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Hysteria - Def Leppard Cover - Progress

We spent Monday evening mix hammering out ideas for drum parts for Hysteria - yes a Def Leppard Cover we have had in the works for a while. The song has been sitting in some form or another on a hard drive since 2010. It's been recorded on at least 2 different digital platforms and with different levels of gear. As with all these songs, or relics we import our existing tracks into our DAW of choice "Reaper" And then it's track cleaning time. Then we listen to see what tracks we need and if there is room for improvement. Because there is always the possibility that the boys from Def Leppard may hear this version some day we will work painstakingly to make sure this song is worthy of the groups approval. What we can tell you is that we have stuck very true to the main guitar melody lines and the vocal lines. What we can also tell you is that the guitar solo/bridge section is modified and we have added a whole new outro section to the song which we think compliments the track well.

Our scratch of drums was sent off to our session drummer in Niagara. If we get tracks back this week then we will be at it again… until then patience is a virtue.

Red Light Masters

Believe available for purchase today!

Visit reverbnation.com/redlightmasters store on our home page to purchase the new single Believe for only $1.00 You can also buy previous Red Light Masters singles such as Crazy Kinda Groove, Independence and I'll Love You Forever there as well. All singles are $1.00 each! Thank you for your support of Red Light Masters.

We begin again! Hysteria - Next Track

So the work begins again. Next track up is a cover of Def Leppards Hysteria. Painstakingly track by track eq by eq... The process has begun. Staying true to the original but uping the tempo and modifying the solo section. Fear not the lead will remain the same for those who know the song well. Preliminary sessions start Monday evening. We get Hysterical! Hysteria! Oh Do You Feel it! Do you Believe it!


To our UK Fans hear us today Friday Feb 28th at 6pm GMT on Matt Barker's radio show. KrystalRadio.net

Spreading Red Light Masters out on the radio waves!

A Big Thank You

To many this may not seem like a deal of importance. But to Musicians getting their feet off the ground with new music a sale of our songs means the world to us! Woke up this morning to find out someone purchased the 3 songs we have in our Reverb Nation store. To whomever made this purchase… Forever we are thankful! This is the beginning of great things for Red Light Masters. You also can't imagine how this feels and how it helps us to know that we are pursuing the dream and doing the right thing.

All the best! Red Light Masters

Thank you Fans for listening to Red Light Masters

We just wanted to send a thank you for listening to our new track Believe. Our numbers have jumped in the last 2 days - traffic to our site and actual plays of the song. To all the new people on board the Red Light Masters train welcome!

Stay tuned! Enjoy the music that's here. Get ready for a few more cuts in the near future.

Red Light Masters

Red Light Masters Presents - BELIEVE

For Official Release

Red Light Masters is proud to present the next single "Believe" from our upcoming record Labour of Love. This song has been in the works for several months and has a long history. There is no question we strive for perfection in the Red Light Masters Camp. Music is an art form and notes and arrangement are our tapestry. On a snowy night in Canada from our hearts to all of yours! Do you Believe! We Certainly Do!

Red Light Masters

Mix - It went down Last Night!

Another mix session for Believe has come and gone. Through the week Trevor spent some time mixing guitar sections of the song Believe. A little eq and a little room setting. Last night Mark and Trevor convened the mix. There was a little replaying of what Trevor deems as the oriental section of guitars in the bridge. Then it was straight to the vocal mix and plugin setting up on the vocals. The music is pretty much completely premixed. Now the big focus is on Vocals. The music sounds fantastic. The band is very excited about how the music sounds with live drums. It makes all the difference in the world. Sounds very organic, very real. A big thank you to Jim Casson for providing drums for this song!

Stay tuned… Yes stay tuned! We are almost there. Red Light Masters

Small Setbacks - Believe

Tonight Red Light Masters was hard at work on Believe. Mixing, eq work and one guitar replay part tonight. And to top it off a left studio monitor that was causing problems. The monitor issue is resolved for the moment. But this little setback will cause the band to need one more mix session to finish the song. Trust us... It will be worth the wait!

Red Light Masters

Close - Almost There - Believe

Mix session happened last night in Red Light Masters Nation. Did we get the track done? Not quite yet. It's almost there. Vocals sound smooth! Great presets using Nectar 2. The eq settings and saturation settings really gel well together. There are 3 drums tracks that need editing yet, but those will just pop in automatically and then it's the final overall mix that we attack next.

Do you Believe… We sure Believe! Red Light Masters