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Tales from the Highway (Official Blog)

You can check out Joad's official blog "Tales From the Highway" here: http://adamjoad.blogspot.com/

Skeleton Dixie!

Full Length coming 2013!!!

Rock and Roll, Metal, Southern Mayhem Updates!!!

Welcome, Welcome. It's been awhile since we used the blog format and we missed it. We've been having so much fun with the pictures you guys have been sending in of your bikes and folks wearing SH gear on Facebook that we neglected our favorite little blog spot. Anyway, there's lots of SH news and we wanted you to hear about it!

*The album has landed, not quite like and eagle but more like a Turkey Buzzard lurking around the top of the ridge waiting to pick some meat off a rotting Buck that someone didn't track well after they hit it from their tree stand in the fall. It's also been selling like mad, which is where you come in. If you want a copy stop by Guitar Center Sherman Oaks or the Scattered Hamlet General Store (scatteredhamlet.com) and get yourself one with limited edition artwork and packaging. If digital music is your thing stop by iTunes and download the Ep.

*We released the Hillbilly Harmony video to coincide with our Warped Tour appearance this summer, if you haven't seen it check it out in our video section. You can always find killer SH behind the scenes videos on Malibusatanpromotion on youtube as well. Some crazy character named malibu satan follows us around and films the daily lives of Hillbilly Rockers living in LA.

*SH recently took a mini tour to Northern California with our friends and tour-mates Love and a .38. Special thanks to Ground Zero Board Shop party for putting together a sold out event! Also special thanks to the new fans and friends we made while we were in town.

*SH would like to formally announce their affiliation with the Innerlight Agency. We join Destrophy and a killer line up of bands using the respected agency! Stop by and check out the iLA roster and support!

So that's it for now, stay tuned for more shows, tour announcements and lots of amazing things cooking in the Scattered Hamlet universe.

Scattered Hamlet Team