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Cato / Blog

Shooting for Infinity and beyond

I'm going to make this short and direct. I've been writing and recording music for 6 yrs now and even though it seems like what I want to achieve is so far away, I know its within reach. A lot of artist put out a hit and burn off, some artist sound just like the last artist and some artist make music just to get in the spotlight. I make my music because, I enjoy listening to my own music... you will see me take risks and jump over into a genre where you would say I have no business jumping in. When it comes to CREATING, there's no such thing as a genre, its just the creative process. If you LOVE doing what you do and put all you have into what you love doing and be YOURSELF doing what you love to do! I believe that will help you get to the level you feel you're suppose to be at. So shoot for the stars and nothing less cuz, cant nobody stop you from achieving what you want to achieve but YOU!