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T.Gam / Blog

Just working

Just working hard at getting ready for my proformance on Sept.2!


Thank you very much to all the people who support me and continue to become fans. Plus, I have new stuff coming out soon ,including video.


busy networking,working on some projects and getting my computer straight.Just letting my fans know what`s up!


Saturday`s show was great!! Not only did I perform well, but I caught the eye of a fellow performer who invited me to recite some poetry at a Father`s Day show that he is sponsoring.God things are afoot-smile.


just hard at work prepping for next wek`s show and other projects.

next show

Hey,what`s up! My next show is Sat. Mar 8,2014 at the Maple Valley Library at 2pm. I will be performing a poem and talking about my book projects.


It`s too bad that my computer is acting up,because I can`t work on or finish the projects that I`m working on right now. But I just hang in there!

new song

Please let me know what you think of my new song "Leadoff".It`s on Soundcloud. Thanks a lot.

on th`remix grind

I`m busy making music and entering remix contests on indaba music and soon other spots!

How my grind is going

I had a great time performing friday nite at Peet`s Coffee and Tea. Now tonight I`m pitching my multimedia biz at the Akron Business Pitch Event at Bricco Restaurant.So,I just grind on,lol.