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My album is out 'Resurrection After-party!'

Available on Amazon, Itunes etc. The physical CD us only available at Chipped Polish Records at the reverbnation store.

XOXOX Thank you! Stephanie Wolfe

My NEW Indie Record Labels

http://www.reverbnation.com/label/chippedpolishrecords is for female fronted acts!

This one is for Male fronted acts! https://www.facebook.com/GRAFIATORECORDS

All of us are stars...

I admire 80% of the artists on this site. For putting yourselves out there. The path of the artist is so difficult. You do your best, write your best & hope others can relate to it. Hope others understand your humanity better, or at least hope they enjoyed it. Do not lose faith... you are a star because you believe in your self... & your dream. XOXOXOX- Thank you to all my fans/supporters. With out your encouragement I would feel very invisible. Stephanie

Music Opportunity!

Music Opportunity: Please click the link for details on how to submit your music to be used in this upcoming thriller/mystery film!


Submit your music to me!

If you want your music in indie films submit to me at pawcinematic@yahoo.com Do NOT send me a link send me a few mp3's of your best songs, with and without vocals if you have it, also only songs you own 100%

Thanks, Stephanie Wolfe

Will be producing the score for two Romantic Comedies this year!

One is due this summer check back for updates very excited! XOXOXO-Stephanie

I follow my Twitter followers & Sound Cloud followers

When I log in and see new followers , I always follow back. Thank you!

Come join my music groups on Facebook :)

For Electronica Artists:


And my new one for ALL genres:


My song "ALIVE" on a Compilation by Shinto Records

For charity please support this compilation. https://www.facebook.com/inpraiseofthefallen

ALIVE My New Song! Collaboration with Morrison's Prophecy

Lyrics (To visit musical producer of this track www.reverbnation.com/morrisonsprophecy )

Morrison's Prophecy produced the music & I did vocals & lyrics.

This song explores emotions behind self-mutilation. It does not condone it.

I don't know what I'm doing here/ I feel so lost/I can't be the only one who feels this way/ It hurts me/ I feel so confused/I am hurting and I can't stop hurting myself/ I'm asking for your help.. I'm asking for your help/ I can't stop cutting myself / I am asking for your help. Somebody please help me.. I am so alone. I just grab a razor and cut up my flesh/ I don't know why it feels good for a second/ I don't know why it seems to help for a second but then I feel so ashamed I feel so ashamed I feel so stupid and ashamed /I feel so lonely and shamed/ Sometimes I wish you would sit down and cut yourself too that way I wouldn't feel so alone, I wouldn't be the only one bleeding. Why am I the only one in the room who is bleeding? Why am I the only one bleeding?! I feel so alone. I can't be the only one who feels this way. I can't be the only one who is this weird I am so weird.. just wanna feel alive.. trying to feel alive again.