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Roger Aldridge / Blog

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Social Media Buttons

Buttons for Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Vimeo, and RSS Feed have been added to the header of each page on my website. Use the Contact page for email. [...]

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Music Videos At Vimeo

After using Youtube for many years, I have come to prefer Vimeo for sharing my music videos. Currently, I have 13 videos at Vimeo. More will be added over time. In addition, the embedded videos on my website -- such as on the Virtual Concert page -- have been changed from Youtube to Vimeo.  https://vimeo.com/raldridge [...]

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Baltimore Rowhouse Recording

A new recording has been made of Baltmore Rowhouse. David Arivett added the horn lines in my mid-size ensemble score to the small group recording that was made for me several years ago by Jason Shapiro and Philadelphia-area music friends. This is the closest thing that I have so far to a live recording of my mid-size ensemble pieces. It can be heard at the Baltimore Rowhouse page on my website.  [...]

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Composers Circle

Thanks to  Eric Guinivan for featuring my composition Donut Music at Composers Circle. http://composerscircle.com/roger-aldridge/ An information page for Composers Circle has been added to my site. [...]

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Music Licensing Page

A Music Licensing page has been added to my website. A link to it is on the navigation menu. The page describes how my music can be used in TV and film.  [...]

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Woodwind Quintet Jazz

Looking For: A woodwind quintet to collaborate with a jazz group for the purpose of creating fun and adventurous music.I have been a fan of the woodwind quintet for many years. One reason is I like how each instrument in the ensemble -- flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, and bassoon -- has an individual tone color. Yet, they blend together beautifully as a collective. When I began to focus on writing for mid-size jazz ensemble several years ago, I used a woodwind quintet as a role model in...

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Store Page

A Store page has been added to my website. A link to it is on the navigation menu. One can purchase MP3 downloads and sets of ensemble scores & parts.  [...]

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CSIC Project

One of my first projects in 2015 is to help promote Composers & Schools in Concert. This organization brings together contemporary composers and high school musicians. It is an honor to be a part of the CSIC community.  In 2013 I was contacted by Lisa Oman, CSIC Executive Director, and Nick Benavides, Program Director. They expressed an interest in my composition Salt Marsh Rag and asked for my permission to have it added to the CSIC Score Library. I was not familiar with CSIC. However, [.....

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MP3 Downloads

A selection of my originals are available at Bandcamp for $1.00 per track. Purchasing these downloads is an easy way to help to fund new recordings of my music. https://rogeraldridge.bandcamp.com/  [...]

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Blues For Lester Recording

A new recording has been made of Blues For Lester. David Arivett created a recording that sounds like violin, woodwind quintet, and rhythm section. It can be heard at the Blues For Lester page on my website. David went all out in making this recording of my score! [...]

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