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My album is out 'Resurrection After-party!'

Available on Amazon, Itunes etc. The physical CD us only available at Chipped Polish Records at the reverbnation store.

XOXOX Thank you! Stephanie Wolfe

All of us are stars...

I admire 80% of the artists on this site. For putting yourselves out there. The path of the artist is so difficult. You do your best, write your best & hope others can relate to it. Hope others understand your humanity better, or at least hope they enjoyed it. Do not lose faith... you are a star because you believe in your self... & your dream. XOXOXOX- Thank you to all my fans/supporters. With out your encouragement I would feel very invisible. Stephanie

Submit your music to me!

If you want your music in indie films submit to me at pawcinematic@yahoo.com Do NOT send me a link send me a few mp3's of your best songs, with and without vocals if you have it, also only songs you own 100%

Thanks, Stephanie Wolfe

Will be producing the score for two Romantic Comedies this year!

One is due this summer check back for updates very excited! XOXOXO-Stephanie

I follow my Twitter followers & Sound Cloud followers

When I log in and see new followers , I always follow back. Thank you!

Come join my music groups on Facebook :)

For Electronica Artists:


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My song "ALIVE" on a Compilation by Shinto Records

For charity please support this compilation. https://www.facebook.com/inpraiseofthefallen

ALIVE My New Song! Collaboration with Morrison's Prophecy

Lyrics (To visit musical producer of this track www.reverbnation.com/morrisonsprophecy )

Morrison's Prophecy produced the music & I did vocals & lyrics.

This song explores emotions behind self-mutilation. It does not condone it.

I don't know what I'm doing here/ I feel so lost/I can't be the only one who feels this way/ It hurts me/ I feel so confused/I am hurting and I can't stop hurting myself/ I'm asking for your help.. I'm asking for your help/ I can't stop cutting myself / I am asking for your help. Somebody please help me.. I am so alone. I just grab a razor and cut up my flesh/ I don't know why it feels good for a second/ I don't know why it seems to help for a second but then I feel so ashamed I feel so ashamed I feel so stupid and ashamed /I feel so lonely and shamed/ Sometimes I wish you would sit down and cut yourself too that way I wouldn't feel so alone, I wouldn't be the only one bleeding. Why am I the only one in the room who is bleeding? Why am I the only one bleeding?! I feel so alone. I can't be the only one who feels this way. I can't be the only one who is this weird I am so weird.. just wanna feel alive.. trying to feel alive again.

Reverb makes it hard to contact you!

Please leave your email or phone numbers on your profile pages. It is SO hard to contact some of you. Many time Reverbnation will not let you send a message until you are mutual fans which sucks!

Thanks XOXOXO Stephanie


Go visit & join my new Sound Cloud Group.. for more information. Thank you!