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Bill Whyte / Blog

Labor Day Weekend...On The Air

BILL BLOG Monday September 1, 2014. Hello Labor Day...goodbye hot August. THE WEEKEND Well..it is Labor Day weekend...and I managed to do the right thing and put my feet up a bunch and watch a ton of college football. I've discovered that UT "orange" doesn't look as bad when you win. My wife and I also sat on the couch and watched "Lone Survivor"...the true story about a Navy Seal unit battle in the mountains of Afghanistan where only one survived to tell the story. Mark Wahlburg plays that soldier. Pretty real...and once again reminds us how lucky we are to have young men this talented and brave. How anyone gets through Navy Seal school is amazing to me...much less tackle the challenges the military gives them after the fact. I read the book on a flight to Arizona recently and could not put it down. Watch the movie...or read the book...you'll be amazed and proud too. CINCINNATI The Cincinnati Enquirer ran a feature article about what I've been doing since leaving radio in that city five years ago. My thanks to columnist John Kiesewetter for running this. I'm getting a lot of nice e-mail from folks who used to listen to me when I was on air there. If you read it...note...I'm not a member of "The Beatles"...even though their picture is attached to the article. They would not let me take Ringo's place back then. Also...I was not Music Director while I was the "morning guy"...I was Music Director for a short while before they put me into the morning show with 6 other people one year. And "Hits and Grins" is not just a comedy show...that's my part only. Steve Dean and Victoria Venier are serious writers with commercial hits....so that trio is a blend of fun and hits. John also left out the fact that I worked in radio at WFMS in Indianapolis for a couple of years...and I don't want those two great years left out of the equation. But...what a nice article. Nice that folks in the Queen City still remember those radio shows. MEANWHILE... My daughter is in Paris again this morning...where she swears she will live someday. I saw a picture she posted in the Latin Quarter yesterday with a bike...looking like she's having the time of her life. I wake up every day wondering what part of the world she's seeing with her American Airlines job. Her Mom and I are planning on joining her soon on one of these trips. My wife has already learned enough French to order my food "plain" for me...so we should be good to go. HAPPY BIRTHDAY To my young friend Caroline Gallagher who celebrated her birthday yesterday with the release of her first single "Piece of Heaven"...a bluegrass tune about her home state of North Carolina that we wrote together. She actually brought the idea...had kind of written it...and allowed me to help her re-shape the song as well as re-write some of it. I'm glad she did. I love the tune...and the girl can sing. You can check it out HERE. CONGRATULATIONS To another young talented co-writer artist of mine...Ayla Brown who got married over the weekend! Ayla has traveled all over the world singing...is the daughter of a Senator...was a starting college basketball player at Boston College...and was a former American Idol contestant who did pretty well. Married a baseball player! Congrats to the two of them. I'm sending tupper-ware as a wedding present. TODAY Well...it is Labor Day...so I'm gonna Labor...sort of. I'm on air today for WSM from 10-3. You can listen at your picnic or swimming hole or from anywhere in the world at wsmonline.com Have a great extra day off.

Turning The Flu Corner...and On Air Today

BILL BLOG Friday August 29, 2014 Hello Labor Day weekend. FAMILIAR WITH THE COUCH That's what I've been spending time on being sick these past three days. The good news is I'm feeling quite a bit better this morning and plan on being on air at 10 am for WSM for the 10-3 shift today. But yesterday I had to cancel that shift...so thanks to Jonathan Shaffer for covering for me on short notice. And then last night I had to bow out of a show with my friends Karen Wheeler, Jimmy Payne and Pam Belford at the Maxwell House for the same reason. My apologies to them...and I'll make that one up in the future for sure. I've learned the best thing to do is try and remove yourself from other folks so you don't pass a bug along...as much as I'd rather push on and tough it out. I know I appreciate it when other sick folks return the favor to me. But I hate cancelling anything for sure. Again..this morning...I'm feeling a tad more normal...whatever that is for me. EARLY FLIGHT I dropped my daughter off at our airport early this morning...back to Miami...and then she works a flight to Paris...her third time. She loves the place. Me and her Mom hope to join her on one of those before too long. We had her for four or five days this time which was a treat. Glad that she still catches flights home whenever she can. That little girl turned out to be quite the world traveler. How did this happen? HERE'S THE HEADLINE From "Miss Manners" this morning. "Bridesmaid's underwear is a private matter." I stopped there. Didn't need to read the rest of the article. EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN It's funny how music groups break up...then find a way to get back together again. Consider in country music...Restless Heart, Little Texas, Lonestar, Exile and now Shenandoah....have all lost key members...who for the most part came back. Marty Raybon announced this week he's back with the group Shenandoah. Bands are like families...they love each other...they fight...they break up...and sometimes years later when they're not doing as well as individuals...they start to wonder...why did we break up? I see an opportunity for "Band Counseling". Think I'll hang a shingle on my door and start making money. ALAN JACKSON The Alan Jackson exhibit opens at our Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum today and runs through next March or so. Lot of cool stuff...including his first car that he sold to buy a house....and years later his wife Denise found and re-bought as a Christmas gift that made Jackson cry. Tomorrow (Saturday) my friend Jim McBride...who wrote with Alan and had several hits...including "Chattahoochee" will play a special songwriters concert at the Hall to help celebrate that opening. Perfect choice. I may have to sneak in for that one. THE WEEKEND Off to the radio station...then it's Labor Day weekend for me too. Might buy a watermelon just to have something to "thump." Enjoy your long weekend!

The Bug...

BILL BLOG Thursday August 28, 2014 And we're back. Missed doing the blog yesterday because I've been under the weather a tad...to say the least. SUMMER SICK So...Tuesday morning I'm in a recording studio with my friend and co-writer Brady Seals recording a song we wrote with Lisa Shaffer. The song rocks...and we had a ton of A session players laying the track down. I'd name names but don't want to leave anyone out. But...Brent Mason...whom I'm a big fan of played some incredible lead guitar licks. Check out the above link to hear for yourself. So...we finish our tracks..I walk out into the lobby and bump into Aaron Tippin who's recording next...have a little conversation with him...step outside to go home and I start feeling a little something that grew into a lotta something. I've been in bed for the better part of three days now with that achy, head throbbing, sore throat, sweating, chilling thing one can seemingly get out of nowhere. Good grief. It's pretty much laid me low. So much so that I cancelled being on WSM this morning from 10-3 so that hopefully I'll feel good enough tomorrow to be on air in the same time slot. I'm also scheduled to play tonight at the Maxwell House with my friend Karen Wheeler and her musical guests....and it remains to be seen if I can get up for that. Rest...lots of it...and then some more. The good news is we're saving on groceries cause I have zero appetite. Maybe I'll drop some needed pounds! Something good in everything right? LAST NIGHT I did start feeling better during the day yesterday...but did have to cancel a songwriting session in the afternoon. I did that hoping I could feel good enough to get to our Sounds last home-game ever at Greer Stadium last night...and I did go with my wife and daughter who's in town until tomorrow...along with friend Lisa Shaffer and her husband Kevin Stone...and Steve and Lori Dean...as well as one of my daughter's musical friends Amanda Taylor. It was historic of course...so the old ball-yard was packed for a change...and the Oak Ridge Boys sang the last National Anthem ever there which was very cool. So...things started out great...and then it got warmer...and then I got sicker...again. We lasted 4 innings...that was it...back to bed. But...I'm glad I got to see at least a bit of it...and can't wait to sit in the new ballpark next year at a stadium loaded with bells and whistles and amenities. I'm hoping today is the day I turn the corner. SPEAKING OF MAKING IT MATTER The Alan Jackson exhibit opens at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum tomorrow. He's been at it for over 25 years now...and fans will get to see a lot of his memorabilia. At the press conference he said, "I'm hoping my music was more than just in-one-ear-out-the-other entertainment." (which is what too much of music is these days) I think you accomplished that Alan. On December 20...my friend Steve Dean and myself will have the pleasure of being the featured songwriters in the songwriters series at that same Hall of Fame. We do a one hour set at 11:30 in the morning at the Ford Theater. The show is free with a paid admission to the museum. If I haven't already done it...by then...I'll tour Alan's exhibit after we finish playing that day. TODAY More rest. College football starts for real tonight...so...I'll either be playing that gig I mentioned earlier...or laying on the couch watching football. I'll let ya know how that works out in the Friday blog. Have a great Thursday.

Two Different Kinds Of Studios

BILL BLOG Tuesday August 26, 2014 Hello Tuesday...you could cool off just a bit and it would not hurt my feelings. YESTERDAY On the radio...10-3 on WSM. Two more times this week...Thursday and Friday...also 10-3. The home of the Opry can be heard around the word at wsmonline.com...but...we also have a free app you can download to your phone and take us anywhere you want. Just stick us in your purse or front pocket. A couple of years ago...my friend Lisa Shaffer...and former member of "Hits and Grins" knew that one of her songs was going to be performed the Opry. How to listen? Looking at the beach...pulled out the phone...and we listened to the Opry for half an hour. Turns our Lisa had the night wrong...and Jeff and Sheri Easter played her wonderful song "Sitting On Top Of The World" the NEXT night...on the Saturday Opry. Still...we had the radio right there in the palm of my hand. Download it! ALS I've been called out a bunch...my brother in law Terry Radil up in Minnesota, my co-writer here in Nashville Brady Seals, my frequent co-writer and great friend Brent Burns...who took the challenge at Lulu's last night in Gulf Shores, and my own daughter Heather...who challenged both her Mom and myself. We will do this...just looking for a hole in time to get wet and cold. Be looking for it on Facebook. And good for all of yo who have helped draw awareness for this awful disease. ABLE TO LEAP TALL BUILDINGS IN A SINGLE BOUND I was a huge fan of Superman as a kid. The original black and white series had me glued along with the Lone Ranger. An innocent time. An apparently some folks are willing to pay big dollars to go back in time. A first issue of the comic book sold for a record yesterday...3.2 million! A comic book! I should have saved a few I guess instead of those 78 RPM records and the stack of 45's and cassettes that are taking up a bit of room here at the Whyte House. Sigh. MORE HISTORY Mary Poppins is 50 today. Walt Disney paid $100,000 all those years ago for the rights in exchange for 5% of what the movie made. Uh...he did okay. The movie has now made well over 100 million bucks. You do the math. I bet he kept his Superman comic books too. TODAY Off for coffee with my talented friend Brady Seals this morning just off Music Row...and then we head to a recording studio to lay down a song today that we wrote with Lisa Shaffer. We've got some of the best players in town on this session...so the tracks should just rock...and I can only imagine how much fun it's going to be hearing them create that magic. It always is. Have a great Tuesday.

A Smoky Weekend

BILL BLOG Monday August 25, 2014 Hard to believe we are already wrapping up August and headed for Labor Day weekend. Time really do fly...and not always first class. THE WEEKEND A blur...again...but fun. Our "Hits and Grins" trio were part of the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival in Gatlinburg this weekend...a gathering of great songwriters. There were shows all over town...workshops...clinics and more. Our trio played Saturday night at "Moonshine Holler" to a great crowd...most of whom were seated in rocking chairs in front of us. Hard to beat a show when the audience is rockin' with ya the entire time. Great great fun...and Steve Dean and Victoria Venier of our group had extended family and friends who came into town for the show. Great hanging with all of them. Other highlights of our two day run: I was part of a stellar panel of judges for the Songwriting Competition early Saturday afternoon. Doug and Lisa Johnson who work with a Nashville label...and Doug is a hit writer who co-wrote "Three Wooden Crosses" for Randy Travis with Kim Williams...who was another judge along with my friend Larry Beaird...great guitar player and owner of Beaird Studios in Nashville...a studio that has recorded a ton of hits. We hear some great songs in five different genres...and for the most part...we all agreed on the top songs in each category. The only time I was out of step with everyone else was in the gospel category...when the song they voted #1 was not that high on my list. And the song I voted for was last in it's category in the over-all voting for that category. However...there was a "peoples vote" for favorite over-all song...and it was THAT song that won! So...I felt better...and it was a reminder to anyone writing songs...it's always just opinion...and judges don't always agree. THANKS To Cyndy Montgomery Reeve and her great staff at the Festival for all their hard work. I'm happy to say that I was the first official invitee for this festival a few years ago from Cyndy...and to see the growth is really amazing. Thanks to Cyndy for having me and our trio "Hits and Grins". I'm already gearing up for next year when I'll teach my comedy song-writing/radio class for the Festival. That will be fun. SIDE TRIPS While I was at a judges table...my wife Kathy who made the trip with me went hiking with Steve Dean's wife Lori and Victoria Venier from our group. My wife bought shoes too...it's the law when three girls are out...you buy shoes. Sigh. I would have been with them on the trail that led to some beautiful waterfalls had I not been judging. I think we were all surprised that the crowds were not awful this year in Gatlinburg...and you could get around easily. Surely a beautiful place to hang...and sample MOONSHINE like ummm...SOME of our group did. Let's just say we had a great time in the Smokies this weekend for sure. TODAY It's a busy radio week for me. I'm on air from 10-3 today...Thursday and Friday for WSM. Tune in when you can at wsmonline.com Good to be home. Have a great Monday!

Show Last Night...Smokie Mt. Weekend

BILL BLOG Friday August 22, 2014 Well...this morning started off with a bang. Got my cup of coffee at Mickey D's...standing behind a young girl sporting green hair. It ain't easy being green folks. YESTERDAY I hooked up to start a new song with my pal Brady Seals who used to rock the country with Little Texas. Brady's business of selling vintage guitars has taken off allowing him time to be creative again...and he's extremely creative. So...we wrote at his Music City Pickers...which means you can choose between dozens of great guitars to play on! Not a bad way to start the day for sure. CHAIN SAWS I got home to see Kevin Stone with a chain saw in my driveway who was sawing a hole in the middle of the tree that was blocking our driveway. It must have been a hundred degrees...and there he was with his wife Lisa Shaffer (who used to be my "Hits and Grins" partner) clearing a path for our car. We so appreciate him. He's from Kentucky...everybody there has a chainsaw I think...and I'm glad. I owe him big time. Lisa..meanwhile...is very pregnant...due in about six weeks. Thrilled for both to them. They are going to be awesome parents...no doubt. A lucky little baby. We will have to get a crew of folks out to get the rest of the lot cleared...limbs on the rood...trees that need to be cut....geez. But...we made a little progress with Kevin and Lisa's help yesterday. Thank you! LAST NIGHT Then last night...I played at the Listening Room with 'Hits and Grins." Great crowd...mostly out of town tourists...and they had a blast. Thanks to all of you who came to the show...and to those of you who bought our "Hits and Grins" CD! That CD is available now at CDBABY.COM.....getcha one! THE WEEKEND Bags packed once again. The Hits and Grins rolling bus will be pulling up soon. Our trio plays at Moonshine Holler in Gatlinburg as part of the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival tomorrow night. A ton of great writers will be there for the 4 day event. And...tomorrow morning I'll be judging a band contest too. So... a busy weekend...in a busy beautiful place. Hope to see some of you there. Have a great weekend!

Storms and Gigs

BILL BLOG Thursday August 21, 2014 Anybody got a chain saw? YESTERDAY Big storm blew through our yard yesterday afternoon...out of nowhere. I was standing in our kitchen with my wife and daughter when winds started whipping up to 70 mph in a dark dark sky. We now have limbs down everywhere...our driveway has a big tree in it...meaning we can't go down the driveway. It took some creative driving into the neighbors yard to get out and get my wife and daughter out and on the way to the airport so Heather could return to Miami for her American Airlines job. So...I'm looking for chainsaw help today to clear a path. SOME WRITING Earlier in the day I wrote with Daisy Mallory and Steve Dean. Daisy brought tomatoes and peppers from her garden...so now my wife wants me to write more with her. I asked her to bring mac and cheese....nothing! Guess it didn't grow as well in her garden as the tomatoes and peppers. It was a good day at the writing table. Daisy recorded one of our songs "Train" on her new EP which just rocks...so Steve and I thank her for that. Always fun being around someone that young, talented and nice like she is. NEW GIG On December 20th...Steve Dean and I will have the pleasure of playing at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum for a second time as part of their great songwriter series. The performance is in the gorgeous Ford theater on a Saturday morning at 11:30 AM. If you're in town...don't miss this. The show is free with museum admission. THEM...AND US Judge Judy is so popular around the world that she makes 1 million dollars per WEEK. I'm buying a robe and a gavel at Judge R Us today. I had the pleasure of interviewing her several years ago in Milwaukee as the radio station I was working for was hosting a big week long fund raiser for child abuse. She came into my remote studio on a Wal Mart parking lot and not only was down to earth and nice...but so quick...and funny! One of my favorite celebrity interviews through the year. She deserves what she's getting. She's that good. LOAD UP Free hunting day Saturday in Tennessee. No license needed. Just start shooting. I'll be in Gatlinburg on Saturday playing the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival...so I'll have my head on a swivel in case in "musician-season". Maybe I'll wear camo on stage at the "Moonshine Holler" when "Hits and Grins" takes the stage at 8:30 pm Saturday evening. Hope to see some of you. TODAY Off to write with my pal Brady Seals and a buddy of his today. Brady's taken some time to launch his Music City Pickers business...and it's doing so well...he can now take some time to be musically creative again. So glad. One of the more talented dudes in this town with great blood lines in him....Troy Seals, Dan Seals, Jim Seals...Easter Seals....all of em are related...and of course Brady had a great run around the country for years as part of "Little Texas." Should be a fun time today. TONIGHT The trio plays the Listening Room here on 2nd avenue...start time for that one is also 8:30 pm. So...we'll play that gig...then all go home and start packing for the trip to the Smokies for Friday-Sunday. I'm looking forward to playing Hillbilly Golf and buying some fudge. Have a great Thursday!

Visiting With An Old Friend

BILL BLOG Wednesday August 20, 2014 Here we go...got a pole to help vault me over the hump today. YESTERDAY Started with "Hit's and Grins" getting together for a meeting with a booking agency to showcase what the group can do. Great group of folks we talked with...and I think we're all hopeful that we can work together and pick up even more road dates for the trio. We played a small set of songs for their agents so they could get a taste of what we do...but...the conversation during and after was at least as much fun as doing the set. We learned a lot about them...and they us. SPEAKING OF SHOWS... "Hits and Grins" has two this week. Tomorrow night (Thursday) we play at 8:30 pm The Listening Room on 2nd Avenue in Nashville. Then Friday morning we head towards Gatlinburg for the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival. I'll be helping them judge a band contest on Saturday morning...and then our trio plays at 8:30 pm Saturday night at "Moonshine Holler" in Gatlinburg. This festival has really grown in a short amount of time....Bill Anderson will be performing this year. Come join us in the mountains if you can. LOOKING AHEAD The songwriters festivals are fun not just for the songwriters who participate....but certainly for those that attend too. If you've never gone to one...do some research...check them out...take a little vacation. The beach festivals are coming up so think about those. We are confirmed to play at "Blast On The Bay" again this year...in October in Port St. Joe Florida, as well as the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach. To find out more...check out my calendar on my website for dates/links/details. LAST NIGHT I spent some time with a great old friend John Kieswetter who is the media/entertainment columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper. He's been there something like 37 years and is a walking piece of knowledge about all things Cincinnati...and baseball. John may be a bigger fan of the game than me...which is hard to believe. His 25 year old son wanted to see the group "One Direction" who played at our football stadium last night (a mad house) so John played the good Dad and brought him here before they drive to St. Louis today to see the Cards play the Reds. So...we grabbed pizza at a great place here...and I gave him the nickel tour of our great city Nashville...Vanderbilt...Belmont...the baseball park with the guitar scoreboard...Music Row...our Parthenon and more. I believe John left today impressed with what he found in the city. Great company last night...great conversation...and I always learn so much when I talk to John. He's working on a very cool piece now about when the Beatles played Cincinnati like 50 years ago when a bunch of radio guys pooled their money to bring the Beatles to town. Bargain price for sure...and very interesting. John wrote about my morning show many times while I was in Cincinnati at WUBE...and always treated me more than kindly. Safe trip today my friend. HEAT Word is that the hottest weather of the summer is on the way. Temps will be closer to 100 than 90 for several days. Our show in Gatlinburg is outdoors this Saturday evening. Wonder how I will look to the crowd wearing my guitar and speedo? TODAY Last day my daughter is here. She's getting ready to fly back to Miami...her home base where she works for American. Her upcoming destinations include the Carribbean, Mexico and Paris. The girl do have a tough life. Every second my wife and I get to see her these days is a blessing. Just feels right knowing she's sleeping in her bedroom upstairs again. I'm off to write with Daisy Mallory and Steve Dean. Daisy just recorded a song the three of us wrote called "Train" that's on her brand new EP...and it really is great. You can sample it HERE if you'd like. Have a great Wednesday!

Back From The Road

BILL BLOG Tuesday August 19, 2014 And we're back. Looong road trip home yesterday and there was not time to blog...so that's why one went missing. THE ROAD TRIP Our "Evening In The Round" show had a great three concert run in the south that started Friday night in Greenwood, South Carolina, followed by St. George SC....and then Sunday night we played in Jacksonville, Florida to wrap it up. My thanks to all of you can came and saw Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself. Such great fun...and so many nice folks. St. George is close to where Lang Scott grew up...so we got to spend some time with his family and friend...even high school buddies who played on a state championship basketball team with Lang back in the day. My wife Kathy went with us...sold our merch...so the four of us go to spend some quality time on the road laughing, singing...and just generally having fun. Special thanks to our friend Juanita Hotard and George Aspinall for all their hard work in Jacksonville making that one happen. Can't wait to go again. ALONG THE ROAD There were "deer corn" signs...and "boiled peanuts"....we picked up neither...but did get a bag of praline pecans that gave us a sugar high for the next several miles that we picked up at a Stuckey's. Can't beat that for road traveling. SHOW WISE We added two new songs for this road trip...the old hymn "This World Is Not My Home" as well as a Lay A hit "I Run To You". Three part harmony...my favorite moments in the show. To be singing a Lady A song with Hillary Scott's Mom and Dad was a bit surreal...and way to much fun. For the record...yes...they are very proud grand-parents...and a pair of great ones to boot. AND THEN Nearing home...we came up on a HORRIBLE two car accident on the opposite side of I-24. Silent prayers for those folks. And another for allowing us to get home safely from our tour. Good to be home. AND LOOK WHO'S HOME On the road, you learn that sleep is valuable...staying healthy as best you can. We hit the house dog tired last night after three nights of not enough sleep....and I find out the daughter is coming home...arriving late last night. So...one more long night to see her and hug her as she's here again for a couple of days. Glad to do it though...anytime your kids come home...it's a blessing. As long as there not asking for too much money. TODAY Settling back in. Our "Hits and Grins" trio has an appointment with a booking agency today...so I have to brush my teeth and look pretty. FYI...we have a show Thursday night at the Listening Room in Music City starting at 8:30. Then tonight...I have an old friend in from out of town...John Kiesewetter...the entertainment/media journalist for the Cincinnati Enquirer for many many years. He brought his kid down to see the big concert by the boy band "One Direction"...so I'm picking him up for dinner. John treated me very nicely in print for a lot of years when I was on air in the Queen City. It will be nice to catch up. Have a great Tuesday!

Booty Talkin'...and On Air For WSM

BILL BLOG Thursday August 14, 2014 It's a headphone/bag-packin' kind of day today. YESTERDAY What a whirlwind of Wednesday starting with a songwriting session in the morning with Steve Dean and Sydni Perry. We got onto a Band Perry song idea and wrote that...so I spent the morning making believe I had lots of hair again and could bob my head up and down like they do on stage. Sometimes you have to really use your imagination in the business. THEN It was off flying down the road with Steve to a recording studio where we met up with Paul Bogart early in the afternoon to record a song the three of us wrote at a studio owned by one talented dude...John Willis. It was my first time working with John...who I'd heard so much about. The guy played every instrument on the recording...and did all the mixing too and the song sounds like a dog-gone hit. Won't be the last time I'm at John's place...that's for sure. His walls are lined with super star records that he's worked on through the years...you name em...Chesney...McGraw....Jackson...on and on. We were in good hands yesterday with our song....and it was yet one more time of me reminding myself how my life truly does not suck these days. Paul Bogart is a GREAT country singer and laid down some perfect vocals on the song. So the next step will be seeing if we can get someone to like it like we do. Either way...a great day in Music City. AND THEN... I flew home because I still had work to do...writing stories and funny songs for my New York folks. Five stories about country artists...and a parody song about Justin Bieber and his plea deal forcing him into anger management classes. Yea I know...weird work huh? I spent a large part of that writing time trying to find a great word that rhymes with punk. So...by the time that was done...it was pillow time. Full full day...and I wouldn't want it any other way. J-LO Jennifer Lopez has a new single titled "Booty". In the songwriting business they say, "write what you know." Maybe J-Lo is following that advice. If "Booty" turns out to be a huge hit for Lopez...look for Kim Kardashian to release a box set of "Booty" songs. My guess is you'll only be able to purchase that in the rear of the story. (can I get a rim-shot here?) TODAY Starts with radio. On air from 10-3 today for WSM...so I'll make a jaunt over to the Opryland Hotel....where the studio is located...and shake my head at the Christmas decorations being put up already. Hard to believe. Then it's packing time...guitar, CD's...clothes...road trip time with "Evening In The Round" with Linda Davis and Lang Scott. Tomorrow night's show is at the Greenwood Community Theater in Greenwood, SC. Saturday night at the Lourie Theater in St. George, SC. Sunday...Mudville Grill in Jacksonville, FL....which is sold out! Monday will be a traveling day home from Florida...so if you don't see a Monday blog...you'll know why. Have a great Thursday!