, CD Baby, etc...

"KeYplay" by daniel Siemert

Keyboardist Daniel Siemert's "KeYplay" adds a New Dimension to Ambient Pop which is out of this World. With its Beautiful yet Haunting Melodies," KeYplay" is perfect for Soundtracks, Ambient Music or when you want to hear something Truly Magical. Available Now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazom mp3,CD Baby, etc...

NEW 24:7 Music Videos

Be sure to see our new Music Videos on the 24:7 Productions YouTube Channel or right here.

NEW "Touch" 24:7 CD

Check Out our newly released CD "Touch" 24:7 !

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Be sure to check out 24:7 on SPOTIFY & JANGO Radio ! dS

Soundtracks Available 24:7

Hi! Don't forget that all of our songs have music only, instrumental versions available. Perfect for any soundtracks for TV, Video, Film , Multimedia, Websites, etc.... All tracks are available on CD Baby and iTunes. God Bless, Daniel Siemert 24:7 Productions

24:7 Productions YouTube Channel

Hi all! Be sure to check out all of my Music Videos on the 24:7 Production's new YouTube Channel. Just at click on the YouTube link on this page. Show your support by leaving a comment and subscribe. I will return the favor. Thanks :) Daniel Siemert 24:7 Productions

24:7's 2,000 Miles WHAM! BAM! Recording Sessions

How "Look Up" and "Ta-dA" were Produced Hi! I thought I would share how we produced "Look Up" and "Ta-dA", its pretty cool! It was done both at 24:7 Productions, in Phoenix, AZ and Talent Live Studios, Detroit, MI, 2000 Miles Away! How?

Thanks to the digital age,we SHARED FILES. I laid most of the tracks at my digital studio here in the "Valley of the Sun", Phoenix, than I brought a CD of my tracks to Rick Young at Talent Live Studios in "MoTown", Detroit. I could of emailed them as well. He pulled them up in his Protools studio and added the rest and mixed it and WHAM ! BAM! DONE! HOW COOL!

On my end, I didn't use real bass and drums but combinations of my Kurzweil Keyboard sounds and Computer Loops. Composed and edited all together in Logic Express, WHAM! BAM! DONE! HOW COOL!

On Rick's end 2, 000 Miles Away! All I can say is Man, Mr. Protools is Amazing! Rick pulled up my tracks and added Vocals and Guitar, all synced up and addeded any effects, and at Talent Live there are any and then many more.... Mr. Protools allows ya to edit everything , so so so much faster. Gone are the days of Mr. 8 track reel to reel, boucing, bleeding,etc... We than Mixed it down, Mastered it and WHAM! BAM! DONE ! HOW COOL!

I'll tell ya! Rick and I are two DEADLY Producers! Watch Out!

As a Producer/Songwriter, I am doing that more and more.Artists can email me their tracks and I pull them up, add to it,and WHAM! BAM! DONE ! HOW COOL!

Daniel Siemert 24:7 Productions

"It's TIme" by Daniel Siemert and Lewy Stix

"It's Time" by Lewy Stix & Daniel Siemert

"I love collaborating with Dantastic! We've made great music together and I look forward to a long and successful future together. You ROCK!" Lewy Stix

For many parents and their children who are missing the ones they love due to biased and corrupt court rulings, improprieties on the courts, and out right lies of the FOTC. I produced "It's Time!" in honor of those parents who are mourning the loss and absence of their children through out the year and those who feel like there is no hope in ever seeing their children again without their little minds being poisoned against them. These are parents who want nothing more than to see and be with their kids and share a life together amicably with their ex spouses but are prevented from doing so. So, to help raise awareness of this tragic issue and also help raise money for "Parents For Children"...I will soon be making "It's Time!" available for sale for $1.00 where a portion of the proceeds of the purchase of each song will go directly to help "Parents For Children" to continue to help other parents and children who are in dire need and need to be reunited with their parents.

We need your help. So, please tell all of your friends and family about this upcoming offer to buy a copy of "It's Time!".

In the meantime, please keep playing "It's Time!" here on my music page and tell everyone you know about the injustice that is happening in our world today and how much we all miss our children so dear.

Please take a moment to listen to the song via the link below and join our Facebook group called... "It's Time...Parents for Equal Rights". http://www.myspace.com/lewystixmusic Hope you will tune into the 'Warren Michaels Radio Show' out of New York when the official airing of this song is broadcast all over the world in the very near future.

We are also diligently working to get on Mitch Albom's show out of Detroit and Oprah Winfrey's show out of Chicago to help bring more awareness to this worthy cause...for children and their parents. I also want to personally thank all those who helped to bring this song to fruition....Dan, Pam, Bob, Bruce, Ruby, Rick, Shelby, Trisha, Eric, Nancy, Cindy, My Church Family & My Parents. Thanks for your time. I hope that you like it and you will help us to spread the word...not only about the song on my website, but also the Facebook group, and the cause.

"I love collaborating with Dantastic! We've made great music together and I look forward to a long and successful future together. You ROCK!"

God Bless & Peace,