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Version 2.0

It has been 6 months since I launched my website on October 11, 2013. Since then, I have continued to work on it in various ways: adding new music, new pages, and general tinkering. With the latest changes, I am thinking of this as Version 2.0 of my site.Among the new features are: Home page has several cha [...]

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Welcome Page

A Welcome page has been added to my website. It gives first-time visitors a quick overview of the site along with suggestions for exploring my music. A link to it is on the Home page. [...]

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Unrecorded Pieces

I decided to add three newer pieces that have not been recorded to my site. They are New Tango No. 6, New Tango No. 7, and Smaller Ups And Downs. Each one has a page with a link to its lead sheet or score.    [...]

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Applying for a Grant

Monica Shriver, Director of Doublers Collective, and I are collaborating on an exciting project: Doublers Collective will perform and record a concert to premiere seven of my compositions for mid-size jazz ensemble. We have applied for a grant from New Music USA to fund this project. The application was [...]

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Looking for Collaborators

As many of you know, my focus is on composition and not as much on the performing side. I am looking for players and ensembles that would like to collaborate with me to work with my originals. Besides the music presented on my website, I have a considerable amount of material that has not been recorded. The l [...]

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Goals For My Music

Several friends asked me recently about the goals I have for my music and website. Thinking about it, it is safe to say that my goals are similar to those of most musicians: having an audience for one's music, performances, recordings, etc. However, since my focus is on composition instead of performing, there is a particular slant to my goals. As I envision it, I have four primary goals in 2014 for my music and website: &n [...]

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The Climate Message

Warren Senders has an exciting project: The Climate Message. He describes it as: "This is a new project at the intersection of musical creativity and environmental activism, and I want to ask for your participation. It’ll take you 3 minutes, tops — very simple, very easy, very important. I am building an on [...]

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Beyond Notation

Whenever people ask me to describe my music I often include the words fun and adventure. These qualities are expressed in how I encourage performers of my music to think of it as being a point of departure, to discover their vision of the music, to experiment with it, and find ways for the music to be a fresh, fun, and adventurous experience each time it is performed. For that to happen, I usually [...]

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Finding My Voice

When I think about the music that I wrote in the 1960's and 70's, with a few exceptions, I cringe over how derivative it was. It would be a terrible embarrassment if any of it was performed now. To be kind to myself, I had not yet found my voice when I wrote those pieces. However, my music underwent significant changes after I moved to Maryland in 1983 and started to compose again in 1989 after being away from music for 12 [...]

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Salt Marsh Rag Published

ArtifexMusic has published Salt Marsh Rag (for 5 wind instruments and jazz rhythm section). ArtifexMusic is based in the Netherlands and has worldwide music distribution. See my ArtifexMusic page for details.    [...]

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