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Debut Album UNLEASH HELL soon to be released!!

Must Not Kill is finally coming to an end with our new album Unleash Hell. Recorded and mixed by Mark Prator of Red Room Recorders, Tampa FL.. Expect a release date sometime in Jan of 2014. In the process of working up new merch designs and tons of other cool shit. Keep a look out for up and coming shows. If you havent already, be sure to check out our early release lyric video "FIST" on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uHjySZBu4g

Happy Holidays

From all of us in MNK, thank you for the support and a great 2012. New full lenght in the works for 2013 & make sure to stop out at the crowbar on JAN 30th with Wretched. Happy Holidays. Be safe.

We are back

We have been taking some time with our new drummer Matt Lammert and vocalist Dean Carden to get down some new material and we are please to say, it is coming out awesome. We will be hitting the studio in April and a bunch of shows are coming up so keep posted.


We have had the pleasure of doing some great shows as of late, getting some good exposure, meeting awesome new people, playing new venues and we're still holdin it down at #1 for Tampa metal! We owe it to everyone who has supported, promoted, liked, watched, attended, moshed, bled, vomitted, injured or jammed w/ us! blood...you know you love it.


Just posted lyrics for Sunday Offering and Leave It Dead. Go to the page and check them out. There is a "lyrics" button next to the songs. We posted live video performances of the songs too, bang that head, memorize these lyrics and scream them back at Kyle at the next show!!...that'll really freak him out!

State Theater 9-11

We wanna say thanx to Deana and J-Rock for getting us on the show this past weekend at The State Theater in St. Pete. The Anti-Hero Tour featuring Bleeding Through and After The Burial had a great turnout and provided us the opportunity to play in front of a great, energetic crowd. There are some video clips of the performance on our page sogo and check them out! St. Pete represent!


Yesterday marked the launch of our new website www.mustnotkill.com. Big thanx to Deana of Deanadoll Designs and Management for her help in making the site happen. Go and check it out!! http://www.mustnotkill.com

2010 Mayhem Fest reviews!

From Tampa Bay Online http://www2.tbo.com/content/2010/aug/10/110906/rain-a-welcome-opening-act-at-mayhem-fest-2010/tboextra-music/ From Tampabay.com http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/soundcheck/content/review-photos-mayhem-festival-brings-korn-rob-zombie-lamb-god-tampa From Creative Loafing http://blogs.creativeloafing.com/dailyloaf/2010/08/12/concert-review-rockstar-energy-drink-mayhem-festival-at-ask-gary-amphitheatre-in-tampa-with-lots-of-photos/