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Sleepy Creek Samba Recording

A new recording has been made of Sleepy Creek Samba. David Arivett used a Sibelius MIDI file of my score and created a recording that sounds like a violin, woodwind quintet, and rhythm section. The recording can be heard at the Sleepy Creek Samba page on my website. [...]

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Why Six Horns?

"Why did I decide to use 6 horns in my ensemble scores?" I ask myself this question every time a friend with a 5-horn ensemble asks if I have something they can play. While I have several scores for 5 horns, the ensemble pieces that I consider to be among my best work are written for 6 horns. There is a reason why I settled on 6 as being an optimal number for my writing. Simply put, when I write for an odd number of horns it seems to me that the middle line is boxed in by the lines on ...

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Baltimore Rowhouse Arrangement

George Spicka finished transcribing my hand-written score for Baltimore Rowhouse into Sibelius. This piece is for jazz soloist, 5 horns, and rhythm section. Flexible instrumentation is used to enable the music to be played by many configurations of instruments. The Baltimore Rowhouse page on my website has a link to the ensemble score. Bands that are interested in playing this piece can write to me from the Contact page. A demo recording is in progress. [...]

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Welcome Page

A Welcome To My Site page has been added to my website. It gives first-time visitors a quick overview of the site along with suggestions for exploring my music. A link to it is on the navigation menu.  [...]

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Appalachian Awakening Recording

A new recording has been made of Appalachian Awakening. David Arivett used a Sibelius MIDI file of my score and created a recording that sounds like a violin soloist, woodwind quintet, and rhythm section. The recording and new video can be heard at the Appalachian Awakening page on my website. [...]

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Sunset On The Chesapeake Recording

James Barr, a guitarist friend in Asheville, NC, made a new recording of my tune Sunset On The Chesapeake. Many thanks Jim!http://www.reverbnation.com/jamesbarr/song/21933141-sunset-on-chesapeake-2-mm-102-by The recording can also be heard at the Sunset On The Chesapeake page on my website. [...]

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Saving The Farmhouse Video

The Saving The Farmhouse video has been updated with new photos. A big thank you to Jack Soronen and Jack Shaffer for their latest work on the house. The video can be seen at Youtube or the Morgan Arts Council page on my website. [...]

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Originals On Internet Radio

Being a curious person, I decided in 2013 to see how some of my originals might do with diverse audiences at several internet radio sites. This was done as an experiment. Based upon a friend's suggestion, I started with Hardcoremix Radio. I was amazed by how well my originals -- including Blues for Lester and New Tango No. 3 -- did with the listeners at Hardcoremix. I then branched out to have my music at BluesJazzRadio, Jango Radio, and several other sites. Importantly, I do not ...

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Today's Featured Music

Starting today, different originals will be featured on the Home page of my site. The music presented in the Today's Featured Music section will rotate through the list of my originals that have recordings.  [...]

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Changes To My Site

I decided that the Bonus Track and Previous Featured Music pages are no longer needed. Bonus Track has been deleted. The Previous Featured Music page has been converted to More Originals. The new page has a list of links to a selection of my originals. A link to the More Originals page is on the navigation menu.  [...]

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