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Bill Whyte / Blog

McFarland...and Writing With Polka Queen

BILL BLOG Thursday March 12, 2015 Soon as Noah finishes loading here in Nashville...Spring should be breaking out big time. YESTERDAY I had an off day...trying to remember to schedule some of those on my calendar these days...so my wife and I took advantage of that and went to see the new Kevin Costner movie "McFarland, Texas". Inspiring to say the least. And it reminds us that anyone can accomplish great things. I won't ruin the true story for you...but essentially the movie is about a bunch of Mexican kids working the fields in Texas...under the sun...all day for little pay. Backbreaking work. But they can run...they can really run. So Kevin Costner...who plays the teacher turned track coach with no experience....makes something out of nothing in no-where Texas. Stay for the end scroll...where they show the audience what those kids on that first track team are doing now. My favorite part. Go see for yourself. IDOL We did watch Idol last night...and saw the kids that made the top 12. At least a couple are from here in Nashville or the vicinity. First...last night's show was a big yawn fest as they had the kids sing the SAME song they auditioned with. Why? I'm betting they know more than one song. Boring. The other thing I'm noticing on the new show...is how quickly they have the judges moving with their comments. Little bursts...that's all...not allowing us to see any chemistry or fun between J-Lo...Keith and Harry. Last night Ryan Seacrest...on camera talked to a couple of stars from the new number one TV show "Empire"....planted in the audience to of course cross-promote a show on Fox. They talked about how cool it was to be a number one show and Ryan's response was..."I remember those days". I'm sure the ratings drop is part of the reason we are seeing the changes on Idol. And I get that. I just don't think the changes we're seeing...are working. Time will tell. QUESTION? When did announcers go from saying "next up...the latest news"....to..."here's what's TRENDING now". It's today's word..."trending". I pay attention to what's trending myself...as those are the things I usually end up writing about for my syndication company I free lance for out of New York. So let's use the word today for the next item coming up here on the blog Here's what's trending now.... INSANITY Look up that word in your dictionary and you'll read the description as..."Ferguson". That unfortunately is what's trending now. TODAY I'm off to write with the "Polka Queen"...Lynn Marie Rink...nominated for five Grammy's during her career. She asked for a date a few months ago....telling me she's looking for material for a new album...and we'll try to write towards that today. For those of you who LOVE living up north...check out this SONG from Lynn that sing's it's praises in a fun way. This is the song that introduced her to me when she first appeared on my morning radio show in Milwaukee...up north. Enjoy. Tomorrow...back on the radio for WSM from 3-7 pm. Listen up north on wsmonline.com Have a great Thursday!

Potholes and Lawsuits

BILL BLOG Wednesday March 11, 2015 We have a "Double P" alert this morning...ponding and potholes. Great. You know it's bad when the Department of Transportation signs over the interstate warn you in lights to look out for potholes. I hit one yesterday sponsored by "Collision and Repair". YESTERDAY I was on Music Row writing with my Okie cowboy pal Paul Bogart in an attempt to write a song for a young Texas artist who's looking for songs right now. We'll see how that turns out....and we'll have a chance to talk to his producer who we'll be writing with in a couple of weeks attempting to do the same thing...write a song that might make the project. Either way...always fun to hang and write...and hear Paul sing. He and his band are busy these days...on the road a bunch entertaining the folks out west when he's not writing or recording himself...or picking up another huge belt buckle like the one he was sporting yesterday from a calf roping event he won. I'm strapping a hubcap over my belly button the next time we write to equal things up a bit. MUSIC LAWSUIT Here we go. A lawyer here in Nashville sued Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams (The Voice) for infringing on a Marvin Gaye song "Got To Give It Up" with their mega hit "Blurred Lines" that Thicke recorded and Pharrell co-wrote on. Despite having a lot more money...Thicke and Williams...the little lawyer here in Music City won that case...and the Gaye family was awarded 7.4 million dollars! Wow. Make me wonder where we're going with the Cledus T. Judd parody of "Blurred Lines"...called "Luke Bryan" We need to re-write it now to incorporate some lyrics about the lawsuit. REFRESHING Scott Borchetta who launched Taylor Swift...Band Perry...and many others...is the American Idol guy this year...the music expert and mentor. He says he's looking for an "artist" this year...not a power house singer. Refreshing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY To my buddy and co-writer today...Jimmy Fortune...he of the Statler Brothers and now a great solo artist himself. 60 today Jimmy...and still looking and sounding great. The very first song he ever wrote was this SMASH HIT. One of the reason's I really hate this guy. Happy Birthday buddy. TODAY Nothing big today...hoping to catch that new Kevin Costner movie later today. That all depends upon whether my wife wants to sit in the dark with a guy who likes to start the wave in the middle of the movie or not. We shall see. Don't forget...I'll be on air on WSM this Friday from 3-7 pm...and next Monday and Thursday too. Have a great Hump Day.

Hot Springs Ahead...and Back On Air

BILL BLOG Tuesday March 10, 2015 Hearing the Beatles in the back of my head..."Here Comes The Rain"....snow is gone...changed to rain for the next few days. No complaints...I don't have to shovel rain. YESTERDAY For not having anything big on my agenda...it still turned out to be a busy day. I wrote three parody songs yesterday for my folks in New York. They needed a song about the new Smart Watch unveiled by Apple...and a new morning show is being launched in Texas...and I wrote a couple of parody songs for them and the launch of their show. Hopefully they'll like them...and their new fans will get to hear it. NEW DATE I also added a couple of things to my busy calendar. First...I'll be back on air this Friday...next Monday and next Thursday on 650 AM WSM from 3-7 pm filling in for my pal Mike Terry who has the tough duty of escorting some WSM listeners to Hawaii on the trip. Radio do have some nice perks. I hope Mike sends back a picture of himself on surfboard playing a ukelele. AND I added another road date....as I'll be returning to Hot Spings, Arkansas with my Evening In The Round partners Linda Davis and Lang Scott. We played the Five Star Dinner Theater earlier this year and had a great time...so it will be nice to add it back on a big 10 or 11 day tour we have coming up that will run from Arkansas to Texas to New Mexico and back. The Hot Springs date is July 9. Thanks to our friend Tom Wilkins who runs the place and his wife Susan...who are both great entertainers themselves. Looking forward to seeing you guys again! UP MARKET Nashville home sales jumped over 12% in the fast growing city last month. I don't know where they're going to put everyone coming in...but I'm putting up 12% of my house for sale today to make a little extra income off the hot market. There's also a concentrated effort to get more techies to move here as we are moving to a tech kinda city. Geeks and Musicians may become our city motto before long. Nationwide over 500,000 jobs in the tech world are available...and on average those jobs pay 50% more than other jobs in the private sector. Kids...keep playing all day with your computers. It will pay off down the road. And...I'll personally salary any kid out there who can keep the "rainbow of death wheel" from ever spinning again on my Apple Computer. TODAY I'm off to the Sony building on Music Row to write with my Oklahoma cattle roping friend Paul Bogart. One of my favorite country voices in this town. Should be a good day. Have a great Tuesday yourself!

Old Friends and A Great Article

BILL BLOG Monday March 9, 2015 We've sprung forward...and judging by the warmer weather on tap...I'm thinking we've seen the last of winter. Bring it on. THE WEEKEND Mine started with a great show at Puckett's in downtown Nashville with "Hits and Grins". Thanks to all who came...and listened. And they really listened Friday night which helps make the show even greater. We also sold every "Hits and Grins" CD we brought with us...so that was nice too. Most folks that come in are from out of town...tourists. So we hope you got home safe...and enjoyed listening to the CD going home. If you don't have one...the CD is available here at cdbaby.com SPEAKING OF "HITS AND GRINS" A former member of the trio...Lisa Shaffer and her husband Kevin Stone were in town on Sunday...and we had coffee with them and their now six month old baby Carrie Mae. Cute for sure. For those who were fans of Lisa and her unreal country voice...know that she and her husband Kevin are happy to be back home on the farm in northern Kentucky where they grew up...raising their family It's all about the baby now...and I'm happy for them...and happy that we got to see them unexpectedly this weekend. I'll make a trip up to catch a Reds game or two with them later this year. ARTICLE My thanks to Rick Amburgey...who writes for "Give A Little Nashville". Rick sent me a long list of questions to answer for his column...and here's the ARTICLE that came from that...which is pretty extensive...and very nice. Thanks Rick. In the column...I get to talk about Tin Pan South...the big writers festival coming up here in Nashville where I'll be playing Tuesday night March 24 at Douglas Corner with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and Gary Morris. And a large part of the article deals with charity work which I was thankful to talk about. My thanks to Rick for having me...and for the article. PICKIN' FOR JESUS There's a little controversy at a Church of Christ here in Nashville that allowed musical instruments to be used at a service the other day. Apparently that's a big "no-no" for that religion. This of course is a town full of musicians....and I'm sure many of them are Church of Christ members. Even in the little one room Baptist Church that I attended as a kid in Missouri...we brought our guitars in and it was no big deal. I remember somewhere someone said, "make a joyful noise unto the Lord". Some folks view of what is "joyful" is different than others I suppose. I don't think I could be in a church that dis-allowed music with instruments. But...I'm the same guy who passes on going to a church where they take up the serpent. Choose where you worship carefully I say. TODAY I've got a little writing for New York to take care of...and I'm finally getting in to see an ortho about this bad back I've been nursing for a few months. I'm thinking...and hoping...this will be the first day towards feeling better. Those of you have had had back pain...know the deal. Now my wife has claimed that I've been a pain for years...but that's a pain that reaches lower than my back. But enough... Have a great Monday.

Show Tonight At Puckett's

BILL BLOG Friday March 5, 2015 Made it to the weekend...and hopefully the last of ole man winter this year as we get ready to Spring forward on the clock. YESTERDAY Another day of school closings and delays and cars off the road. Aren't you glad you weren't stuck with those folks on I-65 in Kentucky? Me too. Here at the Whyte House...we weren't going anywhere as our road once again was impassable. So...once again we hunkered down...watched American Idol that we had taped from the night before...caught up on stuff...and I had one assignment to write for my New York folks...a parody song about Shania Twain who's getting ready to launch her retirement tour and take a final bow. "Man...I Feel Like Retiring". A few radio stations will probably play that over the next few days. The snow is not too bad if you don't have any place to go. I cancelled a songwriting session as well as a recording session...so today will be re-schedule day. SHOW TONIGHT Today I'll be spending some time running down songs that our "Hits and Grin" trio will be playing tonight for our 9 pm show at Puckett's downtown. I'm hoping the snow won't keep folks away. If your in town...make a reservation and come on. A LOSS The Country Music Industry lost a really nice man yesterday...Wade Jessen who died of a massive heart attack at 54. Wade was in charge of the Billboard chart for years...and everyone liked him. Soft spoken....and was always nice to me when I saw him or we corresponded. He will be missed. THANK YOU BOBBY Here's a tip of my cap to my buddy and frequent co-writer Bobby Tomberlin who made a trip to Capitol Hill with the head of the Nashville Songwriters Association and other writers...who lobbied for a more fair digital payment system for writers. They visited with congressmen and women...and played them some original tunes. Two Senators are co-sponsoring a bill to make that happen...where more money will come from digital and streaming services. A songwriter might have a million streams (or plays) on Pandora...Spotify....any of those kind of streaming services...and there check might not be $100 from a million streams. The system is most surely broken...and here's to those who are waking up and trying to do something about it. TODAY Time to see if I can get up a hill or two and get out of here for our "Hits and Grins" gig tonight. This weekend...don't forget to move your Timex up an hour. I'll leave you until Monday with a little clock song that I had the pleasure of writing with my friend Lisa Shaffer called "Trying To Make Clocks Slow Down"...one of my faves that Darin and Brooke Aldridge recorded. Here's a "live" performance of the SONG. Have a great weekend!

Spaghetti Dinner...and More Road Ahead

BILL BLOG Thursday March 5, 2015 Rain-sleet falling and add a pretty good snow fall too...going nowhere today. I'm guessing...and certainly hoping...this is the last shot winter is going to throw at us. YESTERDAY I had a great breakfast meeting with songwriter Jerry Salley near Music Row as we caught up and he gave me a copy of the brand new album from Australian artist Roo Arcus who is the real deal cowboy. He's got a massive ranch that he works down under...Jerry recently spent a night on his ranch with his new bride to be Erin. Jerry and I co-wrote the song "If That's What Love Was" that's tucked on this new album that Jerry thinks has a good chance of being a single release in Australia...and perhaps a video. We'll see. Either way...the song turned out great and I'm more than pleased to add this one to my collection. COUNTRY. My thanks again to Jerry who produced this new CD..."Cowboys and Sunsets"...and for pitching the song to Roo. LAST NIGHT An old friend...Jana Petersen from Wisconsin was in town to see our mutual friends Linda Davis and Lang Scott. Jana did some fill in radio work in Milwaukee when I was there at WMIL...and worked with me in the morning show. We've been friends ever since...so it was awesome to see her and catch up with her and her son's life. These days she does some TV works...commercials and more...and is also the music leader for one of those massive churches in Wisconsin...so she's busy. Jana and Linda have an interesting back story as Linda played at a Sheraton Inn here in Nashville for several years at a piano bar until she and her now husband Lang went on the road with Reba for years....and this was also at the same time Linda was becoming her own major record label artist. Well...guess who takes her gig at the piano bar? Yep...Jana. One of life's ironies that I discovered when I worked with Jana doing earling mornings up in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. Linda's granddaughter...Eisele...daughter of Lang and Linda's daughter Hillary with Lady A was at the house. Yep...Grandma is baby sitting while the trio is on an overseas tour right now. CUTE to say the least...and she said my name last night! And it was also great to see our friends Billy Paul and his wife Cheryl White with "The Whites" from the Grand Ole Opry. (Cheryl plays the upright bass for the group that features her sister Sharon...wife of Ricky Skaggs...and their Father Buck) Billy cooked spaghetti...and Cheryl told some of the FUNNIEST stories that can not be repeated here. Just another wonderful evening in Music City with truly wonderful folks. My wife Kathy and myself are rateful to know and spend time with all of them. MORE NEW ROAD DATES I truly can not believe how the concert dates keep rolling in. No complaints from me as I love traveling with musical friends across the country. I think I'm going to have to buy a sturdy suitcase. Our Evening In The Round trio with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself look to be adding dates in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Lubbock, Texas...just waiting for confirmation. And...we did lock in a return trip to Brooksville, Florida to play at the Highpoint Community Center again after playing to a packed house there a few months ago. The return date is January 23rd of 2016. TODAY As I'm typing the last words here for the blog...I looked up and see what looks like a Winter Danged Wonderland out my window. And she's still coming down. Glad I laid in provisions. I'll have to re-schedule my writing session and recording session that was planned today...because I don't have a sled and a team of Huskies that could get me down our road. Sigh. Have a great Wednesday!

Arkansas...and Wine

BILL BLOG Wednesday March 4, 2015 Here we go...getting ready for a re-run of the movie "Frozen" all over again. Anyone else just had it with winter? We live in the SOUTH...so what is the deal with a second ice storm coming later tonight? I made a grocery run yesterday to lay in all the provisions for being locked in tomorrow...all the essentials...beer, mac and cheese, Hostess Ding Dongs...and will have to cancel a songwriters appointment as well as a studio demo tomorrow. Geez. Enough. YESTERDAY It was "Hits and Grins" Tuesday so Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and I got together at Victoria's house to rehearse for our show this Friday night at Puckett's in downtown Nashville. We learned a couple of new songs to lay on the folks that come...including a recent number one bluegrass song that Steve Dean wrote with "The Roys" who recorded it...and then went to the top of the charts. Here's the tune..."No More Lonely." The show is at 9 pm if your thinking about coming. HAWG COUNTRY We also got word yesterday that the trio has added a Saturday night date back in Little Rock, Arkansas for the Songriders "Live" group that we played for a year ago. This is a group of local songwriters that are part of the "Nashville Songwriters Association" (NSAI) here in Nashville...so...it will be fun to see those guys again. We filmed a little fun video that the group will be able to use down there to promote our show that included the three of us cutting up with our instruments...and Victoria's dog "Banjo" who made an appearance on his own. Everybody wants to be in show-biz. GUITAR Epiphone sponsors our "Hits and Grins" trio and we love their guitars. I was given a Masterbilt that took a nasty tumble a few months ago during a show in Alabama off a high stage. My heart sunk...and I figured the guitar would be destroyed. We picked it up off the floor and there was not one scratch on it. How? I dunno. And it played great...for several months. Then one day I picked it up off the stand behind me where I work in the house...and all the strings rattled. What the??? So...we took it to Epiphone here in Nashville and it turns out that it apparently was a delayed reaction to that tumble after all. So...what to do? Epiphone gave me a new one yesterday. Wow. So nice to be part of such a great family. And it was cool seeing their huge warehouse yesterday full of guitars. AARON TIPPIN Congrats to one of the good guys...Aaron Tippin who's celebrating 25 years in this tough business with a new album filled with a lot of his hits...along with the release of his own wine that he makes. Cool. Joe Diffie makes wine too...brought a bottle by one time. Kix Brooks runs a very successful winery just south of town called Arrington Vineyards...which is a cool place in the beautiful Tennessee countryside if you're ever near. Wine and country stars....good combo apparently. TODAY I'm off for an early breakfast with my friend and great writer/producer Jerry Salley. Jerry is bringing me a copy of the new album he produced on Australian country star Roo Arcus who just recorded our song "If That's What Love Was." I can't wait to hear the entire album for sure and catch up with Jerry. The two of us will be writing with some local songwriters in Gatlinburg later this month...March 20-21 and that's going to be great fun. After that...hunkering down for Armageddon 2 and the impending ice storm. Maybe I'll learn the triple lutz out on our driveway. Have a great Wednesday!

More Writing...More Shows

BILL BLOG Tuesday March 3, 2015 On a roller coaster of weather in middle Tennessee. 62 today for a high today and then 30 for a high tomorrow with freezing rain tomorrow night...again. Sigh. Guess I'll put my new Spring speedo away for awhile longer. YESTERDAY I was back writing with my friend Shay Watson who's producing a young female artist from up-state New York. This one is a pop album...and Shay has a good ear for that stuff. So the two songs we wrote for her...that she'll hopefully like...happened with Shay laying down a beat on his keyboard into his recording program on his computer and adding a couple of instruments to help give me a feel as to what he was thinking. I became pretty much a lyricist as Shay shaped the tunes musically. We had not titles...the songs were birthed out of the music groove. There's no one way to write a song I've discovered...so I'm always open minded about the approach to writing tunes. And I'm always amazed how songs can be born without an idea going into a session. Great collaboration process...and my thanks to Shay for inviting me to participate on his project. He and his artist will be in studio in May...hopefully one or both of these songs will be on there. MORE SHOWS Show dates keep coming in. I'll be in Janesville, Wisconsin with "Evening In The Round" featuring Linda Davis and Lang Scott on May 14 of 2016. And we just added a return trip to the Highpoint Community Center in Florida for January 30, 2016. We had a sold out concert there a couple of months ago...so it will be fun to come and play for those folks for sure! Also...the big Tin Pan South Festival is later this month...and I can tell you that our "Evening In The Round" trio will be playing at Douglas Corner Tuesday March 24 with and incredible singer...Gary Morris. What a great round this is going to be. The show is at 9 pm. I did a show with Gary in Steamboat Springs, Colorado a few year ago along with noted guitar player and producer Brent Rowan. It truly was a magical evening...and Gary closed our show with a song he sang on Broadway in Les Miserables...."Bring Him Home". Listen to his performance. You'd think he was trained for Opera...but no...he just grew up singing in church. His sister however sings Opera...so it must have rubbed off. Pretty amazing...and I'm blessed to be a small part of it. ONE OTHER SHOW It's not firmed up yet...but it looks like I'll be the emcee for a very cool show at CMA Fest (the old Fan Fair event) in June. This will be a generational show as the kids of famous singers will take the stage. Georgette Jones...daughter of George Jones...Karen Wheeler...daughter of Onie Wheeler....George Hamilton IV's son will sing and many others sons and daughters. This show will happen in June...and I'll let you know more when they firm up details. Should be very cool. TODAY It's "Hits and Grins" Tuesday so I'll get together with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier. We'll rehearse a bit for our show this Friday night at Puckett's downtown location here in Nashville. 9 pm show...come on if ya can. Have a great Tuesday!

Mo Mo Rides Again

BILL BLOG Monday March 2, 2014 Good grief...we've rolled over into a new month. Hello March. THE WEEKEND I've realized that my life is a weekend. Mon-Fri doesn't feel much different to me than Saturday and Sundays. I'm pretty sure that's a good thing...but let me get back to you on that. This past weekend...pretty lazy around the Whyte House. Just me and the wife hanging. I did have one interesting contact this weekend from a young lady in Missouri from Stephen's College who wants to use the first song I ever recorded as a kid for a short documentary film she's shooting as a school project. "Mo Mo" the Missouri Monster rides again. What is it with that little song that we put on a 45 RPM that wont' go away? Amazing. The song was about a mythical big foot creature roaming the hills (supposedly) around Louisiana Missouri. At the time...I was a kid working at my first radio station...KPCR in Bowling Green, Mo. The morning guy...Joe Lewis..and owner of the station Paul Salois...sat down a wrote a poem about "Mo Mo" that the two of them walked in to have me look at one day while I was on air. To make a long story short...I put the music to it...tweaked the lyrics and...I went to Nashville to record for the very first time...and that was the song we recorded. I knew nothing about Nashville...or selling records...or marketing at the time. But we started playing the record and it caught on not only in Pike County, Missouri...but all over the state as other Missouri radio stations played it. If the song had happened today...with all the social media outlet at our disposal...no telling what might have happened with it. Only 1,000 records were pressed...they are long gone. A digital copy is available for download on my website...but that's it. I am never ceased to be amazed at how many e-mails I've received about it through the years. The song that just won't die. LAST NIGHT I saw "Zero Dark Thirty" was on TV...the film about one woman's meticulous search to run down Bin Laden...allowing some of our elite guys to go into that compound and kill him. It was great a second time...and I was reminded how great a job actress Jessica Chastain did in playing "Maya" the real life agent to who led the man hunt over many years and obstacle. If you've not seen it...I highly recommend it. WHERE DO TIME GO? Sound of Music is 50 years old! Wow. My biggest memory of the movie is that of my Mom telling everyone how much she loved it. Funny how your memory hangs on to things like that. But every time I see that it's on...I have to flip the channel to see just a piece of it and allow her memory to creep in again. TODAY Writing session with my pal Shay Watson again as we continue to write for a female artist he's producing. The week is really busy....with a writing appointment each day...a demo recording on Thursday...and a gig with "Hits and Grins" Friday night at Puckett's in downtown Nashville. Time to buckle up and get going. Have a great Monday.

Gas Pumps and Llama's

BILL BLOG Friday February 27, 2015 Anyone object to the fact that it's Friday? Thought so. YESTERDAY Running on fumes a bit after being up late last night to join my friend Karen Wheeler for a songwriter's round she hosted at the Maxwell House here in Nashville. Her brother Danny Wheeler...country singer Mike Siler completed our circle of writers. And a fun time was had by all. Karen talked about her Dad some last night...Onie Wheeler who played harmonica for Roy Acuff. You hear people say..."he's so country"... Well...no one can say that with more authority than Karen. Her Dad died ON STAGE at the Grand Ole Opry. True. Hard to top "My Dad was so country he died on stage at the Grand Ole Opry." And I say that with true reverence towards my friend Karen. That's just an amazing piece of country music history. Karen sang a song we co-wrote last night and just slayed it. Nothing better than hearing someone sing a song you helped write. Or knowing that they love the song enough to perform on stage anywhere. Thanks to Karen for having me. COLD STILL Really frigid this morning. 19 degrees. Hello Fargo? Come get your cold weather and take it back home will ya? This morning I had to fill the tank up. I was doing that cold weather dance at the pump trying to get the whole process to speed up. Swipe your debit card...wait for the machine to ask you if it's a debit card? Hit yes. Wait...then type in your digits...wait...and then the next one always kills me. "Would you like a car wash today"? NO...it's FREEZING out here I JUST WANT GAS!!!! Good Lord. Spring is three weeks away. I'm hanging onto that warm and happy thought. CHASING THE LLAMA In Phoenix it was all about coverage of chasing a couple of Llama's who got away. Folks were glues as other folks chased and tried to capture the duo. Took well over an hour. The last one got lassoed by a dude from the back of a pick up truck. Leave it to a cowboy to get the job done. So many people watched the "live" stream on the internet...I look for the Llama's to get their own series. TODAY I'm off to write with my pal Shay Watson...who's producing young acts these days...one of whom we'll write with today (Lauren Lizabeth) who's working on a project. Apparently it's a "pop" project...so I'm hoping some inspiration will hit us allowing us to write something Lauren will love. Ya never know. THE WEEKEND Nothing huge on my calendar...so maybe the wife and I will indulge in one of our favorite past times...no...not barreling down the hill on a frozen slip and slide....but...go to a movie. The new Kevin Costner movie where he plays a running coach is out. Titled "McFarland, USA"...it's a true story that looks interesting. Plus...I'm a Costner fan anyway...so it would be hard to go wrong. Have a great weekend!