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Bill Whyte / Blog

The Weekend

BILL BLOG Friday March 27, 2014 And the weekend do be here. YESTERDAY I was on air for WSM as a last second fill in from 10-3. You never know what you'll walk into when you walk into those historic studios inside the Opryland Hotel. My friend Bill Cody and his partner Charlie Mattos do the morning show there...and they had noted Texas artist Robert Earl Keen in studio with a full band playing songs off "live" off a new bluegrass CD Robert Earl has recorded. I walked into a hootenanny. Last and only other time I had met Robert Earl was at Billy Dean's 40th birthday party a few years ago at Billy's rustic house off Center Hill Lake on Tennessee evening when rain moved in and lighting painted a picture outside the massive windows of the place...while inside guests were treated to Billy, and Richard Leigh and Robert Earl Keen singing...along with others. Robert Earl has one of my all time favorite funny Christmas songs..."Merry Christmas From The Family" ...while Richard wrote "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" for Crystal Gayle...and this wonderful gem...with a great back story on how it was written. So..it was a great way to start a Thursday morning in Music City for sure. TIP UP Yep...I did watch some of the Sweet 16 last night. The games pretty much went as expected...and Kentucky put up a huge statement last night crushing West Virginia after some of the experts thought Bob Huggins and West Virginia might make it interesting with their suffocating defense...me included. Wrong! One of the West Virginia players put his brains out to lunch by saying to the press...something to the effect that Kentucky's run was over and their first loss was on the way. Why players do that...fire up the opposition...is beyond me. Somewhere in West Virginia...they are passing the salt shaker so that kid can better digest the words he's eating now. SPRING DELAYED Well...best laid plans. I was going to have the lawn cut for the first time...then the temps decided to drop down to 33 last night...and 29 tonight! No grass should be mowed when it's cold. And in Tennessee...I think the law is you are required to mow your lawns without a shirt on...and it's just tooo chilly for any of that to be going on right now. Patience. A LITTLE LATE My daughter flies...so yes...every single time there's a plane incident..it resonates. In the wake of the latest disaster foreign airlines look to adopting the US rule which is that two crew members must be in the cockpit at all times. Yes...it can be an airline attendant like my daughter. I'm guessing even the US Airlines will now review their own rules to make sure there's not an even better plan to prevent a tragedy like the one that's just happened. Don't waste a lot of your time trying to figure out why someone is capable of doing what that guy did. You won't come up with one. THANKS To all who sent Happy Birthday wishes yesterday. Me and Kenny Chesney are another year older...pretty sure Kenny is still younger. I got cake and ice cream with my wife and daughter...pretty good celebration in my book. Short blog this morning...I have an early morning thing to get to...so more on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Tin Pan Show Last Night

BILL BLOG Wednesday March 25, 2015 Pretty sure the shorts are coming off the top shelf today. Warning...pale leg alert. YESTERDAY Started with a get together early in the afternoon with my "Hits and Grins" trio of Steve Dean and Victoria Venier. Most of the time yesterday was spent on looking at the schedule late this year that will take us to California, Wyoming, Washington State, New Mexico, North Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas, Georgia and other places I'm forgetting. We have some open dates that we'll be trying to fill for tie in dates...especially out west. So...if you know of anyone wanting to book a trio late this year in California...Washington...Wyoming...Oregon or Idaho...holler! Three or four of those "Hits and Grins" dates will also include us doing workshops with students...so yep...we can do that too. AND THEN... I got home...switched hats and put on my "Evening In The Round" baseball cap for my Tin Pan South Show at Douglas Corner with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and our guest...hit songwriter Kenny Beard. Kenny has had a ton of success as a number one hit writer...producer...singer...you name it..and yet remains a humble man in his bib overalls. He does not do a lot of shows anymore...so we were tickled that he would join our set...which was such FUN last night. And of course...Kenny brought down the house with "Where The Stars and Stripes And The Eagle Flies" that he co-wrote for Aaron Tippin. Kenny went to the Air Force Academy...much like my brother Gary and sister in law Kay's son Chris did at one time. Kenny was the lead singer in the Air Force Band which was also cool. He was singing country songs with them...while serving our country. Interesting man. These days Kenny is producing Trace Adkins and a couple of young groups who are terrific. And I'm not sure what was more fun...having Kenny in the round with us...or sharing stories with him at the Waffle House after the show was over. I'm yawning now...but short sleep was worth it for those stories about the music business and his interesting life. We'll do this again I'm sure. AND THANKS TO Some of my friends who caught the show. Paul Bogart and Zach Runquist both came...Zach having some time off the road right now with Lee Ann Womack...Paul back out west on the road this weekend. And Becky Blackaby...my friend...and new mom from Missouri snuck in too. We get together to write in a few hours. Always great to have friends out front. HIGHLIGHT Outside of Kenny raising the roof with is patriotic song last night...Linda started singing her Grammy hit "Does He Love You" that she recorded with Reba when we found a woman singing behind Kenny who was BELTING out Reba's part. Linda reads a crowd with the best of them...and pretty soon...a "live" microphone went out to her...and the two of them went Linda-Reba on the thing and it was awesome! This is why I love doing these kinds of shows...ya never know what will happen...as we have no official set list ever...and often times...we walk away with lasting memories. Fun. CANDLES While we were playing at Douglas Corner last night...just a few miles away...downtown at the Ryman Auditorium...the Grand Ole Opry celebrated it's 90th birthday. Amazing. It's a shame that Little Jimmy Dickens missed that one. His pal Brad Paisley was there though...and mentioned Jimmy which was cool. 90 years! Here's to another 90. TODAY I think our lawn will have to be mowed today...or asphalted. I'm pricing both right now. While that's going on...I'll be on Music Row writing with my friend I mentioned earlier in from the Show Me State. Have a great Hump Day!

Tin Pan Show Tonight

BILL BLOG Tuesday March 24, 2015 Mid 70's in Tennessee today. I'd take my shirt off an go outside...but there's still no big demand for that. YESTERDAY I was on Music Row for a late writing appointment with Paul Bogart and Zach Runquist. Zach has a little time off right now from the road and his great gig with Lee Ann Womack...same for my cowboy friend Paul who hits the road with his band this weekend. Good guys...and we got a start on a cool song. Zach also does leather works...AMAZING leather work...guitar straps...belts..you name it. He recently customized a guitar strap for Miranda Lambert that she loves. He was telling me when he works out in his leather shop that WSM is always on his radio...and that he was working and listening to me when I was on air last week. His passion for the radio station was evident. I get it. That's the station I listened to long distance in Missouri as a kid. Coming out of night clubs...I hit the button for 650 AM WSM...home of the Grand Ole Opry. I listened to Ralph Emery many many nights driving home from a gig. Or heard Marty Robbins make the Opry run late because he would sing so long closing out the Opry. And I listened many nights to the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree that took place at that time at the small record shop down on lower Broadway. And now I work at that radio station with all that history...weird. It was a reminder to me how much people LOVE that radio station...and how so many folks place value on the radio guys there. When you do something long enough...anything...you kind of don't think what you do is not a big deal. And you get pretty good at what you do too if you do something long enough. If you don't...you probably chose the wrong profession. So it was a reminder to me to cherish even more the hours I get to spend on air at WSM. It's just odd seeing big stars and writers and noted others talk passionately about something you do...while I'm envious of what they do. TONIGHT The cool thing for me is that both Paul and his wife...and Zach are planning on being in the audience tonight for my Tin Pan South show tonight at Douglas Corner at 9 pm. The Songwriting Festival kicks off officially for the entire week...thrilled to be a part of it. Linda Davis, Lang Scott and Kenny Beard will be on stage tonight...and I get to join them. If you want to get in...I highly suggest you line up at the door EARLY to have any shot at getting individual tickets. The passes are long sold out...and that's the only way to get in. Pretty sure we'll need a shoehorn to squeeze folks in tonight as Linda RARELY plays in town. For those who don't know Kenny Beard...the guy has had SEVEN number one songs in his lifetime. And he once said he has been, "Beaten upon the head by grace, and what a beautiful headache that is." Love that. Gonna be fun tonight. SPEAKING OF LINDA My road schedule continues to grow into an enormous beast. Here's my Calendar that you can peek at. I just added dates officially in Lubbock and Midland, Texas on a long tour with Lang and Linda in July. Yea...Texas in July! I'm hoping Texas has legalized air conditioning. There's also a date in Janesville, Wisconsin confirmed for May of 2016 for our "Evening In The Round" trio too. Good grief. Gonna need a big suitcase. TODAY It's "Hits and Grins" Tuesday...so I'll get together with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier to work on whatever needs working on today for the trio. Then tonight at 9 pm...I hope to see some of you at Douglas Corner for my Tin Pan South show. Have a great Tuesday!

The Gatlinburg Weekend

BILL BLOG Monday March 23, 2015 Back home from Gatlinburg. THE WEEKEND I spent a great weekend in the Smoky Mountains writing songs with a group of 9 or ten writers in one room...not once...but twice. I was paired up with Jerry Salley this weekend...who's had maybe 400 songs of his recorded through the years. (Yes...I officially despise him) The Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival folks put this weekend together...in particular...my friend Cyndy Montgomery Reeves. Cyndy invited me as the first official invite for writers to play their festival...so I always consider that an honor. So...Jerry and myself were in a room Friday night writing a song with those folks I mentioned...while my other good friends Wil Nance and Steve Dean were upstairs in a room at the Gatlinburg Inn where the song "Rocky Top" was written. We flipped rooms on Saturday morning. So in all...four songs were written in two days with folks who love the art of songwriting and wanted to learn more about it. The group had to choose between writing a song about Gatlinburg...or moonshine. We chose moonshine...and it was on. The first night's song turned into a wonderful love song about moon shine (from above) as opposed to moonshine you drink. The Saturday morning song we wrote in the "Rocky Top" room was born out of a great idea that came from one of the camp writers...Nita Graves... that I won't give away...but this one is about the moonshine they sell on the streets of Gatlinburg legally these day. Turned out awesome! Thank you group...and Nita. GREAT FOLKS I made some great new friends. Some of those folks drove from North Carolina and hundreds of miles to be in one of our writing groups. There were folks who have big jobs and do this part time because they love. Retired folks....one gentleman was a speech writer for Senator Howard Baker for crying out loud. And then there were the free spirits...folks who try to write a lot...and do a little gigs and move around the country playing their tunes. THE SHOW Saturday night...Wil, Steve, Jerry and myself...played a musical round at a place called "Three Jimmy's" in Gatlinburg. Great place...and three generations of "Jimmy's" own and run the place...we met all three which was also cool. During our musical set...we played a lot of our songs...BUT...we also played the new songs we had written with the classes...and most of them were out front in the audience. I can't tell you what a cool moment that was...and what it must have meant to some of them. The four songs were ALL great. And I would not be the least bit surprised if one or more of the songs found a home somewhere...they are that good. So...combine all of that with some great food...and the mountain scenery we were in...and you can see what a fun weekend I had. My thanks to all the writers and Cyndy for allowing me to be a part of it. Don't forget...the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival will be in August...makes some vacation plans and join us. All in the info is at smswf.com TODAY I've got a "Spring" parody song on my table to write for my folks in New York. Yep...it's officially here...and our lawn is yelling "mow me!"...so I have to take care of that. This afternoon I'm back on Music Row writing a new tune with my friend Paul Bogart and Zach Runquist who is out on the road playing for Lee Ann Womack. (Zach is playing the fiddle in the above video) Glad he has some time to write with me and Paul today. Full day...full heart...hope your day is that good too. Have a great Monday!

Tin Pan Next Week...Gatlinburg This Weekend

BILL BLOG Friday March 20, 2015 Another bag in the hall...another road trip. Leaving later this morning for the Smokies. YESTERDAY Another day of writing on Music Row. This time around I got together with Paul Bogart and Steve Dean at Sony. I'm always amazed how differently songs are hatched. Sometimes a writer lays down a cool music groove...sometimes it comes out of conversation...other times a writer will have a really great title. Yesterday as the three of us pondered...Paul brought up a song title he says he hit us with before and we passed on. This time we wrote it...and I'm glad we did. Turned out great. AND THEN... I picked up my credentials for the Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival that starts Tuesday night here in Nashville. It's a who's who of songwriters playing in several venues in the city. I have the pleasure of playing the first night at Douglas Corner with my friends Linda Davis, Lang Scott and Kenny Beard. Here's one SONG Kenny wrote. Our show is 9 pm...come on...but come early to get a ticket to get in. More info at tinpansouth.com AND THEN... I filled in one more time for Mike Terry at 650 AM WSM radio...right in the lobby of the monstrous Opryland Hotel. Lot of tourists pressing their noses...and other parts of their anatomy up against the studio window. I hope the cleaning staff doesn't run out of Windex. Always fun to be on air for the home of the Grand Ole Opry. Sooo....full day...but a good one for sure. WATER WATER I'M hearing that our company...Gaylord...may be building a big water park...partly indoors...partly outdoors for guests only. Wave pool...little surfing area...slides etc. The park will be connected to the hotel...which is close to the Opry. Be nice if they build one of those lazy rivers where guests can lean back in a tire tube and float from the hotel and through the Opry House while the Opry was going on. Change things up a bit...c'mon! YODEL FOR ME Happy Birthday to Ranger Doug who turns 69 today...he with the Riders In The Sky...and The Time Jumpers Band who play every Monday night in Nashville. I love cowboy music...and I love to Ranger Doug sing. The used to come to Cincinnati when I was there (Riders In The Sky) and record a radio show at one of our historic theaters downtown. It was old school. "Live" audience..special guest stars...and an old cowboy script complete with an old sound effect guy that you could watch when he turned two half coconut shells into horse hoof sounds. Magic stuff. Doug and Woody Paul and Too Slim were kind enough to allow me to walk out on stage in Milwaukee one time to sing "Cool Water" with them. What a thrill. Now...if I could just get Doug to teach me to yodel! Happy birthday Doug. TODAY Off to Gatlinburg in a few minutes. It's going to be fun writing with some talented writers over there. We are doing this at the old historic Gatlinburg Inn...right in the middle of town. In one of the room...Felice and Boudeleaux Bryant wrote "Rocky Top". You can peek in the room that's been preserved and looks the same as it did the day the husband and wife tame penned that classic song. Here's hoping they rub off on the writers this weekend. This entire weekend was put together by the folks who run the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival held every August in Gatlinburg. They've only been doing the festival 4 years or so...and already it's become one of my favorites. Check your August Calendar...think about spending a couple of days in the Smokies and hear some great songwriters...try the moonshine that's legally sold...hit a fudge shop...hike the beautiful trails in the park. August...plan ahead. Gotta run...have a great weekend!

Radio Today...Smokies Tomorrow

BILL BLOG Thursday March 19, 2015 Good morning from Music City...good EARLY morning. Sun is not up yet and I'm already pondering things like...is it really true that one can not roller skate in a "Buffalo Herd" as Roger Miller once surmised in this SONG. YESTERDAY I teamed up with songwriters Victoria Venier and Paul Bogart at the Sony Music Firehouse on Music Row...a low...old brick building just off the main Sony building that tourists see when they take their Music Row tours. This one kind of goes unnoticed...a bit more discreet...but there's a ton of history as a who's who of folks have written some monster hits in this little building. Kris Kristofferson...Guy Clark...Bobby Braddock...Bill Anderson...the list is long and impressive. And there the three of us were having fun and trying to come up with something that does the ghosts proud. AND THEN I had a little get together with the President of the Nashville Songwriters Association Bart Herbison...and got updated on the effort that's consistently going on in Washington DC to educate congressmen and women about the plight of songwriters these days in a digital download world that's making it almost impossible to make a full time living doing that. Bart makes regular trips to Capitol Hill in an effort to come up with a better plan of payment for writers from those that stream the music in particular. He takes some of Nashville's songwriters with him on these trips...and they are able to walk into a congress man or woman's office and play their hits. Sometimes they'll get a "I LOVE that song". Like a lot of folks do. At that point...the writer can show the congressmen a statement from Pandora...or a digital streaming service and show them that the song they LOVE got two million streams on the internet...and then show them the check they received for 20 or 30 dollars. The education goes on...and I certainly applaud the effort...and would certainly make one of the trips to DC if asked. We'll see. CALENDAR ADDITIONS At least a couple of new things have been added. There's now a date in Wyoming for 'Hits and Grins" on a tour that starts in September later this year for me and Steve Dean and Victoria Venier. Love Wyoming...so I was glad to get the note telling me to put it on the calendar. This weekend...I'm working with some writers in Gatlinburg, TN along with writer Jerry Salley. Saturday night we'll be playing a show at Three Jimmy's alongside Wil Nance and Steve Dean who are also along on this trip to write and teach some folks who signed up for the two day workshops in the Smokies. The gig at Three Jimmy's is open to the public...we start playing at 6 pm. TODAY A full day for sure. It starts this morning with a writing session with Paul Bogart and Steve Dean....and ends with me being on WSM radio from 3-7 pm. Listen in if you like at wsmonline.com I'll be talking on the microphone...but looking to my left a lot at the TV that will have the basketball games on today. KY plays this evening...I think I heard they are favored by 33? That might be conservative. Then...it's time to pack a bag (gonna see if I can get my wife Kathy in it)...as I head for Gatlinburg tomorrow for two day of writing and a show Saturday night. Gonna be fun. More on that in tomorrow's blog. Have a great Thursday!

More Than A Movie

BILL BLOG Wednesday March 18, 2015 Okay...everybody put their green clothes away for another year...and get back to work. YESTERDAY Nope...did not watch a parade or drink beer...or even have a corned beef sandwich. I figure I celebrate St. Pats early every year when I make a run over to Pensacola during our Gulf Coast stays and have that corned beef at McGuire's. Great Irish place if you're ever near. BIPPITY So yesterday I went to the movie theater with my wife and daughter to see the new Cinderella movie. I know...but I'm a Dad...and it gave me quality time with my girls. I moved an appointment on my calendar to make it happen...and it was certainly worth it. The movie itself was really great if you're into Disney and the classics. And the young lady they picked to play Cinderella....well....let's just say they should bonus the casting director for choosing Lily James who was perfect. I'd not noticed her before...she's in the critically acclaimed "Downton Abbey" that I've not seen. But she really owns the role here in Cinderella. Two thumbs up from a Dad. MARCH MADNESS Part of my Tuesday was spent writing a parody song for my folks in New York about March Madness...and the brackets that we all fill out...and most of us tear up after one day of play. I think I came in second once in an office pool. The boss actually won...so I still think the "fix" was in. I'll never know. I just do not see anyone beating KY this year. It's not like someone can sneak up on them either because they are pumped to go "unbeaten" for the entire year. I like Wisconsin a lot...and I'll root for our tiny Belmont team who goes up against Virginia this Friday. But...I just would not bet a lot of dollars against Kentucky. A better bet might be guessing how many times the camera will freeze on Ashley Judd. LEE ANN WOMACK I'm a big fan of hers...love her music. And a co-writer of mine plays in her band out on the road these days. She may be the best pure country female vocalist today. In an article today she talked about how saddened she is by so many who interview her who would prefer to talk about her wardrobe or makeup or her workout routine as opposed to talking about her music. Yep...I get that Lee Ann. But take it from a dude who's been on the other side of the microphone interviewing thousands through the years...the commercial audience...those listening...want to be entertained. And these days...they find the "light" talk more interesting than knowing where you found a great song or anything about the producer or nuts and bolts of a new album. As an interviewer...who lives on both sides as a radio guy and songwriter/performer...I always try to provide balance. Give the audience what they need...while inserting what the artist needs...all within the same interview. But...I can also tell you...that if the interview of 10 or 15 minutes is taped...a producer of that morning radio show will take it and chop it down to a couple or three minutes...and guess what info gets edited out the most? I'd rather talk about the music too...but it ain't my choice...or the choice of radio guys trying to acquire ratings to keep their jobs. TODAY Off to a writing appointment on Music Row with Victoria Venier from my "Hits and Grins" trio...and my buddy Paul Bogart. It will be the first time the three of us have written together. Paul and Victoria are both into horses big time. I bet horses once in a while...and I've dropped a quarter to ride the Wal Mart beast....but that's about it. I may be the outsider in this venture today. Tomorrow I'll be on air for WSM from 3-7 pm...and then Friday morning it's off to Gatlinburg to participate in a writing clinic over there. Busy days...and more on those events in tomorrow's blog. Have a great Wednesday.

Got Your Green On?

BILL BLOG Tuesday March 17, 2015 Happy Corned Beef and Cabbage Day! Wear something green or get pinched. I'm not going to wear green...simply because I loved being pinched. I'm seeking help for that. YESTERDAY I had a double-header here in Music City. I wrote in the morning with former Coloradoan Gary Cavanaugh....who's another one of those guys who always wanted to be a songwriter....got caught up teaching...and when he got older...chucked it all and came to Nashville to starve as a writer. But...he's always got a smile on his face and loves the craft...so good for those who live without regret...even if it is later in life. Gary brought a cool idea about the history of country music and those who have gone before us...which I know a little about...so we had a good time turning a thought into something you can sing. Fun half day. RADIO AND THEN...It was on to the radio station from 3-7 pm on the home of the Grand Ole Opry...650 AM WSM. If you listened in worldwide on wsmonline.com...thanks! I filled in for the regular afternoon guy Mike Terry who's over in Hawaii with his wife hosting some WSM listeners on a trip. I know...tough work huh? So...doing the fill in thing for him...and will again this Thursday afternoon from 3-7. SPEAKING OF THE OPRY It's hard to believe that the Opry is 90 years old this month! 90 years of live broadcasts on WSM radio. As a kid growing up in Missouri...I'd pull in 650 on the AM radio and listen to the great stars sing their songs. Or listen to Minnie Pearl shout her "howdy" and then have fun with her sidekick Rod Brassfield telling jokes and making us laugh. It's cooler than I can tell you to work in a small capacity for a radio station that has so much history that surrounds it. Happy Birthday Opry. UNUSUAL CELEBRATIONS Bret Eldredge is a young country star who is about to celebrate a third number one record. He likes to to something daring to celebrate each number one. First one...he went skydiving. Second one...dove with the sharks. The third one coming up...he'll play naked badminton with a porcupine as the shuttlecock. Okay...probably not. But I just wanted to put the words porcupine and shuttlecock in one sentence. GROWING Another Nashville growth sign. A big fortune cookie company will open a factory here....Wonton. 70 folks will be hired. With all the great writers in this town...those little fortunes you read coming out of the cookie could become a lot more creative. And...they'll probably start rhyming. TODAY It's our weekly "Hits and Grins" get together. Today...Victoria Venier...Steve Dean and myself may write a short Irish limerick type song and put it on video then upload it to our Facebook page. To find out..."friend" our "Hits and Grins" Facebook page...and follow us like a stealthy drone on our Twitter page. We'd love to have ya. Happy St. Pats.

Unplugged Dude...and Busy Week Ahead

BILL BLOG Monday March 16, 2015 My NCAA brackets are already shot...and they haven't started play yet. THE WEEKEND Rain through Saturday...and then yesterday was a postcard "Hello It's Me Your Old Friend" Mr. Sunshine popping out. I swear...in one day...our yard went from being blue/gray to green. Time to asphalt again before mowing season begins. PLAY BALL I took that opportunity to get out and see our National Championship baseball team...the Vanderbilt Commodores play Arkansas. I feel human again. Sun beating down...and our guys won 1-0 with the winning run crossing the plate in the bottom of the 9th inning! Heck of a game. And I'm finding out that the college crowds are more enthusiastic than those that attend our minor league games for the Sounds...who open their season with a new stadium in a few weeks. For me...just a perfect Sunday afternoon. It's the little things after a long period of clouds and rain and snow and ice....winter. Won't miss it. HE FIGURED LIFE OUT So I'm sitting at a McDonald's this morning trying to fly through the newspaper and online news on my iPad that I carried in...when a guy asked me if I knew where a certain road was? Had no clue. Nice guy...he told me he was 61 and retired at 50. Wow. He had no use for technology so he had no GPS to help him find where he was going. He admitted that it drove his daughter crazy...but he's never going to be on-board with all the bells and whistles that technology bring. He told me by not engaging it gave him more time to hunt and fish. I did not know where the road was he was looking for...but I almost through my iPad and iPhone away before leaving. I'm married to being connected...but his point was well taken. Makes ya think a bit. And I laughed when he said that in business...which he obviously did well with...that he HIRED people to take care of "that stuff". My whole life...since I started radio as a kid...has been married to technology...computers...gadgets...gizmos. Necessary to compete. And I personally can't imagine ever completely un-plugging...but I do get how some are much happier when they don't spend every second with their head bent over looking into a phone or computer screen. I just don't ever see myself with my feet propped up for long. To each their own. All I know is that guy is pretty happy...and so am I. And that truly is the bottom line. TODAY I just looked at my calendar and it's a little scary busy. I need to talk to whomever is booking all of this stuff. Today...a writing appointment at 10 and then I'm on air from 3-7 on 650 AM WSM. Double appointments all week...and then Friday it's off to Gatlinburg and the mountains with three songwriter buddies to write in a songwriting camp with several writers from east Tennessee. We'll be leading two writing classes on Friday and Saturday and Jerry Salley and myself will play a show on Friday or Saturday night...still waiting to find out what time and where. It's always fun to hang in the Smokies with fun folks. Hope you have a great weekend teed up too...and I hope that the guy I talked to in McDonald's found his road without technology. Betting he did.

A Great Play...and On WSM Today

BILL BLOG Friday March 13, 2015 Looking for my headphones again...back on the radio today from 3-7 pm. YESTERDAY I spent the day writing with the "Polka Queen"....Lynn Marie. Been awhile...and it was really great to catch up with her and her family. Lynn wrote a one person play about her life...alcoholic father...detached mother...and the challenge of raising an autistic child as well as her musical career which includes 5 Grammy nominations and a "Tonight Show" appearance. When the play ran in Los Angeles...the LA Times described it as a "stunning confessional". That might be an understatement. I saw it before it hit the road....staged in Lynn and her husband's home here in Nashville. Raw. Emotional. But what's cool about it is that it also includes her music which features her on the accordion. So...with all of that in the back of my mind...we wrote a song towards a cd project she's working on that will include the songs she does in her play...as well as some bonus tracks. That's what we were specifically writing for....a bonus track. We'll see what happens. POTHOLES...BIG TIME My songwriting trip yesterday took me to the east side of Nashville...I-40 towards Nashville. I have never seen so many potholes in my life. And I'm surprised that there's been no wrecks because the human tendency is to try and swerve...which could lean you over into another lane and another car. One article this morning in our local news says that two out of 5 Nashville roads are in bad shape. No kidding. I'm telling you...if I ran an alignment shop...I'd put up a couple of billboards on I-40 East with my contact info on there. And...I'm pretty sure if you're driving with dentures...they wind up on the dashboard chattering back at ya if you hit one of those bad boys. HAD TO HAPPEN "Frozen 2" is being made. Get ready to hear the music over and over and over and over again from your kids bedroom. Surely Disney will be developing a Frozen attraction or ride at Disney world from their latest blockbuster. I'm sure when you walk off that ride into the obligatory merchandise area...all food items will require thawing...and you'll be able to pick up a 10 pound bag of ice to carry with you on the Wild Toad ride. CHANGE IN THE SCHEDULE Looking forward to the Tin Pan South Songwriter's Festival here in Nashville. My round with Linda Davis and Lang Scott is at 9 pm...opening night at Douglas Corner Tuesday March 24. Artist Gary Morris was supposed to join us...but he got his date wrong and realized yesterday he has a show in Florida that day...so...he will not be with us. Disappointing? Uh-huh...just a heck of a singer and artist. BUT...we will be replacing him...and I'll let you know who that is as soon as I can. Get your tickets! WEEKEND BE COMING Word is we have a ton of rain coming today and tomorrow...but temps are going up into the 70's with the sun showing it's face Sunday! And...the Vanderbilt baseball team happens to have a home game Sunday starting at noon. I'm just trying to figure out the best SPF number for me to plaster all over my pale face and legs. Sunday is the day we find out where our favorite basketball teams will play. I'm hoping our little Belmont team doesn't draw Kentucky in the first round. We'll see. I'm pretty sure that Kentucky team needs to pee in some cups so we can find out if they're really human or not. Geez. TODAY On the air...3-7 pm at 650 AM WSM. Listen in if you can at wsmonline.com Have a great weekend!