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Amylee & The 2nd Line / Blog


Sometimes I’m not as observant as I should be. It’s been a long day, and I’m proud to say that I’ve battled the best of angst and disgust through the better part of it. After registering expenses, cold call booking, and watching the much needed rain hit the towns north of me, I’m just....done.

Or not.

So, the children went to bed. Ahhhh, but there’s my precious little one. Of course. She’s in the bathroom. Of course.

I won’t bore you with the whole conversation, but all in all it’s time for me to check her butt. Yes. That’s what I do. I check her butt. And it’s nasty. So while I’m cleaning her up, I notice the toilet seat...another conversation ensues...I notice the sink...here’s another conversation...and then the underwear. Wonderful. My child pooped her pants, swiped the pile out of her britches and tried to shove it down both the toilet and the sink.

My day is NOT over.

This is my payback; I know. I’ve been through this once already with my older daughter. At least this time the poo made its way into the bathroom instead of inside her closet and every little tiny door that a small hand can open in the damn toy kitchen. Oh, believe me. That was a fun day too. Anyway, I was promised twofold, and I got twofold. I’m okay with that. Thanks, a lot, Mom.

I wonder sometimes why I don’t sit down and write when I want to write, or return phone calls when I think about it. Where does my time go? No fear, I always get my “aha” moment. Believe me, my little ladies aren’t the only excuses I’ll pull out of the hat, but they are two that I keep on a revolving door. Thanks for the reminder once again, baby girl.

So....yeah, it’s time to move on.

Here are a few updates on the band: We have had a great time on the road recently. The towns and venues we have visited have been so incredibly welcoming. I’m positive I can speak for the band and say we can’t wait to visit you guys again.

In the coming weeks/months, we are looking forward to quite a few other great trips. Two festivals in particular will raise money for great causes - The Bikes, Blues, and BBQ festival in Freeport, Texas will be raising money to support their local chapter of the VFW and the Blues for a Cause festival in Pine Bluff, Arkansas will be raising money for musicians without medical insurance. As many of you know, both are causes very near and dear to this band, so we can’t wait!!

In the meantime, we are also finishing up our promised EP for the fall as well as working with a couple of artists on some other upcoming items that I consider pretty cool. Keep watching, and I’ll let you guys know when it’s time!

For now, it’s time to sign off and go ensure I took care of all the poop stains. Enjoy your night!

Always, ~Amylee

Ahhh...the holidays!

I’m going to enjoy this one because I know so many of you will be right there with me. Let me begin by saying that no matter what I write here in a few minutes, I really do love this season. It’s a time when you are allowed to give and share freely, with nobody questioning your motives. Time is spent with family and friends, and more memories are created than discarded. Every year, as the holidays approach, and then slowly creep by, I wonder...When the hell will this end!?

I think what I have the hardest time with are the massive amounts of “joy” that are added to my already overflowing plate. I have to start stacking my second helpings of chores and errands right on top of my giant portions of everyday life. It’s never a surprise when the plate tips, everything slides off, and then hits the floor in a big mess of unaccomplished tasks.

I did, however, manage to keep my productivity level up during the season this year. Yes I did; yes I did. I have a whole list of my accomplishments that I can boast about, which makes me one proud lady. So, without any further delay, here they are:

-I can now proudly announce that I am the owner of 13 brand spanking new unfinished songs. The incomplete album will be titled “Fragments of an ADD Mind.” Look for it early 2021.

-I also managed to spend a lot of time in the kitchen! It was very important to me to play my part this year. Yes, friends, Amy Lee taste tested every ounce of food that everyone else slaved over. I dished out handfuls of thanks and compliments to the chefs too. Pretty good stuff, ay?

-I refrained from cussing at least once while I sliced my fingers repeatedly trying to get Barbies and other assorted toys out of their packaging. With my mouth, this was no easy charge, mind you.

-I think my proudest moment this season, though, was when my husband and I served pork to a Jewish friend...smack in the middle of Chanukah. Yeah, that was cool. Talk about a flub of the brain to make you feel especially thoughtful. Wow.

So, now the season is winding down, and a new year is on the rise. My children have spread their 500 new noise-making toys throughout the house in order for us to have a constant reminder of their appreciation for being given stuff they want. It’s so awesome to see how grateful they are.

We have many things coming in the new year, as I am sure do you. I’ve loved 2010. Not every moment has been simple or perfect, but I have many things that I am proud to carry with me into 2011. I look forward to walking with ease through beautiful times, and jumping hurdles like an Olympian through the less than pleasant moments. Amazingly, I even look forward to getting knocked down here and there. That is when I will take my rest.

So friends, enjoy today, and your thoughts of times to come. From The Second Line, my family, and me, Happy New Year to you and yours. May your dreams get bigger, yet closer at every turn.

Love to all! ~Amylee

Dear John

You’re loud, obnoxious, and full of arrogance. I don’t like you. You’ve made it well known you don’t like me. I think we both realized a long time ago that there are no pretenses between us. We are not friends, and never will be. My face snarls into a twisted mess of horror and exasperation from the second I see you. You fail to even notice my existence when I enter your self-loving bubble of a world. It’s happened time and time again, and now...I’m done. If I ever see you again, it will be too soon.

Oooooooh Banjo Mart, how I have come to loathe thee.

It’s not the fact that you, and all of your personalities, think it’s okay for me to spend two hours of my day in your grip in order to leave with a mic stand. It’s not the “This guitar is too good for you” riff that your undiscovered rockstar salesmen must always play before passing on the guitar to a prospective buyer. It’s not even the fact that you have the egos of 50 of those undiscovered rockstar salesmen walking around the store without leashes at any given time. It’s just time to part ways. You can’t woo me back. Honestly, I’ve met someone else.

He showed up at my door the other day. He’s strong, good looking, and has a soothing nature about him. He even showed up with a bundle of flowers. Okay, well maybe there weren’t flowers, but he did bring a nice letter. He told me I’ll never have to waste time again begging for someone to help me in my time of need. He will always come to me. All I have to do is call. His name is Carvin. And I love him.

Goodbye forever.



In the beginning, there was...no money. :)

Getting a band off the ground has to be the most simple thing I’ve ever done. Yeah, it was a brilliant idea, really. Everyone should do it. It ranks right up there with basic training. That was pretty simple too. (Happy Veteran's Day by the way.) Days are calm, nights are restful. We wake up, drink some coffee until the afternoon, worry about nothing, and watch Conan’s new show until we fall asleep. Oh yeah, it truly is the good life...and of course, it’s going to make us rich!

Now that I’ve released all of that sarcasm out of my system, maybe I can move forward...Nah. It’s in my nature to see the harsh realities of life in an over-exaggerated manner, and I would hate to give that up. Let’s have some more.

The last several months have been crazy, really. There have been photo shoots, demo recording sessions, file mixing and mastering, band practice, website building, press kits, and now....blogging. Our schedule is different everyday, which sends my self-diagnosed organizational OCD into full-fledged metaphoric hyperventilation. (THAT was a mouthful.) Gear has failed, my voice has cracked, and I seem to have lost a few pennies and gained a few pounds along the way. What can I say? Chocolate soothes me. I just want to click a button and have everything created, blending perfectly together like a cold rainy day, a blanket, me and my couch. Has anyone found a way to make that “Easy Button” work!? Ahhhh...‘Tis the life of four people who don’t do anything halfway.

Anyway...So, now that everything is created, it’s time to launch the sites and reign in the fans. And here it goes!! Click! This is going to be amazing. Watching those numbers creep up will satisfy my nerves AND my ego... I can’t wait!

No fans yet. I’ll check a little later.

Still no fans. Maybe they’re all on MySpace (heh).

No fans there.

Back to ReverbNation...Facebook???

Crap. Maybe I didn’t do something right. Although the box said very clearly, “Are you sure you want to publish this page?” I MUST have clicked no. Yes, that must be it.

Oh, hello...what’s this...?

Wait for it, wait for it... We have ONE FAN!!!! THANKS, MOM!!! ;)~

So, kiddos, the moral of this story is that the beginning of online band promotion is fun, exciting, and EASY. You know, creating your webpage, Facebook Fan page, and all the rest. Holy hell! You’re telling me we need a MySpace Music page too!?! BUT NOBODY USES MYSPACE! And it’s no wonder why. The damn site barely connects with any other sites. Facebook, Twitter and the like have realized that if they want to be successful “Social Networks” they better play nice with all the other kids on the block. But not MySpace, oooooh no. For some reason, they are above making things easy. STOP BEING ANTISOCIAL MYSPACE! Okay, okay. I’m liable to tick off our MySpace fans with this post, but if I lock my doors I’m sure I can keep both of them out. No seriously, I’m just poking fun. If you have managed to become a fan on MySpace, I commend your efforts, and you deserve a T-shirt.

Things you would never know...(an oldie but a goodie)

I got accused of being a flirt today...I know...Astonishing. What's even more comical is that I was also threatened with the idea that my husband would be told about my flirtations. God forbid they tell the man who has known me since I was 16 about my evil tendancies. For shame Amy Lee! For shame! Gosh, I sure hope he doesn't read my blog either.

Also on my mind on this glorious 90+ degree day: No one should ever have to try and get ready using a 2x4 inch mirror. Yes, my dear ones, this is the sad life of a girl who decided that cheaper was better when remodeling a bathroom that we were not supposed to be using three weeks past the conclusion of Operation Trick the Buyers. It's terrible. I think Karma came to take a chunk of my hiney. To explain further, the Target Special vanity mirror/cabinet looked pretty, but was never quite sturdy. After weeks of struggling with opening the cabinet door ever so softly, the mirror decided that it had been trapped in a constraining world for too long. Yes, I'm afraid so. With one simple yank from a six-year-old hand, the mirror took the plunge. Identification has not been released pending the notification of next of kin. But anyway, back to my tragic reality. I now have a tiny mirror propped up INSIDE the cabinet. It's okay though since we're able to see directly through the frame of the door. Don't get me wrong. How blessed I feel to have this micro-mirror gingerly placed against the cabinet wall. I'm especially grateful when I walk in the bathroom and see my husband's facial hair covering each shelf of the cabinet because he has to place his entire face inside in order to see while shaving. It's awesome I tell you. It's true that I do have other mirrors in the house. We have a very large vanity mirror in our bedroom. Unfortunately, the light is poor in there. Okay, no. It just plain sucks. My oldest daughter also has a large vanity mirror in her room. However, as soon as I step into her room, free reign is apparently given to her to start tugging on my leg every 1.2 seconds, making sure that I get .8 seconds in between to do a lightning fast sweep of powder on my face. Bless my children.

So, this is it my sweets. I have spilled my woes and now my gaping wounds may begin to heal. And remember, please don't tell my husband that I have pet names for each and every one of you. XOXOXO  ;)