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Tribal Affair Music Group / Blog

Music Marketing

Marketing your individual beats on the web with your own Internet site can be as simple 123. This simple hit marketing Internet site software package is designed for the independent composer that wishes their very own beat web site. This program will permit you to publish up to 250 of your own beats and you can sell all of them for whatever price you want to sell them for. You no more have to promote and brand other blog and designers because you market your preferred tracks. Installing the website is simple and, you have the software program authorize forever.

How would you gain Through the use of your individual Beat Marketing Internet site? There are plenty of benefits to having your own personal beat website. 1. You keep 100% of the revenue. 2. Not like when you’re at the web site utilizing countless producers, you can manufacturer your individual beat content as well as the website traffic. You never have to worry. 3. You can rest assured that whatever you sell you get to keep all of your money. 4. You don’t have to pay for any importing charges. With your own individual site, you get paid completely on a regular basis.

You personally benefit from running your individual hit web site. You are now in full control. Make the move today and obtain your beat website on the Internet. Exactly which is the dissimilar between maintaining and rental the Basic software package? A. After you own the essential software package you could provide the website by yourself server/hosting. B. You won’t have to pay a month-to-month rental fee and you’ll be given a existence merchandise warranty. C. Once you own the Basic application you could have one producer and 250 tracks on your Internet site. The month-to-month rent will only enable you to have one producer and over two hundred tracks.


My Blog

Hi Fam, Just started a new Blog at: http://tribalaffairmusicgroup.com/myblog/ If you want to know the sercets of selling your music online then check out my blog. selling beats is what you’re trying to do but don’t know how then maybe you should let someone walk you through the process. I ran across an add that promise to do just that and I have had success with their training, I know that many people fel they don’t need help when it comes to their music but sometimes we have to be humble and ask for help to make it to the next level. More info at: http://tribalaffairmusicgroup.com/myblog/

My Blog

Hi Fam, Just started a new blog @ http://richbeats.blogspot.com if you get a chance stop by and post your comments, btw we are now at #70 on the R&B Charts. Thank you for your continued support. olujade(Laman)

breaking 100

Well it's been a long struggle to get to #90 on the R&B Charts and I want to thank all who have given their support and to let you know that it ain't over till we break the top 50. I am determine to make a name in this industryand with the support of my loyal fans and their friends I will succeed. I am going to run a promotion in the upcoming month that will be a push for the top 50, maybe I give away some CD's or Tees we'll have to what the budget can afford. Thank you all for your loyal support and I hope you have a great spring. olujade

Hi Fam

Hi Fam,

I've been away at school and haven't had much time. So I am writing this blog to stay in touch. you can also check me out at my new site.http://www.richbeats.com Stop by and don't forget to sign the guest book.



Song Plays

Hi all I appreciate all the song plays and would like to thank you for your continued support. Check out my page at: www.myspace.com/tribalaffair


I want to welcome all my new fans who signed up and thank you for your support. I am going to make the effort to post a blog at least once a week now that I will be going on Christmas Break from school. I hope some of you will get the chance to check out MTM Studios site to promote your music, there can never be to many place to promote. Check them out@ MTM Studio Net Where you can Meet fellow producers, engineers and recording musicians. Showcase your music. Exchange tips and ideas.