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Bill Whyte / Blog

Frank Brown Songwriters Shows Continue

BILL BLOG Wednesday November 12, 2012 Little cloudy this morning here on the Gulf Coast...but still beautiful. Temps are gonna drop starting tomorrow. 66 for a high today...so I'll soak that up...then dig the long sleeves out of the suitcase as the high Friday will be 53 with the low getting down to 29. I'm betting I'll see a Dolphin in leg warmers swim by. YESTERDAY First...I hope if you're a Veteran...someone walked up to you and said "thank you for your service." It can't be said enough. I had a fairly lazy day on the coast...running some with my friend Brent Burns down here...catching lunch at the Flora-Bama with some of the other songwriters gathered here for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. Last night my gig was at Tin Top out in Bon Secour...an out of the way place worth the drive for the food. Great food! I want to thank the management for taking such great care of me last night...wonderful folks. At 8 pm I sat on a stool next to my friend Bobby Tomberlin...one of my favorite writers...and just great all around guy to sing our songs. Bobby is from Luverne, Alabama...and I had a chance to tell his parents what a great job they did raising their boy...who's done pretty darned well for himself. They attended...and I know Bobby was tickled to have them in the audience. At one point...Bobby danged near brought the house down with a song we wrote with Linda Davis titled "Looking For Audrey" which is about the ghost of Hank Williams showing up at a bar night after night looking for his ex-wife Audrey. So great to hear Bobby sing that song. He told me he sang it recently at the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery...how special was that? Bobby grew up in small market radio as I did...loves the Grand Ole Opry (has a song about that)...and the tradition of our genre. So we told stories about artists we've hung with through the years. I made Bobby talk about his friendship with Little Jimmy Dickens, Bill Anderson, Porter Waggoner to name a few. I talked about Keith Urban...putting his arm around me on the Ryman stage telling me he thought my Mom was there that night...as he had heard it was her dream for her son to sing on the stage of the Opry sometime. That's as close as I've ever gotten...emceeing a show on that hallowed stage standing on that historical circle of wood where the WSM microphone sits. Bobby understands all off this. We ride the same country train. So it just made for a great evening of music and stories last night...and reminded me again how truly lucky I am to do what I do. SPOTIFY That's the streaming service that both Taylor Swift and now Jason Aldean pulled their music from saying they're not paying enough. God Bless Taylor for putting this in the spotlight. Today...the CEO of Spotify is saying they pay LOTS for the music and are helping us. He goes on to say that Taylor would have seen 6 million bucks or so this year for all the streams of her music that Spotify people were listening to on their service. Sounds huge right? Not to her. Here's the truth about those streaming services like Spotify...and how worthless our music has become. They pay roughly...$0.0006 cents per stream. Do the math. I've seen songwriter statements showing songs played...maybe 100,000 times...and the total on the check might be Four Dollars or so. There's got to be a better way...and the fight is going on right now. Taylor just stepped to the front to lead the charge and draw awareness. Good for her. TODAY Prepping for the arrival of my "Hits and Grins" partners Victoria Venier and Steve Dean...and Steve's wife Lori. They should arrive around 5 pm or so and then we will get ready for our gig at the Flora-Bama at 10:30 tonight for the Festival. They will stay through Saturday night as we have three shows slotted for this run. If you're here...come see us! Have a great Wednesday!

Lulu's Last Night...Tin Top Tonight

BILL BLOG Tuesday November 11, 2014 Happy Veterans Day to all those who proudly wear our nation's uniform. Thanks for all you do...and have done to keep us free. YESTERDAY I stopped at the library in Gulf Shores to get a book to read while I sit on the balcony overlooking the Gulf. I chose a biography on Clint Eastwood to read as I'm a fan. I have a feeling I'll be a bigger fan after I read the book. I've already found out that countless folks will walk up to him and act like they're drawing a gun and say, "go ahead punk...make my day." I'm sure he just loves that. I then dropped by a local music store...and had new strings put on my Epiphone guitar...then picked up my buddy Brent Burns and we headed to the Flora-Bama for the free lunch provided to all the songwriters here for the writers Festival. It's a great chance to see old friends and co-writers...and meet others I've admired who are also part of this great event. Thanks to all the volunteers who take such great care of us down here. LULU'S Then...at the last second...Brent Burns and I decided to do a set at Lulu's...the great club owned by Jimmy Buffet's sister during Brent's regular gig there on Monday nights. He's been there every Monday night now for almost 10 years...which is unreal to me. I've been coming down here myself now for so many years that I've become friends of a lot of his fans...and they are numerous...and from all over the country who come down here in the winter...or retire here. We both put a Facebook note out...and had a big crowd last night as we do what we always do....shared songs and ripped on each other for over an hour. SO much fun...and the audience was very kind and appreciative. I'm a co-writer on about 35 or so Brent Burns recordings through the years...so it's fun for me to sing some of those with him as well as some of my own songs. My thanks to everyone who came out last night...what a blast. I actually visited with a big table of folks who were there from Cincinnati where I worked in radio many years...and met my wife Kathy. We knew some of the same people...so it just made the night even more fun. I wish they had brought some Skyline Chili with them...but no! TODAY I have a 7:30 pm show tonight at Tin Top in Bon Secour with Bobby Tomberlin for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. Bobby wrote the great song "One More Day"...and also just landed a song on the Barbara Streisand duet project...a song she recorded with Blake Shelton. Bobby loves the old guard of country singers as I do. He did small market radio as a kid in Alabama...like I did in Missouri. We write some together...and have much in common. This will be a great show tonight I promise you...and the food there is awesome! Another tough day in the neighborhood Have a great day...and again...thanks to the Vets!

ON The Beach Pickin' and Grinnin'

BILL BLOG Monday November 10, 2014 Greetings from beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama...where the sun is shining on the blue water outside my condo window. NO BLOG There was no blog this past Friday because I was up early on the road down I-65 South for Gulf Shores for our annual beach stay here...and to play the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival which is in it's 30th year. Up and down the beach great songwriters are playing and sharing stories about their songs. It's a great event...and I don't know how many in a row I've done...but several. It's a great time of the year to be here. You get to hear some great music...and the weather ain't bad. Unlike Minneapolis where my sister Rita could be dealing with a FOOT of snow today. Geez. Time to move Sis! DIFFERENT The trip is off on a different note this year...as my wife Kathy had to go another direction unexpectedly for a funeral in Raleigh, North Carolina. My daughter Heather flew in from Miami to go with her Mom...and I'm grateful for that. So as I look at the sand and the water this morning...my thoughts are certainly with them and the tough couple of days ahead there. Can't wait for my wife to join me this weekend. THE SHOWS I've played two shows already since I've been here. The first was Saturday night at Gilbert's...new place...steak and seafood. It was the first solo show I've done in quite awhile and it turned out to be fun. I recognized several faces of folks that I see whenever I come down here and play with whomever I happen to be playing with. Thanks for coming out and keeping me company! And then last night I played a 9:30 pm set with Don McNatt and my great buddy and co-writer Brent Burns at the Flora-Bama main listening room that was also great fun. This is one of my favorite venues to play as the management demands that those in attendance be quiet. It's a theater experience in a roadhouse which is cool. That hour FLEW by last night. I have four more shows coming up. Tomorrow night at Tin Top with Bobby Tomberlin...and then Wednesday-Thursday-Friday shows with my "Hits and Grins" trio who will hole up with me here a the condo starting Wednesday. So a fun...and busy week ahead here at the Festival for sure. YOU CAN TELL YOU'RE ON THE GULF WHEN... You see dolphins in the water outside your condo window...or when you hear the Blue Angels coming. One of the nice freebies here...watching those guys fly by skirting over the water an mach speed. Over the weekend the Blue Angels were back to doing their show in Pensacola...after the pulled the plug on it for a bit...funding...government...that kind of thing. Over 160,000 folks showed up to watch the air show again. Terrific stuff I'm sure. There's a Blue Angel Elementary School...and tomorrow...it's take a Veteran to work today. Imagine how cool that is...when the kids take their Mom's and Dad who serve in a military town to school to show them off and applaud them. Love that. TODAY No gigs today...so a laundry list of beach things to do. I'm trying to figure out how to download music onto an mp3 player I bought so that I can stack a load of music for my Dad on it that he likes. I think I have compatibility issues...but I ain't a geek...so I'm out seeking help this morning. I'm sure the guy at Apple will say, "Ummm....did you turn the power on"? It's always something simple with technology when they show it to you. Outside of that...I'll be looking for a beach book to read at the local library, and change guitar strings before I sneak in and see my friend Brent Burns plays his regular Monday night gig for the tourists at the place Jimmy Buffet's sister owns...Lulu's. Tough day on the beach. Have a great Monday!

CMA Show...Show Tonight...Beach Tomorrow

BILL BLOG Thursday November 6, 2014 Sun is up...and dancing on the fall colors of the trees dotting Old Hickory Lake this morning outside my little blogging window. It's a reminder for me to look up every now and then from my keyboard. CMA AWARDS Here are some highlights. Blake and Miranda are comparing trophies in Oklahoma this morning. I thought Luke Bryan was a surprise for Entertainer even though he's had a huge year. The roll Miranda was on...I thought would carry over for that too. Loved Band Perry doing "Gentle On My Mind"....a piece of art written by the late John Hartford and a big hit for Glen Campbell who many of us are thinking about these days. How good is that song? The handwritten lyric sheet by John Hartford is in the Country Music Hall of Fame. The Vince Gill tribute was terrific. A talented talented man...and funny. His acceptance speech was classic Vince. I was glad to see "Follow Your Arrow" win Song of the Year for Kacey Musgraves. Nice to see something "different" be rewarded. And nice to see that bro-country got only one nod last night...that being Florida Georgia Line winning for duo. I think that trend is about to change...I hope. Brad and Carrie are very fun together as co-hosts. I have no idea who designed Little Big Town's dresses last night...but I have so got to get me one of those! Then of course there was the mix of the pop world into the CMA. Ratings...ratings. So we listened to Meghan Trainor duo "All About That Bass" with Miranda while Little Big Town sang with Ariana Grande. Steven Tyler showed up...looked like one of the boys in Band Perry. Here's what the "Pop" mix does. An MSN head-line this morning reads: "Ariana shines"...referring to the pop artist...and not mentioning that she was on a country awards show...and failed to mention she was singing with Little Big Town in headline. That print space could have been used to promote a country artist career. And so it goes. Overall...fun show...and I will admit I was singing along with the Doobies and Michael McDonald last night on "Taking It To The Streets." SOME GREAT CMA NEWS So...I'm watching the show last night...and sent a message to Cledus T. Judd. He's working on new album deal...and because I've been under the weather a bunch...I owed him a call. So...I was letting him know I would do that soon. I get back a note telling me a song we wrote (months ago) a parody of the Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines" song that featured some "twerking" from Miley Cyrus once...was being released as a digital single! I had no idea. But...our song is called "Luke Bryan"...and features Colt Ford. If you know the song "Blurred Lines"...you'll love this. Great job. I'm blessed to say that this is the 4th cut I've had by the funny guy. Available now on iTunes. TODAY I have a show tonight with "Evening In The Round"....that features Grammy winner Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself at the state college in Columbia, TN at their beautiful 500 seat theater that's been sold out for a couple of months. This will be fun! Linda and Lang I'm sure were proud of their daughter Hillary who sang "Hey Bartender" last night on the CMA show with Lady Antebellum....and then got to sing with the Doobie Brothers! We'll have much to talk about on the ride down and back. To those of you who bought your tickets early...thank you! See you tonight on stage. AND THEN...Packing today for the Gulf Shores. Part vacation part work. The Frank Brown Songwriters Festival starts today. I'm playing six times...with my first show this Saturday night. So an early start tomorrow morning...which means...NO BLOG tomorrow. Check my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com for all my gigs on the sand down south. Next one will be from the beach on Monday. Have a great Thursday...and a great upcoming weekend!

Diagnosed...and Gigs Ahead

BILL BLOG Wednesday November 5, 2014 Morning. Well...just lost my blog after putting the whole thing together. Geez. I have GOT t remember there is a SAVE option on my computer. So...here's the short of it. CMA Awards are tonight...I'll be commenting on my Facebook and Twitter pages...so follow along. There's always a lot of comedy. NON-COMEDY This leg I'm limping on...needs surgery according to the Doc I saw yesterday to repair the torn meniscus and cartilage. I found that out after filling out the 4 page yellow pages document of required info yesterday in the waiting room. Got to be a better system than that. They could have cured me by the time I finished repeating the same info over and over and over. I'll wait on the surgery thing. Headed to the beach this weekend and will use Gulf Shore sunsets and a cold Michelob Ultra as a pain killer. Then I'll get a second opinion when I get home. THE ELECTION We voted out a bunch of folks...again. 4 out of five years now. Two years from now we'll probably do the same. And so it goes. Voters in Michigan did vote for a new wolf hunting season. Since the football team stinks...more Michiganders would rather be in the woods I guess. Here in Nashville we finally voted to allow wine sales in grocery stores. Nice to be able to pick up a red with graham crackers 20 months from now. I do wish they would offer a "Maybe" option on Yes and No votes. I'd check that one a lot. So...yank the yard signs out please...we move on. AHEAD My first gig at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival will be this Saturday night in Gulf Shores. I play six times in all so far. Five of those shows are with other writers and my "Hits and Grins" trio. But Saturday night is just me and the guitar. I don't do solo shows a lot anymore...so this one will be interesting. Check my website calendar for the dates. TOMORROW NIGHT I'm in Columbia, TN at the college theater there with Linda Davis and Lang Scott...my "Evening In The Round" trio. We'll get this show in...then Linda will head out on her Christmas Tour with Kenny Rogers...and I'll head for Gulf Shores. It's a 500 seat theater that's sold out tomorrow night...so all of us are looking forward to this one for sure. TODAY Off to write with Max T. Barnes for the first time along with Steve Dean. Max has a string of hits to his credit...and his father...Max D. Barnes is a Hall of Famer with an incredible long list of hits for almost every country singer you can name. "Who's Gonna Fill Those Shoes" by George Jones, "Chiseled In Stone" for Vern Gosdin to name a few. Max T. Barnes wrote the great song for Colin Raye, "Love Me"...to name one. I'm hoping the same kind of magic is in the room for us today. Have a great Wednesday.

CMA Week

BILL BLOG November 4, 2014 It's like a fall postcard these mornings driving down our two lane road. Almost like driving into a watercolor painting. LIMPING ALONG So...torn miniscus....that's one of the things wrong with my right leg as I continue to limp along. Arthoscopic surgery is the recommendation this morning...but we'll see. I've got a beach to be on til the end of the week...so when we get home I'll deal with that and get a second opinion. Lots of folks got it lots worse than yours truly. LATE The Blog is late this morning...my apologies. My website server for this blog was down early this morning...so just getting to it. SOME GOOD NEWS My Canadian friends Chad Oliver and Ian Cameron who have a band called "Ruckus Deluxe" just cut three songs that I helped them write on their brand new album. The guys live in Whistler, Canada...a beautiful spot in the world...and play all over the place up there. I'm looking for my copy of the album in the mail today or tomorrow. Chad used to be a member of one of the big Cirque De Soleil shows...Ian is a talented writer/singer and fiddle player. Thanks to the boys for cutting these tunes! IN TOWN CMA Week going full tilt boogie right now. CMA Awards Show tomorrow night on ABC. How popular is the show? Tickets cost over $1,000 for front rows in the secondary market...and it will cost you a good 400-500 bucks for a decent seat period. The tickets jumped 28% in one year! Wow. Good to be a hillbilly singer these days...or better yet...a scalper. Cheapest seats are in the range of $244 for nose bleeds at the Bridgestone Arena where it will be held. It pays to know somebody if ya wanna go cheap. ASCAP AWARD My PRO writing organization ASCAP held their awards show last night. Alan Jackson and Craig Wiseman won the big Heritage Awards. Ashley Gorley was named writer of the year. All deserve it for sure. Google their body of work and you'll be impressed for sure. And no-one has been played on radio more than Alan over the past what...20-30 years on radio? It would be nice to hear him a bit more these days. TODAY Catching up before a writing appointment tomorrow...a gig on Thursday...and then the beach trip on Friday. Getting crazy busy. Have a great Tuesday.

Limping Along and CMA Week

BILL BLOG November 3, 2014 Halloween be gone...turkey ahead...and the Christmas ads are everywhere. Good grief. THE WEEKEND Some good news...I'm back to driving again...even with the bad leg. It's getting better on it's own...at least some. I'll take it. We went from X-Ray to MRI to Ortho today. MRI was a noisy thing. Sounds like a jack hammer...which is why they give you headphones. I tried to nap...but woke up a tad confused and did a radio break...."you're listening to 650 AM WSM...home of the Grand Ole Opry." MRI results? Slight meniscus tear and moderate cartilage damage. I'm hoping rehab will do the trick...and will know later today. But..I've gained more movement in it...and the best news is...enough to feel safe to drive again which is a great thing. It did force me to cancel filling in for Eddie Stubbs tonight on WSM...so my thanks to Jonathan Shaffer for taking care of that. It's an extremely busy week ahead of me with songwriting appointments....a gig in Columbia, TN on Thursday night...and then a trip to the beach on Friday. Gonna need a good leg for sure. HALLOWEEN NIGHT My thanks again to Puckett's Grocery downtown for having our "Hits and Grins" trio in the house for Halloween night. Lots of costumes....and a huge bridal party that was in from San Francisco that sat right in front of the stage for the better part of the night. It was a loosey-goosey kind of evening with folks wandering out early because of Halloween...so it gave us a chance to do a lot of songs we don't normally do. That's always fun. Some of those may pop out during our gig at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival when the trio plays November 12, 13 and 14...and possibly November 15. To find out where we are...as always...just go to my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com CMA WEEK All the country media have hit town as CMA week has broken out. The awards show is Wednesday night on ABC hosted by Brad Paisley and a now pregnant Carrie Underwood. Brad may be pregnant too...we'll have to see if there's a tell-tale baby bump when we watch. For the past several years I've give a running commentary on my Facebook and Twitter pages. Smart aleck hopefully funny comments as the show unfolds. There's lots to draw from for sure. Follow along Wednesday night if you'd like. The comments are made in "real time"....so they may not make sense...at least not all of them... if you read them a day later. So do what I do...keep you apps open and follow along. VOTE Yes...I did vote. I voted Blake and Miranda in a couple of the bigger categories...but the one I'm really rooting for Wednesday night is the "newcomer" award....hoping it goes to Brandy Clark. Odds are probably long...but in my ears...her album "12 Stories" is a masterpiece...and my favorite album of the year. Good luck to all. FROM A DISTANCE I will say I enjoy watching the CMA's on my couch...instead of working the show like I did forever. I've worked the red carpet on TV a couple of times...did years of radio shows interviewing all the stars...written about it...attended several...was even there one year when they called my name and got to take home a CMA Award myself. So if you're in the biz....yes...it's a big deal. I've got old radio buddies in town already calling wanting to get together. Hoping I can find a minute to maybe see a couple of those folks. GREAT WORDS FROM DOLLY Yes...Dolly Parton. She once said, "Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life." And this from one of the busiest women on the planet. Good advice though. I'm trying to remind myself to do just that more and more these days. TODAY Pre-packing and planning for the trip that's coming up this weekend. I need a bigger suitcase. Have a great Monday.

Halloween Show Tonight

BILL BLOG Friday October 31, 2014 Morning...bit nippy in Twang Town....51 degrees at 6 am this morning. YESTERDAY Days are a bit weird these past few days as I continue to nurse this leg injury and not being able to drive yet. Pretty sure by now I've driven my wife crazy with requests. She's taking our daughter Heather to the airport early this morning to catch her flight to her home base in Miami...where later tonight she's off to Brazil. Safe flight kiddo. Always grateful as a parent to have our kids home for a couple or three days aren't we? I've been forced to cancel everything on my books because of the leg which takes some adjustment on my part. A week worth of songwriting appointments...WSM...you name it. All down the calendar drain. Sigh. Today we get an MRI...and then we can move forward figuring out what needs to be done so I can stop limping like a peg leg pirate. Although...that's a great look today considering it's....Halloween! GHOULS I am going to play a gig tonight...9 pm at Puckett's...downtown Nashville if I can limp up on the stage. That should be interesting. I'll give you a full costume report come Monday morning. I really should don a pirate hat tonight along with the guitar. "Buco-Bill" if you will matey. (I have to stop with this pirate thing. My wife threw a pan at me for saying "argh" one too many times yesterday) As a general rule though...I'm not a Halloween guy. Never have been. Folks spend thousands and thousands of dollars on costumes and parties and decorating their houses...and watching scary movies. Just not my favorite holiday. I'll take Christmas...and Thanksgiving....10-1. Heck...I think I even favor Arbor Day over Hallowen. We live up a pretty steep hill...where we have not had one trick or treater that I can remember in all the years we've lived here. So...I've got 10 years worth of candy corn and Snickers bites stacked up at the door just in case this is the year. Sure...they're stale...but it's the thought that counts. I've been an actor in a Haunted House...jumping out screaming (weird)...I've picked pumpkins out of a patch with my daughter for years and rode on the wagon to the field that ended with a glass of apple cider (the ONLY time I drink the stuff) and I do LOVE the Haunted Mansion at Disney World. That's about it for me and Halloween. So...happy Halloween to all...and bring on Santa. TODAY Keeping the leg up before the MRI...then gearing up for our "Hits and Grins" show at Puckett's downtown. Perhaps I'll see some of you there. I'll be the one singing the Halloween smash hit...."The Monster Mash Potatoes." Have a great weekend.

Leg Up...and Concerts Ahead

BILL BLOG Thursday October 30, 2014 Halloween Eve...time to carve a smiley face into a can of pumpkin pie filling and set it on the porch. YESTERDAY X-Ray...on the leg...hobbling. Waiting on the results...or...and MRI to give us the news as to what's going on. Life is moving a little slower with the injury...in fact a lot slower. Still no driving as of yet...so kind of confined to the house. I did get some good drugs yesterday...a knee brace...so I'm scooting around the house at the speed of snail. One day at a time right now. WORLD SERIES For a baseball fan...great World Series. That Bumgarner dude can pitch a little...and made the difference. Congrats to my pal Doug Henry...bullpen coach for the Royals (who once pitched for the Giants)...for the GREAT run his team had. The Royals bullpen had much to do with their run this year...so Doug should get some of the credit I would think. It was fun to see the pictures he posted of he and the family who soaked it all up allowing some of us to take the ride with our friends from a long distance. Can't wait for Spring Training! PUT THE ATTENTION ON ME! That's what the dude behind home plate was going after. If you watched the Series...you could not miss the idiot wearing a Miami Marlins orange jersey at every game. I can not imagine what he spent on those tickets to sit right behind home...at both KC and Frisco just to what? Be seen? Amazing. I wonder if he has to change into another team's uniform when he goes to a Miami Marlins game to be noticed? WHAT I MISSED What I missed last night was seeing an acoustic performance that CMT taped for invitees only of an acoustic show with Lee Ann Womack. I'm a big fan of her music. I personally think she may be the best COUNTRY girl singer we have. Her new fiddle/dobro/mando/guitar player is Zach Renquist who I wrote with recently along with my cowboy pal Paul Bogart. Zach was nice enough (knowing I'm a fan) to invite Paul and me to the taping. The bum leg kept me in the house unfortunately...and I'm sure the show was spectacular. Just wanted to say "thanks" for the thought and the invite. I was certainly there in spirit. AHEAD I have a show with Linda Davis and Lang Scott a week from tonight at the college auditorium in Columbia, Tennessee...our "Evening In The Round" show. The 500 seat theater has been sold out for a month...so this is going to be fun for sure. The day after...next Friday...I head to Gulf Shores for our beach stay at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival that runs two weeks. I'm playing 7 or 8 times..4 of those the second week with "Hits and Grins." Check my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com...or the festival's website for more details. TODAY Our daughter Heather is home one more day before returning to Miami for her job with American Airlines which will take her to South America Halloween night. So...we'll get to spend a little more time with her before she lifts off early tomorrow morning. I've got a little writing to do...but it's a mostly "leg-up" healing kind of day again. Have a great day yourself.

Game 7....Uke Singing...And Hanes

BILL BLOG Wednesday October 29, 2014 Welcome from "Hop-A-Long" Whyte this morning. YESTERDAY So for now...my right leg is barking at me...and I'm pretty much moving like Chester from the old "Gunsmoke" series for those old enough to remember Matt Dillon's limping deputy. I'm still amazed at how much one can hurt themselves just doing something normal like....walking! So...teed up for X-Rays and probably and MRI today and tomorrow to find out what we do...therapy...surgery...rehab...whatever. It's one of those things that make you take stock in your health. I bought my wife a walking stick a few years ago when we were both doing a lot of walking. We've dug that out...and it now looks like I'm hiking a trail from the kitchen to my computer room in the house. I've learned a new sort of shuffle-walk-with-a -stick kind of movement that I may film as a new "dance" and put up on You Tube to see if I can't get on the "Ellen" Show and create a viral hit. Sigh. GAME 7 I was glad to have a World Series game on last night to take my mind off the leg that was elevated in front of me and the big screen. Woo Hoo! A game 7 tonight in KC. I've never seen a game 7 World Series...it's going to be an awesome place to be tonight...in the stadium...as my friend Doug Henry and his wife Monique know. So happy for my friend and bullpen coach for the Royals. What a ride. I have been in stadium for a game 1 and game 2 World Series...back in Cincinnati when the Reds went on to sweep the highly favored Oakland A's with Canseco and McGuire. Barry Larkin, Chris Sabo, The Nasty Boys...Eric Davis....gotta say...Riverfront Stadium was an electric place to be. It will be exciting on the couch here tonight too...with the leg elevated again. As long as I don't get too excited and jump up if the Royals get the lead...I should be fine. THE DAUGHTER Also happy to have my daughter Heather home for a couple more days between her American Airline flights. She went from Puerto Rico to her home base of Miami and jumped a plane to come home...so we're grateful. She will leave here and work another flight to Brazil when she gets back at the end of the week. AND...it gives me someone else to wait on me while I milk this injury for all it's worth! ONE OF THOSE MOMENT Heather has self taught herself how to play the ukelele...extremely well. It's small...she carries it on her flights with her and when she's in the mood...she'll write songs with it. Her musical ability dwarfs mine...not even close. Yesterday she played me a new song she's written that I love...so we learned it together. Daughter on uke...Dad on guitar. Those are the special moments parents live for. I'm hoping we'll have a chance to play the song out somewhere sometime. RING OF NAKED Johnny Cash's son (John Carter Cash) was found stripping down to his underwear at a Canadian airport on Monday. You'll find this hard to believe. Alcohol may have been involved. Ya think? If you ever see me in an airport in my tightie-whities....you'll know it's one of two things. Either I'm drunk...or I just want folks to see how great I look in my Hanes. So...before you rush to a conclusion...make sure you know which it is before you let them handcuff me and drag me off to jail. THEM AND US Kim Kardashian has loaned her name to some gaming company. The game took off. Her share will be 85 million bucks. I said "buck"...not "butts." Being famous for just being famous is a lucrative business. Maybe if I DO run in airports in my underwear...I can get famous too? TODAY I had to cancel my writing appointment for the ole X-Ray-MRI deal. I could not get my co-writer to bring her guitar to the MRI center for some reason. And so it goes. Have a great Wednesday!