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The T.J. Fry Band / Blog

"No Name St." is here...

After tackling those pesky tambourine fills, hammering out those Hammond lines, slap, crackle and popping through various verses and flailing about behind every instrument you can imagine, The T.J. Fry Band finally released "No Name St.", a beautifully written and fantastically (in our opinion anyhow) performed album.

Recorded at Comfort Studios in Hammonton, NJ and at CAS Studious in Vineland, NJ, the album finally screamed "I'm done!" in early February of 2011.

The recording sessions began two years ago at an aptly named studio in blueberry central Hammonton, NJ, with engineer Mike Fairhurst behind the wheel offering guidance, support and much button pushing. I recorded the drums twice actually, as I was dissatisfied with not only the sound of the actual drums on the first go-around, but my playing. I came back in with my Pearl Session Custom kit (the first time around I used a nice Mapex kit) and got some nice takes of all ten tunes. These tracks were later used in the final sessions at CAS Studios in Vineland, along with some "scratch" guitar takes and some vocals. Walt ended up rerecording his bass lines over again in CAS, as he got a brand new Fender with a tone too good to pass up.

In CAS Studios we finished up the rest of the tracks. From the congas, shakers, windchimes, tambourines and even a change bowl (played by T.J.) to all the keyboards, guitars and vocals, we finished the recording and mastering by the end of 2010. It was the album artwork that really held up the project, as I took on a rather large oil painting for the cover art. After over a month of working on the painting and the digital artwork for the album, we sent everything away to Discmakers. What came back was a really great album...

Upcoming events and happenings...Part 1

Here are some things that are happening at the beginning of 2011, which we expect to be a fruitful years in more ways than one!

• Our first full length album is complete and almost back from the printers! Expect to hear more about this in the next few weeks. • Our summer is filling in with dates and other happenings, including video shoots, more recording, writing, and roller skating. More details later. • There MAY be some upcoming contests in our future. Like contests? Keep checking back and we'll fill you in on the details to win CD's, t-shirts, and even live performances.

More to come!

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