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Productiontrax is my latest effort to branch out in music licensing. This music library is flexible in having licenses for both personal and commercial uses. A personal license (non-profit use) is $20 and a commercial license (for-profit use) is $75 for each of my MP3 files. The cost for WAV files is slightly higher. I currently have 15 tracks in Productiontrax's catalog. Purchasing a license and receiving the download file is an easy process at the Productiontrax website. Multi-track packa...

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Site Improvements For Smartphones

Thanks to Weebly, my website should work on any desktop or mobile device. That said, until recently all of the work that I have done on my site has been in desktop edit mode. For the past couple of days I have looked at each page of my site in mobile edit mode. I discovered that minor changes were needed in the formatting of several pages. I also discovered that embedded code for Vimeo video players, which I had been using, was problematic for mobile. So, I went back to using the Weebly bui...

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The Sailmaker's Cat

The Sailmaker's Cat has been added to my website. It is an older fiddle tune that I recently found in my music files. I remembered that I liked this tune and decided to dust it off. Fiddle players (and other musicians) are welcome to give it a try. [...]

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Early Childhood Music Education Foundation

The Early Childhood Music Education Foundation was founded by musician friend Rich Pulin. Please visit the foundation's website and read about its mission and projects. If it inspires you, consider giving your support. http://www.theearlychildhoodmusiceducationfoundation.org [...]

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Rich Pulin's Jazz Program 4/4/15

Rich Pulin's 'Pulin 4 Jazz' internet radio program is on each Saturday afternoon starting at 3:00 (Eastern time). Rich is based in Las Vegas. He is going to feature Baltimore Rowhouse and New Tango No. 1 around 3:30 this Saturday. I will have a short on-air conversation with Rich between my recordings.http://page.cloudradionetwork.com/pulin/ [...]

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Samba Da Aguia Pescadora Recording

David Arivett made a recording of Samba Da Aguia Pescadora. The demo sounds like flute, piano, bass, and drums. It can be heard at the Samba Da Aguia Pescadora page on my website. The recording has also been added to my agreement with PARMA Licensing and is available for placement in TV & film.  [...]

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A Shift In My Music

It feels to me that a shift is happening in my music. Over the years I have seen how I go in cycles. For many years I focused much more on writing (in particular, writing tunes) than playing. For around 7 years it turned around and I focused almost entirely on playing and did very little writing. Then, around 5 years ago it was like a creative dam burst open and I focused heavily on developing concepts and writing for mid-size ensemble. Now, I am feeling a shift back to tunes. While I...

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Blues For Lester Recording Project

A composer friend suggested to me that I try Patreon as a way to enable friends of my music to give their financial support to one of my projects. Patreon is similar to Kickstarter and Indiegogo in how fans can collectively raise money for an artist's event or project. My Blues For Lester Recording Project is a collaboration with David Arivett. David created a demo recording of my Blues For Lester score for mid-size jazz ensemble in 2014. The demo gives one an idea of how the score [...]

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A New Vision

I have been composing for many years. For whatever reason, I have become frustrated with music lately and it feels like I am a dog chasing its tail. Trying to understand why this is happening, several insights came to me today:1.)  One of my music goals is to have recordings of my originals heard by a broad audience. Happily, this is working well for me online. My website has many visitors each month and a selection of my music is played on a variety of sites (internet radio, youtube, ...

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Fairness For Musicians

This is part of a message that I received today in an email from Bandcamp:  "If you give fans easy ways to directly support the artists they love, they'll take you up on it every time". Is this statement true? During the years of vinyl recordings, and later with CDs, music listeners purchased a physical product. Now, in today's world of digital music -- while one can purchase music downloads from sites like ITunes, CDBaby, and Bandcamp -- many people listen to music without paying...

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