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Leaving The Beach

BILL BLOG Friday March 21, 2014 Bags in the hallway at the Brent Burns estate...downing some coffee before tossing the bags in the back of the car and heading north to Nashville and home. Had a great last day on the beach here in Gulf Shores yesterday. Sun was out....perfect weather for our show poolside at the "Island House" in Orange Beach for "Stars Fell On Alabama". We had the ocean at our back...and a bunch of Parrotheads in the pool in front of us as we played from 3-6:30 pm yesterday. Shorts and tennis shoes with a beach shirt...my formal attire yesterday. I had quite the office to work from sitting on a stool next to my pal Brent Burns. From the balcony we could see tropical towels...and Pirate flags waving from all the folks who drove south to escape their jobs and try as my friend Brent Burns sings...to "Live the Life Jimmy Buffett Wrote About". Sometimes I do pinch myself. I'm a lucky guy to get to do what I do these days....and I know it. My thanks to Vince Allison for having me again. I had a great time. We finished our gig...packed...and Brent's wife and mine met us at Shipp's Harbour Grill for dinner with our friends Lang Scott and Linda Davis and their daughter Rylee Jean and her friend Macey...who are dreading going back to school after Spring Break. They'll have little pink faces to show off to their classmates when they get home. Time to go...already looking forward to coming back to where the "Sand Gets Heavy In My Shoes" every time I make the trip here. A regular blog will return Monday. Have a great weekend.

Stars Fell On Alabama

BILL BLOG Thursday March 20, 2013 "Fins up" from the beach where it's going to be a postcard looking day here in Gulf Shores. Our last day...so we'll be soakin' it up. YESTERDAY We had a great show...Brent Burns and myself at the American Legion where they had a $5 spaghetti plate that made folks almost as happy as our music did. Too much fun. And we had some surprise guests. Our friends Lang Scott, Linda Davis and Rylee Jean Scott came to the show and were gracious enough to get up and give folks a little free bonus to the night with their singing. It just made for a perfect evening. So thanks to all of you here on the coast who bought tickets and came. We'll do it again...during snowbird season next year...so just keep checking my calendar for those details. SPF The sun came out big time here yesterday....clouds are gone...and some friends like Rylee Jean had that showing on her face a bit last night as it was a little pink. That's a good pink though...it's March! AWW...TRUE LOVE Pam Burns...who somehow decided to marry my friend Brent was in the sun too as she was on her new red riding mower that Brent bought her for Valentine's Day. (Is the man romantic or what?) My wife Kathy and I had gone out for seafood and when we got back to their house...there was Brent seated in his lanai watching his wife mow the lawn! He started the wave every time she passed by and cheered. I have no idea how long this marriage can last. Too funny. But I did get that silent look from my wife that says, "don't even think about it". Knowing my friend...I see Pam getting an attachment now every time Valentine's rolls around. Front loader next year. WARM While lots of us have complained about the winter here...and it has been a long one....it's actually been one of the warmest for most of the world. Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and lots more had one of their warmest winters ever. Somehow....we got the cold this year. I'm more than willing to Fed Ex the snow back over to Switzerland where it make more sense. Drop it on the Alps...it will give them something more to yodel about. TODAY I'm off to play "Stars Fell On Alabama" for a bunch of Parrot Heads. Playing at the pool with the ocean at my back this afternoon with Mr. Burns. Somehow...we'll struggle through that difficult assignment. Then tomorrow morning...back to Nashville...so there may be no blog tomorrow morning. Have a great Thursday!

Bill and Brent Show Tonight In Gulf Shores

BILL BLOG Wednesday March 19, 2014 What the heck is that orange ball in the sky over the ocean? BEACHIN' Yep...sun finally came out...cool but spectacular looking day here in Gulf Shores yesterday that started about the time we did a little rendezvous with our friends Lang Scott and Linda Davis and family. My wife and I are in Gulf Shores...they're in Perdido...so we stopped...jumped in a car with them and went to McGuire's Irish Pub. It was their first time...now I think they're hooked like we are...and millions of others. I say millions because the waitress told us there were now 2 million single dollar bills stapled to the rafters that hang down everywhere from the ceiling. Rylee Jean...Lang and Linda's daughter...and her friend from Nashville added their own dollar bills before we left...so now there's 2 million and 2 dollars dangling at McGuire's. Great food...better company. DOLPHINS And then the sun broke over the Gulf making for a spectacular couple of hours at their condo...and right on cue...a huge batch of dolphins started surfacing in the blue water of the Gulf of Mexico. Perfect afternoon. We stopped at the infamous Florabama where my friend Brent Burns was playing his 3 pm set and we enjoyed watching him entertain the tourists. Met some Cincinnati radio friends who were there...one couple who retired here years ago. We'll see them again this evening for our show at the American Legion...5 pm. I can't be held responsible for how fun this show is going to be.

Little dinner with Pam and Brent Burns last night and his son, wife, Brent's daughter Nicole who's in visiting...and it was a perfect day here Gulf Shores. Two more days on our stay this time...and we plan on soakin' it up. FYI I'm living the Joe Nichols song today...it's sunny and 75 here today. WHAT DO YA DO? I don't know how to describe it anymore. And that became very apparent after my friend and website designer Lang Scott talked to me about freshening my website trying to figure out how to describe my job and or what I do these days in a couple of concise sentences. I had not really thought about it all that hard until he asked and we all laughed over coffee staring at the Gulf at the thought of trying to do that. I wanted to lead with "studly male performer"...but he insisted on truth. I have no answer. I'm just working...harder than ever...at several things that interest me. And I find it impossible to explain to friends or anyone asking what it is I do anymore. I've given up. I do know that I feel extremely blessed to be one of those folks who never dreaded going to work for their entire adult life. Right now I'm blogging. Later today I might write a new song with someone. I'll send 5 writing assignments back to NYC...or more today that will then be sent out to radio stations across the country. If WSM calls...I'll go back on the radio. Somebody needs a commercial jingle? I'll attack that. An internet radio station wants me to send them voice tracks...okay...that sounds interesting. A charity function needs an emcee. I'll loosen up the tonsils. The road calls me more and more with the two songwriting trios I perform with. And tonight I have a show here in Gulf Shores. There's no time to figure out what I do anymore. Right now I'm blogging at McDonald's...and enjoying that. Everyone should be so lucky. And I'm still working hard on that studly male performer thing hoping that will take off too.

THINGS THAT CATCH THE EYE Coming down Highway 50 to Gulf Shores this time...Kathy and I both noticed the "Holy Spirit Thrift Shop". Things that make ya go...huh? I'm sure that will come up in the 5 pm show at the American Legion this evening. Hoping to see a bunch of my Gulf Shores friends out front tonight. Have a great Wednesday!