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Lord Giver / Blog


Happiness- having everything you want and need. Stability,Peace,and Love. No problems. No worries. No regrets. Man and woman strive for happiness. A law of order must be established to insure happiness. A concept involving positive thinking and action. A concept to provide aid in the form of generosity. Quid,Pro,Quo- I'll do something for you,if you do something for me. We need to give happiness to others to receive happiness in return. "A conscientious person finds it very difficult to decide between voluntary (to volunteer) and imposed (to victimized) charity. He wants to do what is right and just and finds it perplexing trying to decide exactly who he should help and what degree of aid should RIGHTFULLY be expected of him"- A. Lavey Problems is an element that prevents happiness. Sometimes we don't always have the solution,so we go to others for help to maintain our personal happiness. Everyone has their own Code of Conduct. They will tell you honestly what they want in return (money,sex, a favor,etc.) for their involvement,of sacrificing their time,money,and themselves to make you happy again. If you dislike the offer ,refuse and find other options. If you accept the offer then you must do the right thing and do what you say your gonna do and keep the agreement. If the person fails to keep their promise,then you owe them nothing,but consequence. Solving problems ourselves without going to others for help just makes a self-reliant,and that is a powerful strength to have. This formula prevents people from being used and victimized. The idea is to keep happiness circulating,preventing lazy,selfish people from emerging.

My Symbol

My symbol represents 5 historical signs,that relate to me an ideals I relate with. I am an Aquarius. 1) Cosmic solar cross: Represents Divine Order,The Sun,4 elements,4 seasons,4-cell stage of development,and 4 directions. 2) The Pentagram: represents the sign of man being imperfect,falling from grace,no longer closer to god,has become separated from divinity. It has a rough outline of a human body standing with arms and legs spread apart. 3)The Horns: represent a symbol of divinity and sexual power,according to ancient Egypt and Sumeria. Aquarius, in Sumerian is GULA, which means; HORNED BEAST 4) 9 Satanic Statements: represents all of Anton Lavey's ideals and concepts,that I respect. They are very insightful. They have enhanced my life with awareness. 5) Squiggly Y : dates back to the 4th Century. It is part of the Hebrew alphabet. Each letter has a specific meaning. This one means AQUARIUS (meditation)


I am a one man act. That's the way I like it.

No compromising.

No fighting.

No dividing.

Lord Giver

I want to leave a legacy for myself. How does one do that?

"What I make is what I am. I can't be forever."- M. Manson

I want to have my own media empire of music,art,and stories.

Master or Ruler can be defined as a Lord. Where, Giver means to deliver and to make gifts.