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Bill Whyte / Blog

Weekend Of Music...Week Ahead Full

BILL BLOG Monday August 11, 2014 Dusting up a new week filled with writing, radio and a southern road trip. THE WEEKEND Mine kicked off with a very fun show with "Hits and Grins" at Puckett's in Franklin, TN on Saturday night. Really a great venue that was filled with friends, family...and we may a lot of new friends who saw the trio for the first time. Thanks for buying a ticket and coming...and buying our CD. Up next for the three of us is a show at the Listening Room August 21 at 8:30 pm. And then the next day we head for Gatlinburg to play a show at the Ole Smoky Moonshine Holler in the middle of Gatlinburg on Saturday night August 23 at 8:30 pm as part of the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival. It's going to be fun being the the mountains again. YESTERDAY I caught a double header with our minor league team at old Greer Stadium...there are now only 9 games left for the ballyard that features the iconic guitar scoreboard. The new ballpark will open next spring downtown Nashville. The good guys swept the double header last night...so it was fun. It was also "bark at the park" night last night where they rope off a section and let fans bring their dogs to the game. I was upstairs at a club section that serves food...watching the game in cool AC when I got a text from my friends Kevin Stone and his wife Lisa Shaffer (former "Hits and Grins" member) who were on their way with their big labradoodle "Fozzie." So the second game we sat down the right field line spoiling their loveable dog...in the middle of a hundred other dogs and their owners. I think I saw two dog OWNERS sniff each other's butts at one point...but other than that...it was a blast sitting in the dog-yard last night with good friends. AND THEN... I left the ballpark and went straight to the airport to pick up my daughter who's back home for a couple more days. She'd been up a ton of hours flying for American...hopping all over the Caribbean this time...so she's dead asleep as I type this. I do know that she (like most flight attendants) will have a book to write before her job with the airlines comes to an end. You work with the general public...and you'll have stories to tell. And boy does she ever. Good to have her home again. THE WEEK AHEAD Here we go. Today...I'm hoping to spend some time with my daughter after I get my writing done for New York this morning. Tuesday and Wednesday is filled with song writing appointments, rehearsals, and recording some new songs. Thursday I'm on air for WSM from 10-3...and then Friday early it's a road trip for "Evening In The Round" with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself. Friday night show in Greenwood, SC. Saturday night in St. George, SC Sunday show in Jacksonville, FL. For more details on those shows...got to my calendar on the website here. Have a great Monday!

On Air Today...On Stage Tomorrow Night

BILL BLOG Friday August 8, 2014 Reaching for headphones again...and getting ready for the weekend. More on both of those things at the end of todays "blog"... YESTERDAY I dropped my daughter off to the airport to return to Miami so that she can work flights to St. Kitts and Kingston over the weekend before she flies back to Nashville on Sunday...schedule allowing. I think she misses home a little...and that's fine with her Dad who knows that means she'll keep coming back. JAMES BROWN My wife an I went to see the biopic/movie on James Brown. With about 30 minutes or so left of the movie...every movie screen in the building went black. They re-funded our money...and we'll have to go back to see the finish. But I saw enough to tell you that Chadwick Boseman, the actor who playes the "Godfather of Soul" is nothing short of spectacular. You can not take your eyes off of him...and I'd never heard of him until this role. Amazing. I found out that Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones helped produce this movie. Pay attention to Mick's dancing moves...you'll see James Brown. And there's an interesting scene in the movie between James and Mick when they were young. Even more interesting now that I know Jagger helped produce this. I had a great friend, the late Mike Chapman who was the guy that really elevated my radio career who was a James Brown nut. He'd go see him if he was anywhere close. I wish I would have gone with him just once to see James 'live." GATLINBURG TRIP My "Hits and Grins" trio will participate again in the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival in Gatlinburg in a few weeks. We just found out that we will be playing at the Ole Smoky Moonshine Holler... 8:30-10:30 pm on Saturday night August 23rd. Yes...they sell moonshine there. Right smack dab in the middle of Gatlinburg. We play outdoors in front of the place...very cool venue. Come join us and a ton of great songwriters in the mountains August 21-24. I'll also help them judge a talent contest earlier on Saturday. Even "Whispering Bill Anderson" will be there this year. TODAY I'm on air for WSM from 10-3. wsmonline.com is the place to find me worldwide on the home of the Grand Ole Opry. TOMORROW NIGHT "Hits and Grins" plays Puckett's in Franklin...a great listening room with great food too...downtown...heart of Franklin, TN. We start warbling at 8:30 pm...come early for dinner and stay. NEXT WEEK? South Carolina and Florida road trip with "Evening In The Round". More on that next week. Have a great weekend!

Great Writing Stories and Bobbleheads

BILL BLOG Thursday August 7, 2014 So my wife tells me that Mac and Cheese is not for breakfast. Sigh. YESTERDAY Got to spend a little time with the daughter who's leaving this morning...or tomorrow morning for Miami and her job. Dad of course is hoping it's Friday...but I won't know until she tells me. These days it's just great to see her even for a short while. WRITING SESSION I also had a songwriting session with my friend Linda Davis and Tony Stampley yesterday and we managed to write a positive feel good song in Linda's parlor so it was a good creative day too. Tony's been writing songs a long time...had some cuts...including this fun one that his Dad Joe Stampley recorded with Moe Bandy, "Where's The Dress." He's been an artist for Dreamworks back in the day...hung with Hank Jr....and lived to tell about it. So again...it was a fun interesting day at the writing table. Linda is preparing to leave this morning along with her husband Lang Scott (my "Evening In The Round" partners for Carthage, Texas....Linda's hometown and the site of the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame...of which Linda is a member. It's induction weekend...and Duane Allen of the Oak Ridge Boys is going into the Hall this weekend. Linda and Lang will perform...and help Linda will help moderate the show...which she's done for years. Being able to write with folks like that is a privilege of course...because not only do I get to create something original with them...I get to hear the greatest stories. Great hanging with Linda and Tony yesterday. THE ROAD Again...a reminder...Linda, Lang and myself will be on the road next weekend for two shows in South Carolina, and one in Jacksonville. And THIS weekend...I'll be playing with my other trio "Hits and Grins" at Puckett's in Franklin for an 8:30 show. Reserve a seat quickly. TWAIN I also watched the rest of the Ken Burns production on Mark Twain that I had taped....the rest that I missed from the night before after picking it up half way. Fascinating. His quotes will live forever. "Concerning the difference between man and jackass: Some observers hold that there isn't any. But this wrongs the jackass." WSM A reminder...I'm on air tomorrow for 650 AM WSM from 10-3...right in the middle of your day. You can listen online at wsmonline.com SPORTS Packers play Seattle on TV tonight...with at least two other NFL pre-season games...that time of year. Me...think I'll catch our minor league baseball team tonight or this weekend. Tonight is throwback Thursday...2 buck hot dogs and beer....Friday Night is "Vintage Bobblehead" night...and Saturday..."Bible Bobblehead" give away. I'm hoping for "Noah" this year to put on my mantle. TODAY Hanging with the daughter...writing for my folks in New York...and loading up $2 bills in my money clip for the baseball game tonight. Have a great Thursday.

Ukelele Daughter and The Road Ahead

BILL BLOG Wednesday August 5, 2014 Looking to get over the hump again... YESTERDAY No songwriting appointment...but I did write a parody song about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles yesterday. They have a new movie coming out...so one of the syndicates I write for requested it. I know...weird way to make a half o living. But...the best news was my daughter Heather came in from Miami after working a flight to Brazil and back for American. She's sleeping upstairs right now...just like she used to. And I got a serenade from her on the ukelele. Her Mom and I got her one last Christmas and she's taken to it. It's small of course...which is perfect for her because she can easily take it with her on her around the world journeys these days...and she often does. I learned a few simple chords from her last night...so I could be the next Don Ho before you know it. Really good to have her home. It really is like old times having her home. She went to see her best friend in town last night and my gas tank was half empty this morning. Sigh. BUSY AHEAD So...I'm in a "lull" before a very busy storm right now. Writing today with Linda Davis...more on that at the end of the blog...then tomorrow is an off day to enjoy with the daughter... Friday is on air for WSM....Saturday night a show with "Hits and Grins"...and then next weekend I'm on a four day road trip to South Carolina and Florida with the "Evening In The Round" show featuring Grammy winner Linda Davis, her husband Lang Scott and myself. Add to that...the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival with "Hits and Grins" Aug 22-24...and...well...I'm glad to have a couple of days to charge the batteries. To find out more details on the gigs...as always...go to billwhytecomedy.com and hit "calendar." MARK TWAIN I watched quite a bit of the Ken Burns "Mark Twain" series last night on PBS. I'm from Missouri...just south of Hannibal where the legend grew. I caught the back half of the two part series...showing that the latter part of Twain's life had lots of sadness...and he even declared bankruptcy...of which I had no idea. It is amazing that all these years after his death his humor and observations still resonate with us. "Go to heaven for the climate, go to hell for the company"...still one of my faves. LOWER PRICES Kroger stores are going for the "all the time low price" thang like Wal Mart. That's can't be a bad thing. They dropped the price of a 12 oz turkey-bacon package from $3.19 to $1.99. How they manage to mate a turkey with a pig I'll never know...but the price is right. TODAY Off to write with my friend Linda Davis (been awhile) and the talented son of Joe Stampley...Tony will join us. Tony's a great writer and great singer in his own right...so this should be fun this morning. Have a great Wednesday.

Radio Late Night...Daughter Arrival

BILL BLOG Tuesday August 5, 2014 Trying to suppress the yawns after yakking on air til midnight last night. But...I'm a little excited after getting an early text from my daughter Heather that she'll be home this morning after flying back from Brazil to Miami. Going to be great to see her for sure. YESTERDAY I was on the Row again...finishing up a tune with Amanda Cornett...Florida U girl...does the "chomp chomp" thing....HUGE Gator fan. She was celebrating her 10th year in Nashville yesterday so that was cool. I also found out that she's in a very cool volunteer organization that rebuilds homes....for those in need. That's her vacation every year. Her vacation! Says a lot about her character doesn't it? I realized after seeing some video of what she and the young kids do...that I need to step my game up. AND THEN...I got home and attacked my writing for my New York folks...one assignment was writing a parody song about "Ebola". Hard to be funny about something like that...so there was some "dancing" involved to keep the lyrics safely between the lines. Not easy. LAST NIGHT I was inside the Opryland Hotel and on air for 650 AM WSM filling in for Eddie Stubbs who had the night off. While I was on...I saw a Twitter feed that said Vince Gill became a Grandpa last night. His singing daughter Jenny gave birth to a boy...so Vince has a grandson. I'm told that Vince took some dates off of his calendar so that he would be free to spoil the grand child when he arrived. Very cool....and congrats to Vince who was playing with the incredible "Time Jumpers" band last night at 3rd and Lindsley when they announced the news to the crowd...that included Hall of Famer Bill Anderson last night. What to doe when you come to Nashville? Seeing the "Time Jumpers" on Monday night is a new "must do" in this town. Be prepared to line up very early though to get a seat. Worth the wait. Congrats to Vince. Vince is an avid Belmont basketball nut...he graduated Belmont as did my daughter...and it's fun to watch him and his wife Amy Grant harass the refs big time. In the future...he'll have a grand son he can teach that fine art to. AMERICAN IDOL Downtown was crammed again with kids wanting to be stars as J-Lo, Keith and Harry were here to audition for the new season. Ratings have slipped...so has the talent level...so they're looking to up that. J-Lo said in the paper this morning the talent level was not great...not a good sign. Another indication that some of these shows may have just burnt us out...I'm one for sure. But good luck to the kids who waited hours to sing before the judges. Maybe this year they can take a page from Nickolodeon and "slime" those that don't make it to Hollywood? Or re-title the show "Desperate Singers Of Hollywood"? Or...put one of the Karadashian's on as a contestant? Whatever it takes. GOOD DAY The cast of "Big Bang Theory" held out...and just had their salaries triple to a million per episode. BAD DAY A guy on a bike is killed in Wisconsin when he hits a bear. Life is full of good and bad. Look out for the bears. TODAY I get a bit of a breather. No songwriting appointment...no radio...so I'm gonna take the time to hang with the daughter as much as possible today. Been wanting to see that James Brown movie... Have a great Tuesday.

Big Weekend...and WSM Tonight

BILL BLOG Monday August 4, 2014 Tearing into another busy week...I bought an extra gallon of coffee to get me through it. THE WEEKEND It was just a blur this weekend that started with a big musical showcase for my musical trio "Hits and Grins." THE SHOWCASE We had the privilege of playing for 15 minutes for a big group of buyers from across the country and outside the country at the Renaissance Hotel this weekend for Matt Davenport Productions and "Live On Stage". Once a year they showcase several acts before...I don't know...200-300 buyers who will book for their late 2015 season into early 2016. 28 acts paraded before a packed room of buyers...we were one of them...with 15 minutes to shine. And the groups ranged from horn players...to opera...to guitar players...Broadway stuff...and then our little "songwriter" round of "Hits and Grins." I think we did well...but we'll really know when we find out how many shows come out of it. But what a first class deal these two days were...from sound to stage to big screen to video...and a huge dinner/dance allowing us to shake the hands of many of those buyers and have dinner with them. Hopefully we'll be coming to many of those towns we talked to...New Mexico...San Diego...Iowa...Texas...you name em. FYI Next show for "Hits and Grins" will be this Saturday night at Puckett's in Franklin, TN...a GREAT listening room with great food. Show time is 8:30 pm...make a reservation as this seems to sell out every time...and especially since it's a Saturday night. SUNDAY Yesterday...all I did was get fat...and eat. It started with lunch as my extended family of Dodge and Dean Raymer were in town and we went for lunch at Monell's...a family style place that they just keep bringing bowls of food for you to pass around. Good grief. The nice surprise was Dean invited my great friend David Powelson and his new bride Susan along. David played guitar for me back when we were young in Missouri...and later went on to play for Billy Crash Craddock, Crystal Gayle, Barbara Mandrell and Brenda Lee. Not bad huh? It was so great to see him...AND his bride who was terrific. Oh...and best of all? Dodge and Dean were celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary! Woo hoo! We'll be celebrating more with them when we do our month on the beach in November down in Gulf Shores. Love those guys so much. AND THEN Last night it was off to have dinner with my "Evening In The Round" cast of Linda Davis and her husband Lang Scott and some other friends...Cheryl White of "The Whites" and her husband Billy Paul, Gilllian and her sister and us. Lang grilled up a great meal...and we got to see their grand-baby for the first time...Eisele...who is already a year old...and of course...so cute. Are they proud grandparent? What do you think? Aren't all grandparents? Linda and Lang's daughter Hillary Scott...with Lady A of course was playing on a beach in Atlantic City with a crowd of people like you have never seen. So...Linda got to hog the baby for a few days. Pretty terrific family there for sure. NEXT UP FOR "EVENING IN THE ROUND" Our trio plays Greenwood South Carolina, St. George South Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida August 15, 16 and 17. It's been too long! Look for info on my calendar for all those venues and ticket information. We hope to see some of you on this very fun southern trip coming up. TODAY Off to finish a song with my friend Amanda Cornett this morning...then tonight I'll be on air filling in for Eddie Stubbs again on WSM from 7pm to midnight. (yawn) I'll be trying to squeeze in a nap today. Tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com Have a great Monday.

Playing The NAMM

BILL BLOG Friday July 18, 2014 Rain this morning...folks in California are jealous. YESTERDAY Another afternoon on WSM radio from 3-7 pm I'll be filling for Mike Terry once more on Monday in that same time slot...then on air next Thursday and Friday from 10-3. I got a nice note this morning from Betty Salois back in Missouri who let me know that her husband Paul was listening yesterday at the Veterans Home back in the Show Me State. Paul and Betty gave me my first radio job at KPCR in Bowling Green...so they're the one's who launched my radio career back in a cow-pasture all those years ago. (Some might say they're to blame for my radio career!) Either way...it was nice to hear that for sure. Those were some amazing days...that I'm grateful for. IRISH On the way home last night I stopped at an Irish pub/bar to hear and see my Irish pal and co-writer Colm Kirwan who's on a plane right now back to Ireland for a couple of weeks to see family. Colm's father is a pretty well known singer on the Emerald Isle. He recorded five albums here in Nashville...and I guess Colm caught the USA bug and now lives here and makes music. He's out on tour with the great Don Williams all year...so it lets you know a bit about his talent level. Colm told the funniest story last night about how his mum ironed all of his clothes...and I do mean everything. Including his underwear! And then another funny thing happened during Colm's set. A dude in a kilt walks in and starts playing the bagpipe. Turns out there's three or four other guys in kilts at a table...with a big party of Scots I guess. Wonder what part of IRISH bar the Scottsman didn't understand? Anyway...pretty cool way to wrap up a Thursday in Music City. CANDLE BLOWING Happy Birthday to my friend and extended family Dodge Raymer who celebrated yesterday in Missouri. If every family had a male patriarch as solid as Dodge...we'd have a lot less families in trouble. I feel blessed to have him and his family as part of mine. Hope you had a great day of being spoiled Dodge. TODAY AND THE WEEKEND Busy as all get out. First...I'm doing some voice over work for the Jack and Diane "Nashville Unleashed" TV show which features their talents as well as a lot of songwriters talents. I'm happy to be their voice guy for the TV series which is expanding into several markets. Check them out at the link I provided above. TONIGHT I'll be playing a private event for the NAMM show with "Hits And Grins" for the Epiphone Guitar company who sponsor our trio. The NAMM show is THE biggest gathering of folks who design and sell musical products from around the world. Honored to be a small part of it this year. TOMORROW I'm actually going to song write tomorrow. My great friend/singer/writer...guitar shop owner...Brady Seals has a little time to sit down again and create. We wrote a ton a couple of years ago...then Brady (who was a solo artist and member of Little Texas) decided to go into business and opened a vintage guitar shop called Music City Pickers. He buys and sells vintage classic guitars...and the business took off...and took a bunch of his time. I'm pleased that he and I co-wrote the last single he had out along with the video that GAC played heavily called "Been There, Drunk That." He's not only one of my favorite writers in this town...but one of my favorite people. So...it will be fun hooking up again...even if it is on a Saturday! And then...there's a big pile of mulch in the driveway. I have to figure a cool way to convince my wife to spread it while I go to a baseball game. Wish me luck. Have a great weekend.