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Steve Cone / Blog

Free promo compilation download.

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jv4vobqs0bx7zd8/AABdfr9ynQJhpRKcUcA8c94Fa For immediate release / posting on websites: ONLINE METAL PROMO and METAL TO INFINITY webzine (Belgium) are proud to jointly release "By The Grace of US Metal", a free download compilation featuring a mix of 34 current, deep, lost and unreleased original songs from up and coming as well as established hard rock and heavy metal artists from the United States. Highlights of the compilation include: The old school Scorpions sounding previously unavailable song "Arise" from San Diego, California power metal kings Cage off of their pre UNVEILED cd recording sessions from 1998. The brand new unreleased song "Summoning of the Dark Ones (Skull, Rose and Dagger) from Chicago, Illinois horror heavy metal masters Ravensthorn from their upcoming cd "The Bell Tower Mansion". The brand new unreleased song "Not On My Own" from Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas classic melodic hard rock band Millennial Reign led by Aska bassist Dave Harvey from their upcoming cd "The God Particle". 1. ATTACKER 2. CRIMSON REIGN 3. VERMITHRAX 4. OUTLIAR 5. LADY BEAST 6. MAXXXWELL CARLISLE 7. FEVER VEIN 8. MINDMAZE 9. STATION 10. DIAMOND LANE 11. ENCELADUS 12. DIRE PERIL 13. GROSS REALITY 14. SKINNER 15. CAGE 16. CORNERS OF SANCTUARY 17. HESSLER 18. MILLENIAL REIGN 19. STEVE CONE 20. WORWYK 21. THE MIGHTY SWINE 22. ARCHETYPE 23. ARMORY 24. HELLSCREAM 25. DAVE REFFETT 26. RAVENSTHORN 27. LORDS OF THE TRIDENT 28. PREY ON THE FALLEN 29. WITCHCROSS 30. DECYPHER 31. ZEPHANIAH 32. SEVENTRAIN 33. CHRIS VIOLENCE 34. VANLADE Download the free songs, compilation artwork and track listing at the following location: OMP / MTI August 2014 FREE promotional compilation download link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jv4vobqs0bx7zd8/AABdfr9ynQJhpRKcUcA8c94Fa

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Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles


Thanks to BW & Bk for the mention.


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Dodged A Bullet

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Guitar Radio Show


Listen to Episode 8 of the Guitar Radio Show. Interviews and songs from artists and dealers from the weekend at the Dallas Guitar Show.

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