"You Know"

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Brand New Single Release of 2013 Coming Soon | "Keep It Up" | 02.14.13

Brand New Single Release of 2013 Coming Soon | "Keep It Up" | 02.14.13

Keep your eyes peeled; I got another one! COMING SOON!!!

2013 : An Epiphany

The New Year has just begun. I always said I'd never have a New Years resolution; although, I have found myself evolving.

Many of my relationships with "unnecessary" people have diminished. You know, those people who take more from you than give. Those people who only call you when they need something.

Or talk about you behind your back then smile in your face. Unsuccessful people who lack ambition. They stay in the club throwing money but don't have a dime in the bank. Love to talk about what they want but never go get it... those types of people have been CUT.

I've found myself focusing more on my goals. my music career and my education have become my world. I'm Working harder. Waking up earlier and going to sleep later. I know what I must do to achieve my desired results and the implementation process has already begun.

Respect my grind. Don't get upset when I tell you, "I don't have time..." You should actually admire the fact that I want a better life for myself. People are telling me that I work too hard, I tell'em they don't work enough. I'm 21 years old and by 25, I'm going to be a millionare. How do I know?Because I know my work ethic. I have faith and I believe in myself. If I don't, who else will. 2013 has brought an unexpected epiphany. I'm immersing myself in this energy as deeply as I possibly can.