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Bill Whyte / Blog

Radio and A Hall of Fame Gig

BILL BLOG Thursday October 9, 2014 Looking out my blogging window at the trees turning orange. For now...they cover up quite a bit of my view of Old Hickory Lake. As they start to fall...the lake view opens up more and more. Not a bad time of the year. YESTERDAY My writing appointment was with Jeff Dayton and we did not get much done as far as moving a song of any kind forward. That happens. We'll try again. It was time well spent though as the conversation about his former boss Glen Campbell was more than worth my time since I'm a big fan. Jeff had just seen him at a care facility where he's being treated for Alzheimer's. He showed me a picture of the two of them...as Jeff played a little for Glen. For the most part...Glen is past ever being able to play or sing again which of course is sad...as it is for untold number of folks who suffer along with family members and friends as Jeff is with Glen. There's an amazing documentary about Glen and his life and battle that will be available everywhere soon...if it's not already at a theater near you. There is a movie trailer you can check out as camera's followed him on his last tour ever. Several of his kids played in the band. I saw them at the Ryman. It was one of the most moving concerts I have ever seen...especially knowing what was going on with him. ON A BETTER NOTE I was happy for my friend Jeff Dayton because the day before...on less than 24 hour notice....artist Sarah Darling called Jeff and asked him to play guitar for her on the Tuesday night Grand Ole Opry. Always a thrill. Even more so for my friend this time because Sarah sang a song that Jeff wrote with her. I've had the pleasure one time of hearing one of my songs performed on the Opry...and that was when my friend Linda Davis sang a song I wrote with her and Bobby Tomberlin called "Snowed In Christmas". She recorded it on her family Christmas album with her husband Lang Scott and their two daughters Rylee Jean and Hillary Scott...Hillary of course being the girl singer in Lady Antebellum these days. Quite the thrill. WSM Then after lunch...I did the 3-7 pm show on the home of the Opry...650AM WSM. Always a pleasure to do so. Had my picture taken a few times as tourists flashed their cameras outside in the Opryland Hotel lobby in front of our studios. Glad I had applied make up before I got there. Still a weird thing every time that happens. NEW GIG Our "Hits and Grins" trio with Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and myself got a call to play a gig in the rotunda of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in November. The rotunda is where they hang the plaques for all the members of the Hall. I've played in there one time before....pretty amazing. So...I'm really looking forward to doing this one more time. Now...the bad part of this is...I'll be in Gulf Shores, Alabama for our get away to the beach my wife and I take every year. I don't think I've been able to stay put there for the entire month one time since we've started doing this. Last year I drove to Tyler, Texas in the middle of our stay for a show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott...my "Evening In The Round" trio. This year...right in the middle of it...I'll have to drive back to Music City for the gig then turn and drive the 8 hours back to the beach again. Worth it...more than worth it. I consider myself a very very blessed person to be able to do so many things I love. What an honor...to play the Hall of Fame. TODAY The rest of the week and weekend slow down for me...sort of. We have a great friend coming to visit from Cincinnati for the next few days. I have this bad feeling I'll be put on cleaning patrol today. Sigh. I'm already thinking up excuses as to why I can't. Have a great Thursday.

Beach Schedule and WSM Today

BILL BLOG Wednesday October 8, 2014 Reaching for headphones again today...on air at WSM from 3-7. YESTERDAY I had an off day for the most part except for the writing I do daily for New York. I wrote articles about Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, and Scotty McCreery the former American Idol. He's turning 21. Seems like he's already been around forever huh? Harder and harder to think about having a chance in the music biz if you're trying to start out older than 15 these days. TO THE BEACH I also got our "Hits and Grins" itinerary yesterday for the "Blast On The Bay" songwriters festival next weekend in Port St. Joe/Mexico Beach Florida. We play three times on the beach...beautiful quiet place to go. Friday October 17 we play at 3 pm at Coneheads Saturday October 18 we play twice. 11:30 in the morning at Dockheads and then at 8 pm at Toucan's on Mexico Beach. Check the my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com for more details. And think about joining us down on the "Forgotten Coast." MIRANDA LAMBERT The CMA Awards are sneaking up on us in November. Brad Paisley will be making jokes about Carrie Underwood "baby bump" I'm sure as those two host again. I'm a lifetime CMA member...so in the mail these days I get some music from artists who are nominated. Yesterday I got the latest CD of Miranda Lambert's "Platinum" to listen to...as they would like my vote. She's nominated more than anyone this year. She's got my vote. The album is extremely creative...and over 14 cuts or so...4 or five styles of music is demonstrated. There's even a country "swing" tune on there with the "Time Jumpers" who I mentioned yesterday. TODAY Off to write with Jeff Dayton today who played guitar for Glen Campbell for a lot of years. He's in touch with the family who's dealing with Glen suffering from alzheimer's these days. So it's always interesting to catch up on that through Jeff. I'm a huge Glen Campbell fan for sure. So...we'll write...and then I'll head to the Opryland Hotel and the WSM studio where I'll be on air today from 3-7 pm. Listen in at wsmonline.com Have a great Wednesday!

Pat Boone and Elvis...Vince Gill and Hockey

BILL BLOG Tuesday October 7, 2014 Little bleak looking out my little window of the world this morning overlooking Old Hickory Lake. Rain moved through last night and we'll be dealing with the gray today. My great writer buddy Roger Naylor once told me....when we were both working radio in Cincinnati....that it wasn't the snow that bothered him about winters...it was the gray. I get it. He moved to Northern Arizona years and years ago...where it looks like God paints canyons...and there's tons of sunshine allowing him to hike almost everyday. Looking out my window...I get completely what he was thinking. SPEAKING OF RADIO There was no blog here yesterday because my alarm went off at 4:15 so that I could get to WSM and do the morning drive show with Charlie Mattos...as regular host Bill Cody had a day off. Fun. Charlie is a great co-host-producer and makes things easy for those that fill in...like me. Pat Boone was our special guest yesterday on the phone. 80 years old...sharp as ever and told some great stories about himself and Elvis and how the two of them were competing for the top of the charts at one time. I know...hard to believe huh? But consider this. Over his career...Pat Boone has sold 45 MILLION records. Unreal. He was promoting what he says will be his last recorded album titled "Legacy." It's in stores now...filled with gospel tunes...some of which he wrote himself. Truly a pleasure to visit with him yesterday on air. TOMORROW You can listen to me on WSM again...afternoon drive from 3-7pm Once again...a reminder that you can listen from anywhere at wsmonline.com YESTERDAY'S WRITING SESSION After the radio shift ended at 10 am...I went down to Music Row to the Sony building and wrote in the "Hank" writing room with my friend Paul Bogart...and for the first time Zach Runquist. Zach is a multi-instrumental kinda guy...songwriter...singer...and is getting ready to head out on the road and play fiddle and more for one of my favorite country singers Lee Ann Womack. Great guy...talented to say the least. And the best part was...that Zach brought the song idea...and actually had the first verse written. I was happy to be a co-writer on this idea of his yesterday for sure. And my thanks to Paul for thinking to invite me. VINCE GILL I'm a fan. And he's involved in so many cool projects these days because he is no longer tied to a record label and can do whatever he wants. Now...he's joined the board of directors for our Nashville Predators...AND he will part of the TV broadcast team for several home games this year. He and his wife Amy Grant are season ticket holders...and they are INTO the game. I wouldn't be surprised to see him jump onto the ice and throw down with a visiting Russian. On top of that...he's part of the greatest "live" band in this town..."The Time Jumpers"...filled with the best studio players in town. They play every Monday night at 3rd and Lindsley. Show time is 9 pm. Folks have filled every table by 5:30 just to make sure they can get a seat. Many plan their Nashville trips around seeing this incredible collection of musicians...including Vince. I encourage you to see them yourself if you're coming to town. They are truly worth it. And...it's become a very IT thing with the music community too...and one never knows who might show up and be called on stage. Here's an EXAMPLE of what they do. TODAY No radio...no songwriting appointments...so...a little catching up today after I get my work done for New York...and I'm sure I'll find time to catch a little baseball. At this point...I'm rooting for another I-70 Series for my Missouri teams...the Cards and Royals who are still in it! Have a great Tuesday!

On WSM Today...and No Paris

BILL BLOG Friday October 3, 2014 A little storm rolled through late last night...nothing like my home-state of Missouri had...but enough to knock down a ton of leaves from the tree. 74 degrees for the high today as we launch into the weekend. FYI...on the air this morning for WSM....and then Monday morning early. More on that at the end of today's blog. YESTERDAY The musical part of my Thursday was spent with Paul Bogart and Steve Dean tweaking a tune...getting it ready to record in a couple of weeks...and then eating pizza. The pizza was great...I'm thinking this little tune is too. Time will tell. Paul is off on the road again this week...he's a legit cowboy...so he and his band play out west a lot...think Colorado...Wyoming etc...and during his downtime he can jump on a horse and go roping. Steve Dean just got word that he got his 7th number one song in his career when 'The Roys' song "No More Lonely" hit the top spot on the bluegrass charts. Congrats to my buddy. So you can see I was in pretty good company yesterday in Music City. NO PARIS I've never been over-seas...for whatever reason. Seen a lot of our country for sure...Canada...Mexico...lot of Caribbean islands...but never been to Europe. So you can imagine I was a bit disappointed that our plans for going to Paris this weekend fell through. The hotel my daughter Heather was trying to tee up through her American Airlines job did not work out because it's full. AND...she herself is working a flight to London and back right now and won't get home until Saturday evening. So...turning to head to Paris one day later complicated things....so....we'll wait for another opportunity. Hopefully...first quarter of next year. I've got a stack of maps and French books on the kitchen table my friend Brent Burns dropped in the mail for me...we'll hang to them. Tell the Eiffel Tower and Normandy to wait for us. THE KILLER Jerry Lee Lewis will play the Ryman tomorrow night. He's 79! He's the only one living from that Hall of Fame group that started at Sun Records together. Cash, Orbison, Perkins, Elvis...all gone. Despite 6 wives and breaking every bad health and personal habit known to man...Jerry Lee Lewis is still on stage tearing it up. Amazing. I'm sure the Ryman has hired additional fire experts in case Jerry decides to set his piano on fire one more time. SPEAKING OF HEALTH I saw someone post a piece of truth on their Facebook the other day. "I've never seen a jogger who was smiling...nuff said." Yep...I agree. Conversely...I've never seen a dog with his head hanging out a car or truck window that did not look happy as hell. Think about that. The key to a happy life folks is to stop running so hard...and hang your head out the window and enjoy the breeze a little more often. TODAY Grabbing head phones for my shift on WSM today from 10-3. And here's an alert for you. Since I'm not going to Paris next week...I've agreed to do the early morning show Monday morning at WSM from 5:30 to 10 as Bill Cody will have the day off. I'll work with his great producer and on air partner Charlie Mattos...and at 8:30...our special in studio guest at the Opryland Hotel will be....Pat Boone! Good lord. I'm looking for white loafers to wear Monday morning. There will be much to talk about. Tune in. This weekend...thinking a lot of sport. There are FOUR baseball games on today! I don't have a bowl big enough for all the chips I'm going to need. Have a great weekend!

Radio Tomorrow...Studio Today

BILL BLOG Thursday October 2, 2014 So I get a text at 6 am this morning from my Gulf Shores/co-writer/and beach singing fool Brent Burns wanting to know if I'm up and having coffee at Mickey D's. First...he's NEVER up that early...secondly...I've become way too predictable. Turns out Brent was playing a gig in Phoenix...waiting on a plane with his lovely wife Pam. Safe trip back home guys. YESTERDAY My songwriting appointment was with Jacky Dustin..and her faithful dog Leroy. She and Leroy are getting ready for a wedding. Yep...Leroy will be coming down the aisle too when Jacky says her "I Do's" to her drummer fiance'. We finished up a tune yesterday at her kitchen table...with sun beaming through the windows on a gorgeous day in Music City. Jacky teaches paddle-boarding to help finance her music dreams...sings demos...waits tables....whatever it takes. Her paddle-board classes include yoga on paddle-board. Good grief. I'm sure I would struggle standing on a paddle board...much less have to worry about doing a "downward dog" on top of one. Jacky is a GREAT singer with a ton of soul and grit in her voice and folks are starting to recognize that. And they should. Great day at the writing office yesterday. FYI I'll be on the radio tomorrow...10-3 on WSM. You can listen on your computer at wsmonline.com if you'd like. MUSIC ON THE HIGHWAY Here's one for ya. A part of historic Route 66 has rumbles strips that play music...as long as they detect you are driving the speed limit. If not...the music shuts off. If I drive in Arizona on Route 66 and hear the rumble strip playing anything by Justin Bieber...you can bet I'm going to be speeding! Speaking of Route 66. If you want to pick up a great coffee table book about the old Highway and all of it's attractions...I'd suggest the one my friend Roger Naylor wrote recently. The pictures are just incredible...and his commentary and descriptions of what you see is even better. Here's a link that will take you to his book. THE RYMAN Construction has started on the old Ryman Auditorium...original home of the Grand Ole Opry. No...they will not touch the auditorium itself with the old wooden church pews...that room is sacred...and perfect after a renovation that saved it years ago. But...they will expand the lobby areas....bathrooms...have a big gift shop and restaurant area...new box office and a multi-media history tour which should be very special. 14 million is going into the project. I always encourage visitors to catch a show at the Ryman...or one of the Opry shows that run seasonally. Best room for music ever. And...if you are touring Nashville...take the Ryman tour that allows to to stand on stage behind the WSM microphone for a great souvenir picture. TODAY I'm in the recording studio with Steve Dean and Paul Bogart recording a song the three of us wrote. Then I'll fly home to get my writing done for New York...and then hopefully be able to turn my attention to baseball and football. Orioles-Tigers....KC-Angels in baseball and Packers vs Vikes for football. On a Thursday! It's a good day in the neighborhood. Have a great Thursday!

New Cuts On The Horizon

BILL BLOG Wednesday October 1, 2014 And just like that...it's the first of October. YESTERDAY I tweaked a song with my friend Rick Tiger off Music Row yesterday that's next headed for the demo studio in early October so that we can pitch the song around. Rick's been writing songs in town for 30 or 40 years it seems...had a few cuts...Montgomery Gentry and Joe Nichols to name just a couple..but on the side he runs a hot dog vendor service in old Printers Alley at one of the bars to support his creative habit. The place he's worked at for years will be gone with new owners and new development coming to the old alley. Word in the paper this morning is that more of those old alleys may be developed into restaurants and clubs. Time does not stand still...and when it doesn't...we lose a little tradition as is the case here. My hope is that one of Rick's songs will land and do so well that he doesn't have to think about dogs and buns ever again if he doesn't want to. Good song yesterday...better company. SOME GOOD MUSIC NEWS Back to my friend Rick Tiger for a second. Last night I get a text from our mutual friend and artist-co-writer who says her producer loves two of the songs Rick, she and I wrote and they plan on adding those two songs to her upcoming album. They start recording next month. Ayla Brown is a former American Idol contestant...former starting basketball player for Boston College...and her Dad is pretty well known as Senator Scott Brown. Ayla performs all over the world...for the troops quite a bit too...and sings her tail off. So...we're excited for this news...and for her! I'll let ya know when the album will be available. BACK TO BLAKE Oh...I did buy the new Blake Shelton record yesterday, "Bringing Back The Sunshine". Good stuff. I love the first single off the record "Neon Light"...which is a one chord song. Check it out when you listen. My friend Steve Dean...one of my "Hits and Grins" partners has a one chord song that both Joe Nichols and Craig Morgan recorded that we sing in our show called "Everything's A Thing". One chord. I joke on stage that it was the laziest songwriting session ever in Nashville. I've made note. I need to not work so hard if one chord songs are catching on. VIRAL VIDEO SONG HIT My friend Billy Dean has written a song with Larry Gatlin (who works on WSM a bit these days) that directly challenges the idiots who are terrorists. See if you don't like this song and VIDEO that's a big viral hit right now. To the point...to say the least. The song is titled "An American...With A Remington" so that give ya a clue as to where it's going. TODAY Off to write with my Chicago buddy Jacky Dustin...the "bride to be" in the near future. Maybe we can write her wedding song today. Have a great Wednesday!

Blast On The Bay...And Percy Sledge

BILL BLOG Tuesday September 30, 2014 And there goes September.... 84 and sunny in Nashville today...little fog outside my blogging window right now. The forecast did read did say "Hell to freeze over"....and danged if it didn't. George Clooney got married. YESTERDAY I spent the first part of Monday writing with my "Hits and Grins" partners Steve Dean and Victoria Venier on an idea I'd been carrying around for a few months. Country...simple...and it turned out great. Another one for the catalog. The next performance date for "Hits and Grins" will be: October 16-19 at "Blast On The Bay"...a very fun songwriters festival on the Apalachicola part of Florida. Our schedule will be posted soon...and we'll play three times over that run. I'll let you know which venues we'll be at as soon as they are posted. If you need a little three day vacation...someplace quiet and beautiful....think about coming down to join us and the other great songwriters who will be at this festival. HELLO MIKE! Word is that Michael Strahan...the ex-NFL football player/commentator/talk-show host...has been signed on to be in the sequel for the movie "Magic Mike"....about male dancers. The Fox pre-game show with Howie, Terry and Jimmy should have a FIELD day with this. I don't ever see myself being a male dancer. And I don't think they're hiring guys who's belly moves like a lava lamp when his shirt is off and he's dancing to "Whip It" by Devo. MORE TO DO IN NASHVILLE George Jones' widow Nancy paid over 4 million bucks for Graham Station yesterday to establish a George Jones museum and place of entertainment. Johnny Cash has a museum...now Jones...and that's cool. I remember ole Possum Holler back in the day that George owned and actually showed up at a few times. This should be cool. And another huge bar/restaurant is opening a Lower Broadway. The city continues to grow and expand. If it keeps up...Lower Broadway will need to wear Spanx to contain itself. SAD In Florence, Alabama they are holding a benefit for singer Percy Sledge who is now 73. He's battling liver cancer. Yep...you'd think with the success he had...just on the strength of "When A Man Loves A Woman" that paying a hospital bill...even with cancer would not be a problem. That's not the case. Sadly. A ton of folks are gathering to help stage the benefit. I hope they raise a ton of dough...and that someday we are able to figure out a better health care system allowing folks not to lose everything they've worked for all their lives just to pay a hospital bill. TODAY Off to tweak a song with my friend Rick Tiger who's song "Jesus and Jones" is making a little noise right now...being performed on TV quite a bit. The song was recorded by a new-grass group called "Nu-Blu"...along with the legendary Sam Moore. So happy for my friend Rick who's been here in the trenches writing songs for years. I hope the two of us can pen something like this one of these days. Have a great Tuesday!


BILL BLOG Friday September 29, 2014 Rushing to October...geez. THE WEEKEND For me...quiet..non-eventful. It's welcomed with the busy schedule ahead for sure. Caught a LOT of football over the weekend...got out and took a walk and noticed the colors are starting to pop up in the trees...and pumpkins are everywhere. Tis that time of season. GOOD NEWS Our Evening In The Round trio with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself got word that our November 6 concert in Columbia, TN is sold out already. 500 seats full. The show is at the college...as part of their performing arts series that also includes Ricky Skaggs this year...who also sold out. What an evening this should be. Thanks to all of you who bought your tickets so early. We'll see you there. COFFEE McDonald's ended their promotion of free coffee this morning. Sigh. I actually had to PAY for a cup this morning. Oh the humanity. Last week in this blog I mentioned that Starbucks is experimenting with a beer flavored coffee. True. That led to this editorial cartoon I saw this morning. One guy hold ups his beer flavored coffee to his buddy and says, "new non alcoholic beer flavored latte with whipped cream and caramel drizzle from Starbucks...$4.65." His buddy holds up his beer can and replies, "Beer...buck and a half." NEW MUSIC As far as MUSIC is concerned...it's a big CD release day tomorrow for country music as the new Blake Shelton and Lady A albums are made available...and this on the heels of the new Kenny Chesney album that was just released..."Big Tent Revival." Chesney came out and said he would not be recording any of the "bro-country" songs that have populated radio to the point of being ridiculous. Chesney said he just wanted to record great songs. Good for him I have new respect for him...and may have to buy the album just to show my support of that. Trucks...jeans...girls....has become such a redunded theme lately that a lot of us could hurl. Not that I haven't written a couple of those...because that's what they are recording these days. But I'm guessing a lot of songwriters in this town would welcome a move away from that nonsense to be able to pitch some great songs from their catalogs instead...if folks start looking to record "great songs" as Chesney referred to. I'm officially trying to implement a "no-bro-zone" on Music Row. THE WEEK AHEAD A full full week ahead of songwriting...ending up Friday with a shift on WSM radio from 10-3. And come the weekend...maybe a memorable trip. More on that later in the week. Have a great Monday

Miami and Back

BILL BLOG Friday September 26, 2014 Why no blog yesterday? MIAMI TRIP I had a spur of the moment opportunity I took yesterday. Wednesday night late...my daughter Heather calls and asks, "Dad, you wanna go to a ballgame?" (You never have to ask me twice to go to a ballgame) Especially with my daughter. She had scored a pair of free tickets for the Miami Marlins-Philadelphia Phillies game...the Marlins last home game of the year and their almost brand new ballpark. How can ya say no to that? So...she left me a ticket for early yesterday morning with American Airlines (who she works for)...and I'm in the air at 6:40 am or so....and she's picking me up a the airport yesterday morning sometime after 10 am Miami time. Surreal. Palm trees and humidity hit me when I stepped out the doors at Miami International and I realized almost instantly I would need to learn to speak some Spanish if I lived in Miami. Daughter pulls up in her Prius...and off we go on a one day adventure that started with lunch/breakfast at a Cuban restaurant. Awesome. First...the Cuban coffee in those teenie cups? Where have I been all my life? She had some kind of chicken on flat bread on top of black bean something I think...also good....with lime flavored french fries. Different. I had ham chopped up in teenie pieces in scrambled eggs...and we ordered some chocolate dipped churros...since she had never tried one. What? How is that possible? Note: I'm glad my daughter drove. Drivers are a bit erratic in Miami...and my daughter has learned to curse in Spanish because of it. Nice. AND THEN... We hit a Starbucks for a Wi-Fi connection because I had to write for an hour for my folks in New York...and no...Starbucks does not sell Cuban coffee in Miami. They should. AND THEN... Back in the car...it's raining...typical tropics type weather this type of year...on and off rain. I got the nickel tour of Miami...saw where the rich folks live on the water in Key Biscayne...surreal...drove over the water...around the beaches....and then we took in a museum called Vizcaya which is an old mansion with gardens and sculptures some rich folks left many years ago. Gorgeous...on the water...with massive outdoor gardens and sculptures. So we got a little history...and it was off to the ball park for a 4:15 game. THE BALLPARK Miami colors...loud...lots of orange and blues and greens. It's new...and still looks it. Not a big crowd...and they have a roof that was closed because of the rain. Always an odd look....baseball under a roof. Very cool though. They have bands playing in the stands...and 30 or so dancers who jump on the dugouts and the field several times for dance routines...a lot of it Latino based...keeping with the culture. My daughter loves baseball for which I'm grateful...and we got into the game which the home-team won by coming from behind late. Perfect. Another ballpark clicked off. This leaves me with nine more major league parks to click off before I've seen them all. I know...a weird bucket list for sure. After the game...she drove me back to the airport...10 minutes away...and I caught the late flight home to Nashville arriving at 11 pm. So I'm a little bleary eyed...but would do it again in a heartbeat just to have that kind of one on one time with my daughter. Special stuff...and I know every parent would do the same. Pretty cool day for free. And that's why there was no Thursday Blog. THE WEEKEND Off to write with Brady Seals this morning...then the weekend be here. Football...Ryder Cup...maybe a movie with the wife and the weather is gorgeous right now. I might do the unthinkable and take a walk or two. Not that I need to exercise of course. I'm sure the Cuban food I had with my daughter is slimming! Have a great weekend.

New Shows...and Tearing Down The Row

BILL BLOG Wednesday September 24, 2014 The neighborhood dogs just went crazy...as five deer just paraded across our front lawn. We've got a little family that hang a bunch in our yard...front and back. I'm thinking about charging them rent. YESTERDAY A "Hits and Grins" Tuesday as it is every week for our trio. We did a little rehearsing yesterday...learned a couple of new songs. We added a date for the Listening Room here in Nashville for December 19th...a Friday night. For those who ask, "are you guys playing in town?"...there ya go. December 19 at the Listening Room...AND Halloween night at Pucketts's on off 4th and Church in Nashville. So...a couple of choices if you want to catch a show in Nashville. Also...if you have not done so already...please go "Like" our "Hits and Grins" Facebook page if you've not done so already. It's the best way to keep up with the trio online. TEARING DOWN NASHVILLE...PROGRESS? This city is growing so fast...so much construction. Music Row has been targeted for new development...RCA Studio A is scheduled to be demolished for condo living. Now the historic association has gotten a 90 day delay. Mike Wolf from the TV show "American Pickers" has a store here...and lives here. He spoke to this yesterday saying, "How the hell did we get here? This is not the wild west". Trey Bruce, a great songwriter spoke about their effort to save it saying, "We're smarter than a wrecking ball." (sounds like a song title to me Trey) It will be interesting to see what happens. Can they save a plain looking building that's falling down because of the wonderful music history that's a part of it? I can only hope so. The new owner/developer is saying if folks are so upset by this someone should pony up the money and buy him out. The ghosts of Chet Atkins, Jerry Reed, Waylon, Elvis, Eddie Arnold...and countless others must be watching with interest. "NASHVILLE" The TV show starts it's third season tonight with a new twist. Three of the songs that you'll hear on the show tonight will actually be sung "Live" on the fake Bluebird set they built. Florida Georgia Line will sing one of those songs. I have to admit I have not watched it much...but will tape it tonight to see how this goes. This is a "live" music town...so it makes perfect sense to me to try this. Of course...some folks really can't sing all that well "live" without those magic machines they run their voices through...but that's another story for another pitch perfect time. TODAY Time to "cowboy up" a bit as I'm writing with my Okie cowboy pal Paul Bogart this morning who's been out west singing and riding and roping steers. Oddly enough...we'll be writing at Sony on Music Row...just a few feet from RCA Studio A. Maybe those ghosts I wrote about will drop by and co-write with us today. Have a great Wednesday!