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Dyan Kane / Blog


Hello there! I could not list ALL my songs off my new CD, DYATRIBE, here on Reverbnation because 2 of them - 'HOW INSENSITIVE' and 'PYRAMID SONG' - are too LONG for storage capacity. However, if you order my cd from www.dyankanemusic.com, you will hear short excerpts of EVERY SONG, and can order a copy of DYATRIBE from there! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! A portion of sales goes to Ric O'Barry's www.dolphinproject.org, which can boast of GREAT NEWS TODAY: the United Nations Environment Program officially condemns Taiji's relentless and bloody dolphin drive hunts!! The world is waking up and taking action to stop this. Ric O'Barry trained Flipper the Dolphin for the TV show FLIPPER back in the 70's. When one held it's breath and committed suicide in his arms, Ric O'Barry stopped the training of dolphins and re-focused his life on SAVING dolphins worldwide. By then, Taiji had begun hunting dolphins for the worldwide Seaquarium trade (such as Seaworld), selling the pretty ones for $10's of $1000's per dolphin, while slaughtering the rest for meat consumption. The practice is horrifically inhumane. Ric O'Barry helped produce the Oscar winning documentary THE COVE, exposing Taiji's horrid dolphin hunt and slaughter. THE COVE has raised worldwide awareness for the plight of these highly evolved, satient, intelligent cetaceans. Celebs and gov't officials (like Caroline Kennedy) have jumped into action. Each year, millions of people worldwide sign petitions, fax & call officials and stage major protests. This year, some of Japan's citizenry finally took to the streets. It is only a matter of time before Taiji is shamed into stopping this horrific, bloody, annual slaughter (Sept - April). A portion of sales from DYATRIBE go to help Ric O'Barry and his team fight to stop this heinous and barbaric slaughter and criminal capture of dolphins for entertainment and profit. Your purchase of this CD will help. THANK YOU! ENJOY THE MUSIC!


You pledge $20. We raise $3000 in 10 days and I record with the amazing jazz pianist ROBERT TURNER! A 5 song EP with some surprises in store! You get your autographed copy plus your name on the insert! We have 10 days ! GO!