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Skin of Saints / Blog


We are less than 2 weeks away from our next show -V103.net's RockFest- on October 4th, 2014!! We hope to see all of you out there, and if you still have need of tickets, please contact the band, or purchase through our online store! Online Sales will end three days before the show, so don't delay!! With that in mind, we are holding a SPECIAL contest, we are calling Wicked GrooveTube! During our RockFest performance, we will be asking everyone to film us performing our song, WICKED GROOVE. After the show, we will post an email address and instructions where to send your footage on all of our social media. Skin of Saints is going make a music video from YOUR Cameras, Phones, and old timey video devices!!! Here is where the contest gets kick ass: the best overall footage used in the video will win a special Skin of Saints/That Metal Chick(Threat Con Nation Magazine columnist) Goodie bag, filled with Skin of Saints merch, as well as rare, signed metal and hard rock mementos from That Metal Chick's personal collection! This could mean, signed VIP lanyards from bands such as Dream Theater, Megadeth, or Anthrax! this could mean Signed CD'sFrom Megadeth or Queensryche! I DON"T KNOW what she's gonna throw in that bag!! So get your asses to ROCKFEST on 10/04/13, and FILM US! Advance tickets are only 20.00, for a full day of music with nearly 20 local and regional bands, as well as headliners Alien Ant Farm. Kids under 12 get in free. There will be food, fun, merch and mayhem. Help us make this the most WICKED RockFest to date!! -Allen


We here at Skin of Saints custom animal pin striping, recycled bottle welding and haberdashery wish to thank everyone who has patiently waited for some decent music! It has been a long year for us. What started as a ten song, full length CD has now evolved into a 4- song EP. We took the best sessions to one of the best guys in the business, and he helped us to craft what we feel is a really good representation of Skin of Saints. In the next couple weeks, we will be releasing all four songs to worldwide digital distribution. So, again, thank you all for continuing to support our cause, and we hope to see all of your at our next show, 10/04/14 at the V103.net RockFest!! -Allen

Music and rankings

Hi- Allen from SoS here; you might have noticed I took down all our music. Well, that's in anticipation of new mixes! So please bear with us while we transition into the badass.... Also, if you could all do me a favor and spread the word? Our rankings here a wildly low! Don't know how it works, but maybe if we get new fans here, we can start to make some buzz! Thanks, we love you guys and grrls!


hi... Allen Dean here... please visit our NEW WEBSITE!! www.skinofsaints.net and while you are there, please check out my new blog page, www.skinofsaints.net/blog thank you. we now return you to your program...

Ticket sales, ugh....

So, like many local bands, we are forced to sell tickets. We don't like it, we don't want to do it. We would much rather have things like they were in the good old eats, tell your friends to show up, and pay at the door- concentrate on the music. But, this is a business. And as such, we have to do what we have to do in order to get the bigger shows, the national acts, and greater exposure. To all of you who have recognized this, we truly thank you. Without your support, and purchase of tickets, we would go nowhere, and not get the opportunity to perform with bigger named people, who could possibly move our little project in a direction that gives us greater exposure to a wider audience. To those of you on the fence; please buy tickets from local bands! We need your help! When you wait and get them at the door, it is not counted towards our sales, and we do not get credit for who you are coming to see.. Your support and advance ticket purchase gives us the ability to bargain for better shows, more visible time slots, and larger venues. Thanks, that it all, and come see us, LIVE on 02/07/14, opening for Michael Schenker!! Tickets still on sale!! Contact the band, or buy online at www.skinofsaintsmusic.bigcartel.com

Paul Lewis
Paul Lewis  (8 months ago)

Just bought my tickets online! Love it that you have it setup that way so you don't have to deliver. Paul Rocker

Wicked Grooves and Razorheds..

So, since May, 2013, we have been working, as best as our schedules can allow, on our debut album. Like most bands, we all have day jobs. Unlike most bands, we have been fortunate to have the help of great friends, who have lowered the costs of recording, as such, and after some slow fits and starts, things are starting to take shape. We have tried very hard to create something special. Something not heard as often nowdays. And the stuff coming out of the studio is HUGE! 10 songs, we hope- all hits! No filler, no B.S. and nothing less than our best material to date! Drums are very nearly complete, with only a couple left to record, and some minor tweaking. Guitar tracks are progressing nicely, and Jason is a machine inthe studio, nailing his bass performances effortlessly.. We have set a year's end completion date for all tracking. This will hopefully get us a completed product for consumption before spring. We have recruited an amazing artist for our cover- Stacey Borg; www.redheaddesigns.darkfolio.com She is amazing, and will most certainly add a level of professionalism and shine to the album that will set us apart from you run of the mill, 4 old guys making their own album, crowd! We only have 2 shows left this year, then no more gigs until the album is complete! As hard as this is for us- we love playing out- we need to be focused!! In the month of December, i will be posting snippets of tracking for everyone to enjoy, so keep an eye out! Thank you all for supporting us, and listening. We could not do this without the love and support of listeners like all of you, and our families. Have a great Thanksgiving holiday, and a Killer Christmas!! Allen Dean Skin of Saints


hi there! we are currently selling advance tickets for our show on 11/02/13!! if you are in the Sacramento Area, and want to come out, support local music, and buy tickets, please contact the band via Facebook, or text me- if you are out of town, and wish to support the band, you can purchase tickets online for posterity at www.skinofsaintsmusic.bigcartel.com every purchase of 2 or more tickets, either in person, or online, will receive a FREE 4 song LIVE BOOTLEG CD, hand drawn by Skin of Saints' Allen Dean!! tickets are only 10 DOLLARS! thanks


Allen Dean here, and if you know me at all, you know i am head cheerleader of this little band of knuckleheads! Some of you may have heard or read that Skin of Saints have been nominated for THE Sacramento Music Award, the SAMMIE!! YAY!! We are so totally stoked! If you wish to vote for us, and show your support, please go to www.sammies.com.... It would be really cool of you all!! Now. With that said, 3 of the bands on our next bill are all nominees!! Thats right, THREE of the 5 bands at our November 02,2013 show are Sammies Nominees!! So, if you do not have your tickets yet, by all means, get them! This might just sell out! Demand for tickets have increased sincethe Sammies nominations! Go to www.skinofsaintsmusic.bigcartel.com for online sales, or message us on facebook or twitter, @skinofsaints! Again, thank you all so much for your support, and please vote for all the great categories in this year's sammies lineup- look for us under the HARD ROCK category!! See you all really soon!!

Upcoming show!!

Hello, my friends! AD here, from the SoS camp! We are really excited to tell you about our show coming up on November 2nd, 2013!! This will be our first show at one of Sacramento, California's iconic live venues, The Boardwalk!! Not only will this be a great show for us, as a debut at the venue, but also, our lineup will be epic! We have Restrayned Overwatch Vanishing Affair And, last but not least, Kryptic Memories! Five bands, 10 dollars advance ticketing! All bands have tickets, and you can get them the old fashioned way- send us a text, email, or mssg via social media, or SoS have a new online storefront at BigCartel where you can purchase tickets online! www.skinofsaintsmusic.bigcartel.com The Boardwalk is one of the only venues that require ticket sales in the Sacramento area. As such, presales of tickets are how the bands get paid. So, please, help out the band by getting advanced tickets through us! We do not get any of the door, should you choose to wait and just buy them there! And, it will cost you more!! Thanks, we look forward to seeing all our good friends and family at the Boardwalk, November 2, 2013!


08/10/13!! what a great night!! our show at Stuckey's, in Galt was killer!! V103.net, the Show's sponsor, set a fantastic lineup, consisting of Skin of Saints, Vanishing Affair, and EgoStall! so many familiar faces, i cannot even mention them all, but you know who you were, and we thank you so very much for driving down to Galt to see us! we got to do a full hour, so that meant, taking our time, enjoying the moment, and really soaking up all the screams and shouts from the crowd. Our version of the Mob Rules pretty much brought the house down! i keep wanting to trade that song out for another, but, dammit, people just love that song… we got our photo for the Stuckey's Wall, kick ass! we were also interviewed by Reality Check TV, who should be posting it to our Facebook page. i will tweet the link when it comes up, so i hope you are all subscribed to our twitter account. i might even link the interview here… thanks to the bands, you guys were all great, no one gave us the new kid stink eye, and everyone was really polished and sounded pro as hell! thanks so much to Stuckey's- anytime you want us there, just call! and thanks to all of you! without your support, we would not have the courage to keep writing great songs, and i wouldn't have the tenacity to still be screaming my guts out in my 40's… look for us out again in a while. we are going full bore into tracking, now that all of our pre production is completed. my hope is August will see us completed with major tracking, with a late fall release… more news to come, Stay Hungry!! Allen