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Austin Schell / Blog

Musician/Composer for Hire

I am a composer with a broad range. I've written music that ranges from incidental music for film, electronic compositions for modern dance, jazz, rock, folk, pop, electronica, funk, and the list goes on. I have a good grounding in classical and jazz theory but am just as comfortable working with sounds, samples, and other modern compositional techniques.

I play guitar and bass and virtual instruments including sample players, synths and drum machines. I never sample beats but always bake them from scratch. I have been known to use samples of machinery, traffic, animals, shortwave radio broadcasts and such in my music.

As a musician I have performed in groups ranging from swing and salsa to folk, indie rock and funk.

I also do arranging work and write horn parts for bands and shows.

If you need someone to write or arrange music for you, contact me via this site.