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Running Vertical / Blog

Glowing Toys, Piezoelectric Noises, and a Base-line

I can fondly remember those almost-long-ago nights with my brother when he was visiting from Iowa (he was adopted into another family from ours, you see). We would literally spend from bed-time till dawn of next day messing around with everything of his that lit up and occasionally made noise. Our combined imaginations would go insane putting together stories and visuals for the glowing colors and focused incandescent beams.

I began to work on the song "Flashlight" with the idea that it would somehow portray the simple and naive concept of me playing tag with my black tabby (Tokyo) in the dark with nothing but an LED flashlight. But the piezo speaker sound I use in the project started to give me flashbacks; all of them involving a 5 to 7 year old me, and a 4 to 6 year old brother making sound effects and slicing up the pitch black room with tiny flashlights and illuminated happy meal toys. So instead of conveying a message potentially lacking in merit, “Flashlight” as a project, began to take on something I don’t seem to experience enough of: nostalgia. These are memories I haven’t revisited in a long time, and would other-wise have no reason to recall.

So, with the slightly emotional story aside, I hope you find this new release to be gratifying and entrancing. You know, in a dark-room-with-glowing-shapes kind of way.