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T.Gam / Blog


Thank you very much to all the people who support me and continue to become fans. Plus, I have new stuff coming out soon ,including video.


busy networking,working on some projects and getting my computer straight.Just letting my fans know what`s up!


Saturday`s show was great!! Not only did I perform well, but I caught the eye of a fellow performer who invited me to recite some poetry at a Father`s Day show that he is sponsoring.God things are afoot-smile.


just hard at work prepping for next wek`s show and other projects.

next show

Hey,what`s up! My next show is Sat. Mar 8,2014 at the Maple Valley Library at 2pm. I will be performing a poem and talking about my book projects.


It`s too bad that my computer is acting up,because I can`t work on or finish the projects that I`m working on right now. But I just hang in there!

new song

Please let me know what you think of my new song "Leadoff".It`s on Soundcloud. Thanks a lot.

on th`remix grind

I`m busy making music and entering remix contests on indaba music and soon other spots!

How my grind is going

I had a great time performing friday nite at Peet`s Coffee and Tea. Now tonight I`m pitching my multimedia biz at the Akron Business Pitch Event at Bricco Restaurant.So,I just grind on,lol.

submitted new poem- Lyricist

Submitted new poem to All Poetry called Lyricist