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Bill Whyte / Blog

Gas Pumps and Llama's

BILL BLOG Friday February 27, 2015 Anyone object to the fact that it's Friday? Thought so. YESTERDAY Running on fumes a bit after being up late last night to join my friend Karen Wheeler for a songwriter's round she hosted at the Maxwell House here in Nashville. Her brother Danny Wheeler...country singer Mike Siler completed our circle of writers. And a fun time was had by all. Karen talked about her Dad some last night...Onie Wheeler who played harmonica for Roy Acuff. You hear people say..."he's so country"... Well...no one can say that with more authority than Karen. Her Dad died ON STAGE at the Grand Ole Opry. True. Hard to top "My Dad was so country he died on stage at the Grand Ole Opry." And I say that with true reverence towards my friend Karen. That's just an amazing piece of country music history. Karen sang a song we co-wrote last night and just slayed it. Nothing better than hearing someone sing a song you helped write. Or knowing that they love the song enough to perform on stage anywhere. Thanks to Karen for having me. COLD STILL Really frigid this morning. 19 degrees. Hello Fargo? Come get your cold weather and take it back home will ya? This morning I had to fill the tank up. I was doing that cold weather dance at the pump trying to get the whole process to speed up. Swipe your debit card...wait for the machine to ask you if it's a debit card? Hit yes. Wait...then type in your digits...wait...and then the next one always kills me. "Would you like a car wash today"? NO...it's FREEZING out here I JUST WANT GAS!!!! Good Lord. Spring is three weeks away. I'm hanging onto that warm and happy thought. CHASING THE LLAMA In Phoenix it was all about coverage of chasing a couple of Llama's who got away. Folks were glues as other folks chased and tried to capture the duo. Took well over an hour. The last one got lassoed by a dude from the back of a pick up truck. Leave it to a cowboy to get the job done. So many people watched the "live" stream on the internet...I look for the Llama's to get their own series. TODAY I'm off to write with my pal Shay Watson...who's producing young acts these days...one of whom we'll write with today (Lauren Lizabeth) who's working on a project. Apparently it's a "pop" project...so I'm hoping some inspiration will hit us allowing us to write something Lauren will love. Ya never know. THE WEEKEND Nothing huge on my calendar...so maybe the wife and I will indulge in one of our favorite past times...no...not barreling down the hill on a frozen slip and slide....but...go to a movie. The new Kevin Costner movie where he plays a running coach is out. Titled "McFarland, USA"...it's a true story that looks interesting. Plus...I'm a Costner fan anyway...so it would be hard to go wrong. Have a great weekend!

Tin Pan South Date...and Show Tonight

BILL BLOG Thursday February 26, 2014 Just a little dusting of snow here this morning. Or as we call it in Nashville...a catastrophe. YESTERDAY I got to introduce two of my favorite folks to each other...Linda Davis meet Ayla Brown. We gathered at Linda's to write a song yesterday...and I had a feeling the two of them would hit it off...and they did. You can check out Ayla's website to find out more about her. She did more than well on American Idol season 5....the year Taylor Hicks won. Her Dad was a Senator and athlete. She herself started for Boston College on the basketball team...she tours a lot...plays a lot for the troops...and is on Fox Morning and Friends quite a bit...singing...with another appearance coming up soon. And right now she's in studio recording a new album...12 songs...two of which I had the pleasure of co-writing with her and Rick Tiger. The cool thing was....Ayla and her husband...a former pitcher for the Colorado Rockies...live right around the corner from Linda...same danged neighborhood. Linda remembered seeing the big white tent that was up a summer ago when Ayla and her now husband got married in their own backyard. So a great introduction followed by sitting down with guitar around Linda's grand piano and writing a tune that was inspired by Ayla's husband's grandfather who ran an old time barber shop back in the day. Linda and I listened as she spilled out the story about those kind of memories...small town stuff...Americana. The two of us grew up in small towns...so we could relate easily to her story. Pretty soon words fell out on a computer...and a melody line jumped off a guitar. By the time we finished...we loved the little musical creation. And I hope her husband likes it too. What a fun session. And yes...I was the thorn between two roses for sure. SPEAKING OF LINDA... Linda gave me the good word yesterday that our little "Evening In The Round" trio that includes her husband Lang Scott...will play the prestigious Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival here in Nashville. We play Tuesday March 24 at Douglas Corner at 9 pm. And...we may have a special guest sit in with us. Stay tuned for more. This is a great festival with a "who's who" list of songwriters scattered over several days and several venues. If you're in town...check the schedule. And yes...it's worth planning a trip for. COUNTRY RADIO SEMINAR It continues today...artists...radio guys...record labels...big time shows from the artists to radio...classes...and the bar stays busy. They announced the new class for the Country Radio Broadcast Hall of Fame. I'm happy for all..but especially for those I know well...including consultant Joel Raab who I worked with more than once during my radio career. He tried to get me to interview for Detroit once...I passed. I was happy where I was...but it's always flattering when folks think kindly of you. Congrats Joel! And congrats to Karen Dalessandro at WMIL in Milwaukee where I did mornings for six years. Karen took my place when I left for Indianapolis...and here she is...a Hall of Famer herself. So deserved. Awesome. I'm no hoping her partner Scott Dolphin...who was my partner too...will also be included one day. TODAY Little catching up on stuff...and then tonight I'm playing a songwriters round at the Millenium Hotel...Maxwell House hosted by my good friend Karen Wheeler. We start playing at 8 pm and end at 9:30 pm in case you'd like to come out. Have a great Thursday!

Radio Guys and Girls To Write With

BILL BLOG Wednesday February 25, 2015 Uh...this just in. It's cold. YESTERDAY It was "Hits and Grins" Tuesday...and the trio used the time to rehearse. We have a show coming up Friday night March 6 at Puckett's at the downtown location in Nashville. Make your reservations and come see us. Always a fun venue for us to play...with a lot of out of town tourists out front. NEW DATE I just added another weekend in Gatlinburg to my calendar. March 20 and 21 I'll be in the Smokies along with my friend and great songwriter Jerry Salley to write music with a group of local writers from the area. This is part of the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival that's held every August...an extension of what they do....which is great. Really looking forward to working with the writers over there...and of course hanging out for a couple of days in a beautiful spot. COUNTRY RADIO SEMINAR All the radio guys have gathered here in town for the yearly Country Radio Seminar. Artists...radio guys...record labels...anyone connected to the business shows up...attends classes...or not. Many choose to hang in the halls...and particularly at the bar. All the years I've attended...I don't think I ever paid a bar bill. The record guys are happy to take care of that as they're doing their best to connect one on one with radio guys...hoping to get more of their product on the air. I'm not sure if I'll sneak down to the hotel or not this year. The very first year I went...it was still called the Disc Jockey convention. My first interview was with Buddy Alan...son of Buck Owens. He's tall...really tall. I remember looking up and trying to get the microphone up to his lips. Ray Price was one of the big headliners those early years....tearing the house down with his new hit..."For The Good Times". Ditto for Lynn Anderson singing "Rose Garden". Welcome to town guys and gals. Enjoy. Make your own memories. TAYLOR SWIFT Paparazzi caught Taylor Swift on a boat with some of her young girl friends exposing her belly button to the world for the first time. She says she never has shown it because she wanted it to be a "mystery" as to whether she even had one...or had jewelry in it... Let the record show...she does indeed have one. Her belly button is just a lot richer than yours and mine. I like to eat on the couch...and I have not really looked at my belly button in a long while. If I were betting...I'd bet there's probably a corn curl lodged in it. I'll peek and get back to ya. TODAY I'm writing with my great friend Linda Davis...and the talented Ayla Brown who finished well up in the top 10 one year on American Idol and is in studio now recording a new album. I'm very pleased to have two songs on the project that I co-wrote with her and Rick Tiger. She was kind enough to send me an early copy of the "ruffs" as we call them...the unfinished recordings. Could not be happier with the way these two are coming along. The two girls will meet for the first time today...and me? I'll be that thorn between two roses. I like my job. Have a great Wednesday.

Christmas Writing and Reality Check

BILL BLOG Tuesday February 24, 2015 Coffee's hot...house is quiet with two girls still sleeping...and there's just the first hint of early daylight hitting Old Hickory Lake outside my blogging window this morning. My favorite time of the day. YESTERDAY I rendezvoused with my friend Steve Dean and a mutual friend...Riley Weston who I had not seen in awhile. Riley just bought a new place on the south side of town that she's fixing up...and on a cold day...she had the fireplace going in the comfortable house and the three of us tackled a very cool Christmas song idea that turned out great. It's a sexy girl song that we like enough to take into a demo studio to record. Riley makes a pretty darned good living writing scripts for the Lifetime Network...ladies...some of you have seen her work. Guys...what the heck are you doing watching the Lifetime Network? Turn in your Man Card. It was worth getting out in the cold and navigating some ice for sure. LAST NIGHT I was up late...on the air on WSM Radio. First time in a bit. This time I was filling in for Eddie Stubbs...from 7-Midnight. Just me and the studio all alone for five hours...and the convention goers and tourists inside the Opryland Hotel who every now and then will actually bang on the outside window to get the radio announcers attention so they can flash a picture. It's the same kind of noise birds make when they fly into windows...weird. I had a SERIOUS reality check while on air last night...and this made me laugh out loud to myself. I pick up the phone...the woman is a big Eddie Stubbs fan...but she also likes it when I fill in for someone. She also likes my song "Good Cup of Coffee" that the morning show with Bill Cody and Charlie Mattos play from time to time. (thank you) Last night the woman asks if it was true that I was inducted into the Country Radio Broadcast Hall of Fame the same year that Eddie Stubbs was? I told her that was indeed true. She then said, "but...I haven't heard of you"! I'm still laughing to and AT myself this morning. It's those kinds of moments that prevent me from getting too big for my britches. POST OSCAR Love this. At an Oscar post party...they found Keith Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman (who presented) back stage in a green room face timing their kids back home. Real. TODAY It's "Hits and Grins" Tuesday as it is every week. Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and myself will get together and work on things that need to be done for the trio. I see another fireplace being turned on at Victoria's place early this afternoon. And because our appointment is this afternoon...I'll have time to watch the first "Voice" of 2015 and the latest installment of the "Bachelor" that I missed while being on the radio last night. (I know...already turned in my Man Card) But...wouldn't it be a cool idea if the Bachelor had to pick the girls he would date one season sitting in one of those spinning chairs? He's sit there...hear them talk about themselves for 45 seconds or less...and hit his button within the time allotment if they were on his team? Okay...I've had LITTLE sleep...and it's starting to show. I'll sneak off now. Have a great Tuesday!

Back To Normal

BILL BLOG Monday February 23, 2014 It's nice to finally be back in a normal routine this morning. UNFROZEN I just saw the mail truck go by outside my window...really early. But it makes sense because we've had no mail all of last week because of our road being shut down. After seven days of being cooped up...I finally got out yesterday morning...and it was adventurous. It took me three runs to get up my driveway on the return trip home because there was still a lot of ice that had not melted. I saw three abandoned cars sitting on our windy-curvy back road that were finally claimed by their owners late yesterday. This morning...normalcy. Ahhh. I got a cup of McDonald's coffee and a newspaper and all is right with the world again. OSCARS And then the Oscars came on and I noticed the similarity of Hollywood acceptance speeches and Nascar as a lot of the acceptance speeches leaned left like Nascar drivers. Probably just me...but I can do without the "save the world"...."here's my cause" add on to their acceptance. My gosh...you won a freakin' Oscar...and use your precious time to take a world stance on something? I would rather hear "thank your Mom and Dad" as JK Simmons did as opposed to hearing about your platform. It's a TV show! Entertainment. Remember? HIGHLIGHT? I'll take Lady GaGa by far. Her singing was beautiful...spot on...and it was an absolute amazing triumph for GaGa who canned all her nonsense...wore a classic dress...and just sang those beautiful melodies from the "Sound of Music". It was a wonderful tribute to that great film...and to Julie Andrews who herself was extremely pleased with GaGa. We could have used a LOT more moments like that last night. WHIPLASH In particular I want to see the movie about the abusive music teacher...it's looks intense and was obviously well acted. Although this teacher is obviously over the top...slapping a prized student...throwing things across the band...it brings back memories of when I played French Horn in the Elsberry High School Band...or TRIED to play French Horn. Mr. Harris was my teacher. He was a great trumpet player in his youth...got into teaching. Small school. His passion for music was obvious. I saw him throw a baton across the band room one time for effect. Scared me then...funny now. I never really learned to read music. Or understand theory. Wish now I had paid more attention when I was that age. But I learned to play chords on a guitar while I was in High School and joined a little country band. How country? The band called itself "The Country Boys." Three rhythm guitar players and one snare drummer. White shirts...black pants...bolo ties. Wow. Mr Harris was not a country music fan I'm sure. But he noticed...and he encouraged me through the rest of my High School career...and even after. I think he was proud that any of his students chose music for a career. Here's to more teachers like him. And here's to keeping one eye open at all times in case a baton comes flying over the French Horn section. WSM Tonight...I'll actually be on air again. 7-Midnight filling in for Eddie Stubbs on WSM. Listen in worldwide at wsmonline.com. TODAY Off to a writing session after cancelling five of them last week from the ice and snow. Today...Riley Weston joins Steve Dean and me to write a Christmas song idea. She actually dropped a line on her Facebook one day that sounded like a song. I sent her a private message to point that out to her which then became an obvious...."oh my gosh" moment. With the temps in the 20's...we should have no problem channeling a little Santa today. Have a great Monday.

New Song...New Gig

BILL BLOG Friday February 20, 2014 It's FINALLY Friday...and it's just like every other day this week so far...still snowed in. I don't think I've ever been caught up in a house for five days in a row with no end in sight yet. We live on a really really bad road for any kind of bad weather...and this combo of ice and snow pack has just shut us down. I cancelled a weeks worth of appointments...and I'm scheduled to be on air this Monday night on WSM...hoping that the dogs will have pulled us out by then. But looking at the forecast...who knows? Even in Daytona last night at the Twins....cars were flying around the track but fans were dealing with 30 degree temps in the stands. Makes you wanna find a motor to put your hands over to keep warm. I AM seeing pictures of baseball teams in spring training camps though. For now...I'm gonna hang onto those warm happy images. What do in cold weather? Geez. Not for me. But my friend up der in da nort in Wisconsin donchaknow are pulling little houses out on ice and cutting a hole to fish. The thrill of that escapes me. So did curling which I saw some of. Now...snowmobiling was kind of cool if you were bundled up like the Michelin man...because there are bars every few miles along the Wisconsin trail system. All in all though...I'll take a ticket to a baseball stadium somewhere where the only thing cold is the beer in my hand. NEW SONG I'm glad some of my co-writers have been kind enough to send me some new demos of songs I'm a writer on...and both of those sound great guys. And...I saw where this brand new album is out now by Australian cowboy Roo Arcus....and I have a song on the album "If That's What Love Was" that I co-wrote with Jerry Salley...who produced the album. If the roads clear...I'm having lunch with Jerry to pick up a copy of the entire album...but I do love this song. It's COUNTRY. Thank you Roo for liking our song. That's one of the really interesting parts of being a writer. You write the song...and sometimes someone who lives on the other side of the planet records it...and you've never met them...and my never meet them. Weird...but cool. This song took us three writing sessions to get it right. Jerry is a meticulous writer..and it pays off. I had the idea...Jerry liked it...we banged it out....and then Kevin Denney recorded the demo on it and his voice was perfect for it. Just like it was on "Crickets" that Joe Nichols recorded. (Note to self...have Kevin Denney sing more of my demos) "HITS AND GRINS" We added a show for March 6...a Friday night at Puckett's at the downtown location on 4th street. 9 pm show. The food there is great too...so for all of those who ask "are ya playing in town any"....here's your chance to come see a show. We'd love to have you...but I do suggest you make a reservation. The link provided above will allow you to do that. See you there. TODAY Oh...you know...snow...ice...cursing out the window at ole man Winter. Guess we'll hunker down for the entire weekend...and wait for the Daytona 500 come on just to see if Danica Patrick puts her boyfriend in the wall. Have a great weekend.

Day 4...Still Frozen

BILL BLOG Thursday February 19, 2014 Nashville is on a four day delay as of today...the Sisters of Hail Mary school is closed...the movie "Frozen" has re-opened at your favorite I-Max screens. And there's a winter storm warning later tonight. Last person gone turn out the lights. Vanderbilt baseball cancelled their games. (ya think?) They're headed to Florida to play. Told you there were smart kids at Vandy. Our daughter Heather got cabin fever first...and found a friend to pull up to the back of our lot where the road is a little flatter...and got out to go stay with one of her friends last night. We may have to do the same ourselves before this is all over. Day four...and counting...and our road is till impassable. Salt trucks? Ha! I don't think our little road is on their list. So...we remain in hunkered down position and wait for a thaw...anytime now. AUNT VIVIAN I do want to be serious for one moment here and send out condolences to the family. My Aunt Vivian passed a few days ago. My wife and I intended to go to her funeral...but the snow here...and other things came up that have prevented us from being in Missouri today to pay our respects. My love goes out to her boys and the rest of the family that knew and loved her. My Dad passed a couple of months ago...his sister...My Aunt Vivian was there...and was her usual "hold court" self. She was truly a UNIQUE individual. Her life was challenging to say the least...and she re-invented herself more than once...going to nursing school late in life. And she had a great laugh. Loved to tell stories...and she was full of them...and full of theories on most everything. We were lucky that we lived here in Nashville while she did for several years. She pretty much fell in love with my daughter...they bonded. We took her out to see some shows...and music...and she loved that. When I think of her...I will smile. TV As you can imagine...we aint' goin' nowhere...so we're seeing a lot of TV. My partner Victoria Venier's niece...Gina Venier....is still in the competition. I guess we see what happens to her tonight...as to whether she makes the top 24. Victoria ain't saying nothin'...because they can't...but we'll keep our fingers crossed for the young Dixon, Illinois native who played the cajone during her audition. The cameras have mysteriously stayed off of her...big time...since then...so it will be interesting to see what has happened to her...and what happens to her. TODAY Well...yet another cancellation. This time I had to cancel a Grammy winner...Linda Davis...and Zach Runquist who is a multi-instrumentalist out on the road with Lee Ann Womack. Sigh. It's been quite the week of cancellations to say the least. With any luck...the weekend will thaw things out as I'm scheduled to be on air 7-Midnight next Monday filling in for Eddie Stubbs. They may have to send the WSM sled tied up to the Huskies to get me there. Have a great Thursday.

Day Three Of The White Out

BILL BLOG Wednesday February 18, 2014 Day 3 of Snowmageddon. YESTERDAY Did a whole lot of nothin'....and did that pretty well too. I'm looking out the window seeing that our driveway is still a sheet of ice....and I'm supposed to take the trash out...and down that half acre hill today. Right. We have a car at the end of our drive on our road that has been sitting there abandoned ever since he or she decided they could traverse our windy-hilly road on ice. Wrong! It does look pretty...but cabin fever is starting to sit in as I have to cancel another songwriting appointment today. Yep...I'm in favor of giving up snow and ice for lent. I will say...I don't miss the days of trying to get to the radio station on snow and ice to read a 5 page list of school and businessclosings...and delays. "The School of Windshield Wipers is on a half minute delay today"....don't miss it. Car accidents...and SLEDDING accidents are up. You have got to learn to steer that sled before trying to barrel down a hill and squeeze between two oak trees. Could be worse I suppose. We haven't had enough snow that we'll have to worry about flooding as the east coast is facing. Good grief. When does baseball season start? HI BARBIE Mattel is getting ready to roll out a Wi-Fi Barbie for about 75 bucks. Kids can interact with the new "Hello Barbie" through a mic hidden in the necklace she's wearing. The doll is talking to our kids! So far...no word from Ken on the matter. UNEXPECTED SURPRISE I received a free membership the other day to our Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum (which just had a record attendance year) out of the blue. I didn't order it...it just came. It thanked me for my contribution...and I was trying to figure out what that might have been. I'm guessing it might have been because my friend Steve Dean and myself played their Songwriters Series this year at the Ford Theater. If so...you're welcome...and thank you! I'll most surely take advantage of it. It's a must do on your Nashville trip. SAY WHAT? A guy asks a woman he divorced 45 years ago to marry him again...at Wal Mart. Nothing says romance like "lower prices all the time." JACK SPARROW Yep..Johnny Depp is getting ready to film "Pirates of the Caribbean 5! Works for me. I keep half expecting to see him once on that boat ride at Disney World. TODAY A repeat. Groundhog Day...over and over. Cancelling another songwriting appointment this week..today with Steve Dean and Sydni Perry. Sigh. I have an appointment every day this week...and it look like all 5 will have to be re-scheduled. The good news is our daughter is stuck at home too and her schedule has now pushed her into her vacation week...so she'll be hanging for awhile. She's stuck...with Mom and Dad! Have a great Wednesday!

Frozen Blog

BILL BLOG Tuesday February 18, 2015 Day two of the ice storm...yikes. GOING NOWHERE We have snow...but the ice is much worse of course. Tree limbs are down...cars skidding off roads...and except for a four wheel drive dune buggy I've seen...no-one has even gone by on our little curvy road. Our drive goes straight downhill...and it's just a sheet of ice. So...our little family is cuddled up on the couch with computers and TV shows for now. I missed a writing appointment today...and will probably miss the one tomorrow too. Pretty to look at out the window...but umm...I'll take the beach. We've had the power on and off a couple of times with the ice...so sorry for the late blog today. Hard to believe Vanderbilt played college baseball last weekend. NEW DATES Our Evening In The Round trio with Linda Davis and Lang Scott just added two more dates. Tuesday July 14 at the Spencer Theater in beautiful Ruidoso, Ne Mexico...and Friday July 10 at the Texan Theater in Greenville, Texas. This will be a long run out west for the group...and we are expecting to add as many as four more dates on this particular run. As soon as all the details are worked out...I'll be posting them on my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com APPRENTICE Right outcome...our little family all pulled for Leeza Gibbons. I'm guessing she has made very few if any enemies during her career. Nice to know you can be nice and fair and get the job done. NEW BLUEGRASS ALBUMS Darin and Brooke Aldridge just released their new gospel-cd titled "Snapshots". Very talented folks...and this is my 4th cut by the bluegrass husband and wife team...and once again I love what they've done with my song "He's A Comin'" That I co-wrote with my friend Lisa Shaffer and Gerald Smith. Here's a wonderful REVIEW of the new album...you'll see our song mentioned down the page in this review. SPEAKING OF LISA Some of you know her from being in the "Hits and Grins" trio before she retired...had a baby girl...and moved home to Kentucky with her husband Kevin. I got a nice phone call from Lisa yesterday and it's evident that she and they are really happy being back home with sisters and parents and on the farm again. Lisa and Kevin's plan are to buy their own farm...so they've come full circle...and I'm happy for them for sure. Nice to hear from her...and the baby who I heard in the background! Since this blog is so late today...I'm keeping it short today. Look for a normal one tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday!

Ice At Home

BILL BLOG Monday February 16, 2014 It's President's Day. Abe Lincoln has ice in his beard. HELLO WINTER Nashville is shut down tighter than Mike Tyson's dog fighting ring this morning because of snow...and ice...or as I refer to it...arma-dang-geddon. Folks in the south don't do well with white stuff unless it's grits. THE BEACH So we spent 5 days in Gulf Shores on the beach with my brother and his wife. 5 great days of sunshine...then I get home to this. Good grief. We almost turned around in Montgomery after hearing the forecast. Sigh. No regrets though because we made some more great memories...and this time with family. 5 sunsets...5 toasts. My wife Kathy and I went to our first Mardis Gras party ever at Lulu's with Brent and Pam Burns. Yes...my wife came home with beads. Don't ask...don't tell. We had seafood...ate lunch one day at McGuire's in Pensacola. If you've not gone...it's something to add to your beach list if your down in Gulf Shores/Orange Beach/Perdido---anywhere near the Pensacola area. (There's over two million 1 dollar bills hanging from the ceiling...good to be Irish) And I got to kiss my Valentine looking at the sand and beach. That's a pretty good 5 days worth of memories. My thanks to my brother Gary and his wife Kay for letting us hang with them in the snow-bird beach condo. Can't wait to do it again. ARKANSAS FRIENDS Last night I made a little trip around the corner to stick my head in at the home of my great friends and "Evening In The Round" partners Lang Scott and Linda Davis. Tom Wilkins...the owner of the 5 Star Dinner theater in Hots Springs, Arkansas that we played recently was in town with his wife and his family were in town...and Lang and Linda had them over for dumplings and good times. Tom's daughter was there... a piano major at Belmont where my daughter went....and her husband is with the video crew for Luke Bryan...so it was good to meet them and the rest of the family...good folks. (Tom had 4 helpings up dumplings...but who's counting) Here's something for ya. Luke Bryan now carries 17 truck loads of equipment for his shows...and about that many busses follow them. Good Lord. Anyway...nice to meet them all...and especially nice to see Linda baby sitting her grand-daughter Eisele...as Momma Hillary (with Lady A) is on run to Canada right now. Eisele is WALKING already...and likes to pound on the piano. Chip off the ole blocks...and so danged cute. Tom and his family are now iced in here in Music City...so enjoy your extra stay Tom! We look forward to working your theater again. SPEAKING OF WHICH This year and early next year...it's surely looking like I'll be on the road performing more than ever in my life...which is pretty amazing. It looks like I'm getting ready to add a 12 day run in July with "Evening In The Round" that will take us back to Hot Springs, Texas, and New Mexico which will include six shows and time off to have fun too. There looks to be a new date in Georgia about to be added too. I'm keeping a bag packed and the guitar by the door. As soon as those dates are confirmed and we get more info...they'll be posted. As always...keep up with where I'm playing by checking my CALENDAR at billwhytecomedy.com ere...I'll go. Time to salt the driveway. Have a great Monday!