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air play

http://www.kfugradio.org/ - kfugradio will air my song rebal soul sunday the 20th 9pm-10pm - california time you can Stream the station at the link.


Finally started to lay some new tracks, swing meets delta kind of thing

this sunday

This sunday feb. 23 is the birthday of one the greatest guitar players that has ever lived the Blues master himself johnny winter. Happy 70 th birthday johnny thanks for inspiring and entertaining us.

snow storm

Big storm here guess I will put the headphones and work on some tracks. Awesome blues coming

new year

2013 comes to a close .we must reflect on our success and our lost ones and set backs and be grateful that we are still here and look forward to the new year and make it better than the last.happy new year to all

merry cristmass

Wishing every one merry christmas


Reached back up to #3 today # 4 not bad. The lord has truely blessed me

thank top 10

thanks to you all, back in the top 10 list .what a way to end a rollercoaster year. you all are wonderful .love peace and happiness to all


thankful for all new fans this{you all are awesome} started out this year unranked and a few fans .I managed to climb up to # 2 still in the top 20 and4400 fans even through heath problems with myself and the my love of my life. got through it all with my family and friends and all of you fans thank god and all of you. truly wishing all you a Happy Thanksgiving. peace and love to all

lou reed

Today we lost lou reed a true music master he helped shape music .r.i.p. lou reed you will be missed