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About the new CD "Ashes" due out Spring of 2015

It's hard to believe that 32 years have passed since my first time stepping infront of a microphone. But technology and the lines in my face are definitely a reflection of times that are changing. I suppose as you go thru life there comes a time when you look back at where you have been in order to more cleary see where you are going. I have been so fortunate and blessed to be able to be work in a creative medium and function as an artist. At times, it's been gut-wrenching and other times complete euphoria - but mostly it's given me such quiet satisfaction to be able to create and bring to others my musical vision. I have so many wonderful and talented friends, teachers, singers, writers, musicians, engineers, producers and directors to thank for all these years of support and gifts their talents have brought to my music. I would like to name a few: Linda Heinzer, Becky Swartz, Thelma Finefrock, my brother Joseph for his gift of music, Tom Caperton, Chrystal Records, Angelsong Records (RCA), Graceland Publishing, First Artist Entertainment, Pat and Edy Seaman, Lori Tillman-Barbier, Lori Mechem and Roger Spencer, Kaine Riggan, Melanie Psomiades John, Ty Hurless, Scott Beaver, Shay Tinsley, Johnny Issac, the band Chaser, Lisa Amato-Startsman, Dane Donahue, Brian Seiwert, Gary S. Paxton, Kate Paxton, Debbie Paxton, Henry and Mabel Birdsong, Dan Huff, Sylvia Santavicca Gosen, Dennie Simpson, Janet Bozeman, Jeanie Sealey, Brenda Lee, Dottie West, Sarah Cannon (Minnie Pearl), Ruthanna Abel Stratton, Eric Stratton, Cyndi Wheeler, Kim Keyes, Melissa Franjesh, Jane Collett, Cindy Spear, Meg Fergus, Ed Winslet, Nick Spondyl, John Angelopoulos, Olga Giustino, my sisters Molly and Teresa, my nieces Anna, Elizabeth and Maria, my Uncle Sam, Uncle John, Aunt Virginia, Auntie Ann, my grandparents Robert and Anna and my Grandmother Tresa - and of course my parents who gave me the gift of music in the first place. Each and every one of you have been in inspiration, guide and teacher to me - and without having had you all I wouldn't be the singer and artist I am today. If I have missed anyone, please forgive me - it's not intentional. There have been so many wonderful and talented people in my life - I am sure to have missed a few of you! It's been a time consuming and difficult task to choose 15 songs out of the near 400 recordings I have - but here are a few favorites of mine. Some are very old and not the best HD quality like today's - but they mean so much to me personally I just had to include them. Maybe one day if you all still want to hear from me, I'll try to pick a few more to release for listening. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the years of love and support - It's been a great 32 years singing for you. With all my love Enrico ps. I wrote "Ashes" with my friend Cindy Spear (such a gifted artist in her own right) and after singing it felt it would be the perfect title track for this complilation - and like the Phoenix rising from the ashes I hope to continue to rise and continue to make more music until there are no more songs left to sing...so onto the next chapter.....

Making Records.....

It has been such a great time making this CD – singing songs that I haven't sung in years and singing new ones that will hopefully become part of a continuing body of work as a singer, songwriter, and artist. I can't tell you how much your support and love has meant throughout the years and what a treat is it to be able to sing for you once again. For my friends who have been with me all these years – Thank you! For my new friends – thank you for finding me – and I hope you enjoy listening to my music as much I enjoy making it for you... Read more: http://blogs.myspace.com/enrico11