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Bill Whyte / Blog

More Road Dates

BILL BLOGFriday May 1, 2015 First day of May...already? YESTERDAY Pretty much finished off a song with Jerry Salley yesterday at his publishing company on Music Row. We may still have to take out a piece of sandpaper and smooth out a couple of edges...but for the most part it's ready to go...fun uptempo...beer drinking song. And what artist does not need one of those right? Jerry's a very meticulous writer...goes slow...I usually go fast...and since he's done this much longer than I have...and has many many more cuts that I do...we compromised on this song and went slow. Worth it in the end for sure. He's getting married to a girl way too good for him and he knows it. I doubt that this song can be used for his wedding to Erin. But...maybe the bachelor party...we'll see. I also got to meet Australian artist Kristi Cox who won a bunch of awards this year for her music in her homeland. Jerry produces her...and was in Australia for the awards show recently. I love her music...so it was a pleasure to briefly chat with her and her little baby she was holding. Also great to hear her accent...love the sound of that. And...I'll love her even more if she records a song that I'm part of that Jerry is producing. I know she loves a couple of them that I pitched to her...so fingers are crossed. HEATHER My daughter is home...music meeting for her with a producer later today. So the two of us sat down and rehearsed one of her new original songs that I love. She played her ukelele...I played guitar...so both Dad and Daughter may be playing at her meeting today...we'll see. I was struck again by how good her music is...current...different..far different from mine...but very creative. Makes me proud to hear her creations. MORE BUSY More dates added to my calendar yesterday. When I look at it now...I take a deep breath and have decided to just keep a suitcase partially packed...and buy more guitar strings. But I'm excited to be on the road so much and playing music. Especially the way I get to play music these days...acoustically...in great listening environments and usually with some other talented folks I admire and have become friends with. New Dates: June 28 Inn At The Springs in Siloam, Arkansas. This will be with "Evening In The Round" with Linda Davis and Lang Scott. We'll be in Linda's hometown on June 26 to play at the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame...that she is a member of! Then we'll stop in Arkansas on the way home to play on the lawn at this beautiful place. Check the link to see. Houston TX September 5..a house concert for an old friend who at one time was married to a piano player in my band..and is now married to another talented musician living in Houston. This will be a private event...and I'll fly in a day early to see the Houston baseball park...clicking another one off my list. Looking forward to playing this solo gig for Dennis and Tracy and all of their friends. And we're waiting to confirm...but for all my friends in Cincinnati...stay tuned. It looks like I'll be bringing my "Hits and Grins" trio to town for a show. I'll let you know more when the date firms up.

Have a great weekend!

Rhyming...and On Hold

BILL BLOG Thursday April 30, 2015 Last day of April...hello Kentucky Derby...Indy 500...Mama's Day and more. YESTERDAY Hanging on Music Row writing my my friend Paul Bogart...from Oklahoma...a young kid a few years ago that had his phone ring and it was Garth Brooks who had a neighboring ranch up the road from where Paul grew up on his Dad's ranch. The short of it is that Garth had heard about this kid singer...invited him to the house and they talked in the driveway for an hour. The end conclusion was Garth telling Paul that he had the "goods" to make it in Music City...and should move. And that's where I come in. Trying to write a hit with the kid Garth believes in. For the record...Garth is SO right. I'm not just his co-writer on a bunch of tunes...but I'm a fan...a big fan. Yesterday at Sony Music we got on a heck of an idea. It will require another writing session...but I call those "good days" when I get to be in a creative room with Paul who's getting busier and busier these days...out on the road...in the studio...roping calves still in rodeo event. I'll take a day like yesterday...everyday. HOME My daughter Heather is home. Her Mom picked her up late at the airport...I was sleeping when she hauled her bags in late...and she's snoozing in her old bed upstairs. A good feeling for a Dad...always. This time when she leaves her Mom will fly with her to Miami to provide an extra hand in a little move Heather has coming up. Here in my little office space...I can see her ukelele case that she brought in. She's wearing that little thing out writing some extremely creative things...in different countries these days. I'm just a very partial Dad...but her stuff is interesting...and really good. Quietly...my daughter has probably made more money with bits of her music being used on TV shows and movies that got licensed than her Dad. Would not be surprised at all to see her land a hit before her Dad does...and that would truly rock. SPEAKING OF HITS That's what it's all about for me these days...at this time in my creative life. People set goals? I set a large one for me...hoping to land a song at the top of the charts. Not easy...long odds...but the process is fun...and filled with little victories along the the pot hole filled music journey. Yesterday I got a nice text from my 'Hits and Grins" partner Victoria Venier who was passing along happy news to me and Steve Dean...my other "Hits and Grins" partner. A song the three of us wrote titled "I Ain't Got Nothin" was put on hold by Canadian artist George Canyon. If you watched the show "Nashville Star"...you'll remember this cowboy. Victoria's publishing company LOVES this tune we wrote one day at Victoria's house. I had this little melody I'd been working on...and I was sitting on the couch just doodling that when Steve said..."what is that?" I told him just little melody that I liked and he said "Let's write that"....and the song came out of it...pretty easily. We all like it. We liked it even more when Victoria produced the demo on it. (A demo is a demonstration recording used to pitch to artists) Guess who we chose to sing the demo? Paul Bogart...the story comes full circle. Word is that George FLIPPED over the tune when he heard it and put it on hold. Warner Brothers is Nashville is holding it too...so maybe we're onto something. Fingers crossed. It will be cool when "Hits and Grins" plays out to sing that song if it gets cut and to be able to say on stage it's one the three of us wrote together. TODAY Off to try and finish a song with Jerry Salley today who's getting married in a few weeks. Be nice to write a hit...and have the residuals from it be a wedding gift for him and his bride to be Erin. Have a great Thursday!

Old Friends...New Dates

BILL BLOG Wednesday April 29, 2015 Middle of the week...end of the month...and as the song says, "Too much month at the end of the money". YESTERDAY I had a great afternoon writing with my fiddle playing-singing friend Sydni Perry who I had not seen for awhile. Sydni as I've mentioned before gets called by lots of great folk to come sing with them and or play her fiddle. For years she hung with Patty Loveless...and now that Patty stays on her farm a lot down in Georgia she only does that once in awhile...but....she's out on the road a LOT with Jimmy Fortune who used to be with the Statlers of course providing that high tenor voice that we know him for on songs like "Elizabeth". I had not seen Sydni for awhile...and as will happen to folks who are talented and busy...there was lots to catch up on before we wrote a single note. First...my fingers are firmly crossed for her as she auditioned for a MAJOR country star a few days ago. Something like 40 people will audition for the spot...but this star could surely do much worse than picking my talented young friend here. Part of selecting someone to be in a band is trying to figure out their personality and how they will gel or not gel with others when you're traveling and crammed up together for days and weeks often times on a bus. Again...with that in mind...I'd choose Sydni all day. AS A BONUS Before we started writing my friend Pam Belford dropped by our writing room to say "hi"....she was next door to us in another writing room yesterday so it was great to see her too. Pam co-wrote "If I Know Me" for George Strait..and was a LONG time librarian here at the Nashville Public Library...to support her writing habit. She recently retired and now gets to write songs every days...and I've not seen her happier in a long time. Pam has a great sense of humor and writes a lot of parody songs that she sings on stage. I write a lot of parody songs and sell them to my syndication company in NYC...so we share that warped-funny connection. She brought her guitar into our writing room and said 'I have GOT to play you this new song"....and launched into "Grandma Got Run Over By A Hybrid". (you never hear em' coming) Extremely funny. And then I played her my Bruce Jenner parody of him singing "Man, I Feel Like A Woman" that hit radio stations yesterday. See how SERIOUS my work days are not these days?? LUNCH I had lunch earlier yesterday with my great friend Lang Scott...the brains and talent behind our trio "Evening In The Round" featuring his wife Linda Davis. He informed me to put another date on the calendar...March 2016 in Evans, Georgia. It will be up on my calendar soon with all the details. I'm also getting ready to add a new date in June for the Providence Market Place for "Hits and Grins" with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier. We played this last year and had a great time...so it's nice for them to ask us back. The Market Place is just east of Nashville...close to where we live so we hope to see some local folks out there.

TODAY Off to write with my cowboy friend Paul Bogart. I'm taking a lasso. Have a great Wednesday!

Comedy And Zeppelin Ugly

BILL BLOG Tuesday April 28, 2015 Suns up...and Baltimore is burning. Insanity. YESTERDAY I had a writing cancellation...so mundane stuff for the most part of my Monday. Sat in the emission test line here. Yes...we STILL have to do that. THEN...my daughter Heather was to be home for a business meeting...and she could not get a flight out of Miami because of inclement weather in other parts of the country which filled all the planes up...so we had to postpone that. The downtime was well used by her as she wrote a new song with her ukelele that she sent her Mom and Dad last night. Very cool song...and I'm always happy to get those little musical gifts in e-mail form. BRUCE JENNER I did have to write a parody song for my New York radio-comedy folks. Guess what the subject was. Uh huh. So....today...somewhere on a few morning shows...they are playing a guy...singing as Bruce Jenner would...the Shania Twain classic..."Man, I Feel Like A Woman". THE CONTROVERSY The Bruce Jenner story has created a TON of press...and will continue to for awhile. Some folks have made jokes...and then had to quickly apologize...saying they didn't mean it. Right. Yes you did...but in today's PC world...no one can afford to say what they're really thinking...and maybe shouldn't. So...how do comedians get away with it? First...ya gotta be brave. I'll give you one example of how that happened to me. Small intimate show in Orange Beach, Alabama. Me and my friend Brent Burns. I did a song off my first album titled "Religion Scares The Hell Out Of Me." The song pokes at some of the insanity one observes if they sit in enough church pews. Hey...just because your religious...doesn't mean you're not allowed to laugh at yourself. Here's a lyric from the tune: "There are people here in the south that take up the serpent...leave your hat at the door and bring your python to worship. But if there's a rattle in the pew you'd better think twice before you take your seat....sometimes religion scares the hell out of me." I didn't know it....didn't see it...but my wife told me a lady got out of her seat and stormed out of the show. She was NOT amused. Apparently...she believes you can't poke fun at religion...it's sacred...too serious. Right. The best part? Her husband refused to go with her because he was laughing. If you're gonna be funny...ya gots to be brave sometimes. GOIN' UGLY EARLY So... a really nice guy...who was on the houseboat musical party this past Saturday that I blogged about yesterday told my wife...very sincerely...how his favorite two songs of all time were..."Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin...and "Goin' Ugly Early" by Bill Whyte and Brent Burns. I spit my coffee up when she told me. Led Zepplelin and the writers have made a kazillion dollars from the copyright of that song. "Goin Ugly Early" for Bill and Brent? Uh...not so much. My goal is to get Led Zeppelin to record "Goin Ugly Early". TODAY Off to have an early lunch with my friend Lang Scott...and then a writing session on Music Row with Ms Sydni Perry who's busy these days out on the road playing fiddle and singing with Jimmy Fortune....of the old Statler Brothers group. Always a treat. Have a great Tuesday!

Music On The Water and The House Concert Tour

BILL BLOG Monday April 27, 2014 Sun's up earlier these days...and these day's it's actually nice to report there actually IS a sun! THE WEEKEND If you read my Facebook posts you saw where my wife and I had one of those magical music evenings. A little re-cap of that. Our friends and my partners in "Evening In The Round" (Linda Davis-Lang Scott) have some great friends who own a huge houseboat that floats on beautiful Center Hill Lake...about an hour east of where we live. They gathered some friends...many of them musical and the intention was to set float on the lake. Weather kept us in dock...but we had no rain which meant we had a great evening. The musical highlights were pretty amazing. Jeannie Pruett...who's a huge fan of Linda's was on board. The two of them sang Jeannie's signature hit that I played to death on the radio..."Satin Sheets"...which was a pretty amazing moment. I sang my song "Good Cup of Coffee" at one point...and saw Jeannie laughing her tail off and singing along loudly on the chorus. THAT was a bit surreal for yours truly. Hillary Scott...Lang and Linda's daughter from Lady Antebellum was on board with her talented husband Chris...who plays drums for Lady A...along with their way too cute daughter Eisele who was pretty much fawned over by everyone on board. It was great to to visit with them and see they were more than fine after the bus fire incident everyone knows about in Texas. Hillary at one point sang the Lady A smash "Run To You" with her Dad and her husband who was playing guitar. That brought the boat down. Two of my favorite funny music guys Williams and Ree were on board...and they sang "He Died With His Ding Dong In His Hand." So funny...and the "Indian and the White Guy" continue to be very busy working shows all over the country. If you ever get a chance to go see them...when you're in need of a laugh...go! My new friend and co-writer Zach Runquist was on board too and he played fiddle, guitar, and mando behind everyone who sang that night. He plays for Lee Ann Womack these days...so yea...he's pretty good. And a great guy to boot. There's much more...but I'll stop here and just say thanks to our friends for letting us be part of such a special evening. THEN LAST NIGHT My cell phone rings...it's my daughter Heather calling on Face Time. I answer...and up comes an amazing view of the ocean just off the pool I'm seeing lined by palm trees. She's in Grand Cayman. First words spoken were from me...her loving Father...who shouted into his cell phone loudly three time...YOU SUCK! I heard laughter. She'll be home this evening...we'll laugh some more and then her Mom and I will take her to a little meeting about her music in town this evening. Looking forward to that. TODAY Well...a writing appointment that I was SO looking forward to was cancelled because the one writer got stranded in Dallas last night with really bad weather. Sigh. I can only hope we'll get it re-scheduled. We'll see. So...an unexpected free day will allow me to continue to work on a little solo house concert tour that I'm putting together. The one date for sure is June 13 in Sopchoppy, Florida...but there's been a lot of e-mails and feelers from folks in Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma Missouri, Texas and other places. I'll let you know how it shapes up in a couple of weeks. If you are interested in hosting one...just me and the guitar and the songs at your place for you and your friends...you can e-mail me at info@billwhytecomedy. com. Have a great Monday!

Songwriters and Museums

BILL BLOG Friday April 24, 2015 I don't need a rooster to wake me up at 4:45...we've got a songbird going crazy. Wonder if it knows any Sinatra? YESTERDAY My writing appointment was off Music Row with my friend "The Georgia Quacker"...aka Gerald Smith. Gerald has been writing songs seemingly forever in this town...had some hits. And he's got a great funny side to his writing too. "Where There's A Will....There's A Relative" Check out that bad boy sometime. Gerald had a George Strait kind of idea yesterday...so we wrote that. Before we finished...I told him about a funny comedy song idea I had that he loved...and I also suggested that Wynn Varble...who's been at the top of my wish list for writing songs with would be great as a third writer on this tune. Wynn is a terrific hit writer..."Have You Forgotten" for Daryl Worley..."Waitin' On A Woman" for Brad Paisley...and he has the current Garth hit "Mom". That's just to name a few. But he also writes a ton of funny songs including "Brokeback Mountain" and this funny gem..."Right". Now ...I know Wynn a bit. Tried to corral the cowboy into the writing room a couple of times. I've interviewed him on my radio show on multiple occasions...and I've been in a musical songwriter round with him. But...it took this little idea..."title" to get him in the room on Monday after Gerald called and left this idea on his voice message recorder. Gerald has written with him several times. So...Monday...it's on...and it should be way too much fun to be legal with these two guys. And...I can kick one small thing off my wish list here in Music City. MUSEUM CITY AND...the downtown area is adding more music museums at the same time. Yesterday...the new George Jones museum opened. Not all that long ago...the Johnny Cash museum opened it's doors. And of course we have the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum that recently increased it's size almost double. Gosh...I would think we would be a perfect city for one of those Wax Museums...with nothing but country stars and celebs that are tied to country music. Hey...remember it was my idea. Be nice to see Kellie Pickler in wax mixed with silicone. FLOATING ON A BOAT I might take some skeeter spray with me tomorrow when my wife and I will join our friends Lang Scott and Linda Davis and their invited musical friends and family as we cruise on Center Hill Lake on a huge houseboat tomorrow evening. We did this a few years ago...sailed by what used to be Alan Jackson's mammoth home on the lake and realized that we needed to write a few hits like Chattahoochee...enjoyed wine, food, and music as the guitar was passed around to all the musical guests on board. If the weather holds...this should be another magical evening that will create more than a memory or two to file away. Blessed to have great friends for sure. Have a great weekend! Mullet Toss (biscuits?)

Mrs. Possum...and A Georgia Quacker

BILL BLOG Thursday April 23, 2015 Only 62 for a high today. Still waiting for the heat to bring it. YESTERDAY We had lunch with some great friends Bob and Gigi Mallory. They moved into Music City from Arizona to give their young talented daughter Daisy Mallory a shot at the Music biz. Bob cashed out a very successful business he ran in Phoenix and it's all about Daisy...and I don't blame them. She's young...great...has a good a chance as anyone in this town...and is a great great kid to boot. I've written with her a lot...and root for her about as hard as her parents do. Bob and Gigi gave my wife and me some home-made wine. They have a little time on their hands these days...so why not make your own wine? I made my own beer once in Cincinnati. A craft brewery in Northern Kentucky invited some media folks go come over and make a six pack of beer. We picked out ingredients...a label...and a few days later we went back over to pick it up. It truly was UN-DRINKABLE! Good grief. I'm hoping the wine Bob gave me goes down much easier...and I'm sure it will. Bob is also one of those "champion" type fishermen...TV type in Arizona. If I want to know anything about the great outdoors I can call my brother Gene back in Missouri...or ask Bob. Yesterday at the Mexican restaurant we were at...I got a world class education on ticks...as Bob has had a really bad experience with the nasty creatures. I found out they go for the underbelly on us...moist and warm. I'm raising my shirt now at night to check about what Brad Paisley sang about! Great great folks...with a great kid. Enjoyed sharing enchilada's with them yesterday. HOUSES AND MUSIC I also sent out...and answered some e-mails from friends in mid-west trying to see if I can make this house concert thing work or not. Some interest in Arkansas...Oklahoma...and Florida...so trying to work it out for a little run of just me and my guitar entertaining friends I've made through the years. If you have any interest in having a funny/guy/guitar player/singer/songwriter/bottle-washer come to your house and entertain your friends...drop me a line at info@billwhytecomedy.com THE POSSUM There's a great article in our paper about the late George Jones...and his wife Nancy...who basically saved his life. Got him to quit drinking...turned him into a a much nicer man at the end of his life. When I was on air..if George Jones was my guest...he'd usually call in. I'd be looking for the hot-line to ring at the appointed time. When the line blinked...the voice on the other end was always Nancy who was making sure "No Show Jones" was doing what he was supposed to do. We'd talk...and then I'd hear her say..."George...it's Bill Whyte you're talking to in Milwaukee" ...and then George would take the phone for the interview. Nancy had to sit through the devil in the bottle Jones. She got hit a few time. She stayed. She felt God put her there to change him...and she did. And now she is set to open the George Jones Museum here in Nashville that should be a fascinating place to visit. On his death bed Nancy says George suddenly awoke and said, "well hello there, I've been looking for you. My names George Jones." He then passed away. Nancy is convinced that her husband was talking to God. Here's to the GREAT women in this world who save lives...like Nancy Jones. THE AWARDS SHOW? The ACM Awards show the other night in Dallas had big ratings. Highest in 17 years. It's one of the two BIG country music awards show...and I still don't know which country singer America watched more that night...Alan Jackson or Christina Aguilera. Still waiting on the break out of individual segments. TODAY Off to write with the "Georgia Quacker" Gerald Smith....always fun. Have a great Thursday!

Ballgame and Movie

BILL BLOG Wednesday April 22, 2015 And over the hump we go.... YESTERDAY We had a postcard day here in Nashville...sun...and just cool enough last night to wear a light jacket to the baseball game. Somebody gotta do it. Just me...a cold one...hangin' at the new Sounds stadium. Nothing more peaceful for me. So far the new "Hot Chicken" mascot is a complete dud for me. Just saying. One thing you notice at Nashville sporting events...CONSISTENTLY...we have the best National Anthem singers. Music City. Hello? Makes sense. Last night a blues based female singer with "grit" in her vocal cords just delivered a very cool version. THE MOVIE After seeing the trailer of "Woman In Gold" months ago...we knew we wanted to see this movie with Ms. Mirren...a great actress paired with Ryan Reynolds who plays her young attorney in this true story about trying to get back a painting the Nazi's had stolen from her family during World War II. The movie swings back and forth between LA and Austria. The scenes in Austria are enough to make one want to book a trip their on vacation. I made a note to myself. Ryan Reynold's seems to be an odd choice to play opposite Helen Mirren...but he was good. But...the movie was not exactly what we expected. There's a lot of "flashback" scenes...and we both thought the movie would be more about the court room scenes and the fight to re-attain the 100 million dollar painting. (I have a Elvis on Velvet...not worth 100 million) The movie was a wonderful history lesson..and a reminder of how cruel human beings can be to one another. It's not "Fast and Furious"...which has made over a BILLION dollars now...but if you're in the mood for a history lesson...not an awful choice. UN-PLUGGED In the parking garage I put my car in last night before the ballgame...downtown...there were three or so charging stations for electric cars. None were being used. With gas prices down...guess what? Electric car sales are down. With the extra money saved with low gas prices...many customers are buying beefed up AC's for their new gas guzzling vehicles. That is going to KILL my window ceiling option for cars that I've been trying to sell to Detroit. Geez. TODAY Looks like rain is sneaking back in again and I have no big to do list today. So...I'll be doing that "catch up" thing again...tweaking some songs all by my lonesome...and working on a little house concert run in June...seeing if I can put together enough dates to make that happen. Have a great Wednesday!

Ringing The Blue Bell

BILL BLOG Tuesday April 21, 2015 Light jacket in order today in Nashville...all that rain...cooled things off. Respite today...then maybe a little more rain. These days when I sit in Starbucks it's easy to make myself think I'm drinking java in Seattle. YESTERDAY First time I've written with my pal Brady Seals in awhile. We gathered around guitars and computers at his place in Franklin yesterday...Music City Pickers...so we had LOTS of guitars to choose from. If you're into vintage guitars...Brady's the guy to talk to...as he buys and sells. We wrote a very cool idea that Brady brought to the table about this girl who lives in today's digital world...but in truth is still stuck in the age of vinyl. Fun song...time well spent. Don't forget that Brady will be my writing partner May 29 and 30 in Gatlinburg. Sign up HERE if you'd like and hang out with us in the Smokies. FRIENDS OVER COFFEE One of the things about Nashville that I love is that it is SO competitive...but folks do kind of root for each other. That's born partly out of knowing how hard attaining success can be. Yesterday evening we gathered with a friend who moved here from Wisconsin years ago...like me...she did a little radio up there. She heard my daughter Heather sing recently at a song pull with her ukelele and Heather caught her attention. So long story short...we sat over coffee and she's helping set up a meeting for someone to listen to Heather and her songs. So thank you Lyn for your interest and kindness. In this town...every door that gets opened should be walked through. Either way...it was a great conversation with our little family and her last night. BLUE BELL Aaron Barker is the songwriter here in town who wrote and sings the Blue Bell Ice Cream jingle. More people know about that jingle than they do about his hits like "Love Without End Amen" for George Strait...just to name one. Blue Bell is being re-called over a lysteria scare which makes me wonder if Aaron is up looking at his rhyming dictionary this morning to tweak his ice cream jingle we all sing along with on the radio on TV? My hope is...that with the ice cream being nationwide...that it will not create mass lysteria. (rim shot here please) PERFECT MARRIAGE That would be Willie Nelson now having his own brand of pot to sell...legally for a change. Believe it or not...it was National Pot Day this past weekend. And now comes this...Willie and Merle got together to record this song..."It's All Going To Pot". Buddy Cannon...who produces Kenny Chesney for one...produced this...and you can see him and all the musician's having fun being a part of it in the video. Perfect fit...and I'm jealous I didn't think of that title. PUT ME IN COACH My calendar opened up the rest of this week. It's ever changing...but for sure today I'm not writing with anyone. I do have to write a parody song about the new Star Wars movie that will be out in December. The old guys are back in action carrying their light sabers and it should be HUGE when it's released. So...I'm thinking that MAYBE I'll sneak out to our new ballpark here in Nashville tonight...take my daughter and a couple of light jackets and take in a little Sounds baseball. Pretty good life when you can spend some of your time like that with your kid. Have a great Tuesday!


BILL BLOG Monday April 20, 2015 April showers...? Been more like April floods round here. HOW HIGH'S THE WATER MAMA? Yesterday my family...including daughter Heather...tried to make a birthday party for our friend Ginny Foley. The party was at Glenn and Karen Wheeler's house....OUT in the country. Rain...lots of rain. We got all the way there...turned to go down there hill to the house that was to be filled with friends and singers and pickers...only to see two cars checked up in front of what is usually a teenie stream of water that you cross to get to their house. It was a mini-Niagra Falls we were looking at. All three cars decided to not chance it and we went home...and I know we weren't the only ones. Ginny...happy birthday girl! We were all thinking bout you as we quietly sang that Johnny Cash classic to ourselves..."How High's The Water Mama". ACM AWARDS SHOW f you want to know what I thought of the show...open up my timeline on Facebook and read the posts. It's become tradition...posting and watching the show at the same time. Sort of a printed radio show going on...and it's fun for me to see friends following and commenting from all over the country. No big surprises for me awards wise. Miranda is dominating these days...so is Luke. Steven Tyler needs to stop buying his pants at Goodwill. Performance wise...gosh...I really liked the more stripped down ones. George Strait...Alan Jackson...Garth...those are the one's that worked for me. The moshing of pop stars with country stars? I don't think one of those moments added much value...but I get it. It's a TV show. Put some train wrecks together if you can...get people buzzing on the social network. I'm sure the show will have big ratings. The Taylor Swift-Mom moment was very classy. Good luck to her Mom battling cancer. Garth sold his favorite truck at auction out in Dallas for 287,000 bucks or so...then bought it back with the money going to charity. Pretty cool. He may never dominate the charts again like he once did...but the dude can still fill up stadiums anytime he wants to. He's an entertainer. Hope you enjoyed the show...and the commentary. NO EARLY CALL My phone rang late into the show last night. The WSM folks put me on stand by because the morning guy Bill Cody was not feeling well last night. He may have taken ill after hearing Tony Romo make that "balls" joke last night. So I was half expecting to hear it to ring around 4:30 AM and I would have to fly in and do the morning show. Phone never rang...glad to know that Bill is feeling better. I'll let you know the next time they put me behind the WSM microphone...which is always a treat. Okay...time to grab an umbrella and a guitar. Have a great Monday!