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Steve Cone / Blog

Back in STOCK!!


In My Bones and other titles are now back in stock at cdbaby. Get yours today!! But multiple titles and get them for only $5 each. That's super cheap and people love a great deal! Now go bang your head in an orderly fashion. Who am I kidding? If your neck isn't sore for days you're not doing it right! Carry on metal heads.

Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles


Thanks to BW & Bk for the mention.


Killing Time, So*Lo and Dodged A Bullet are all back in stock at cdbaby. Go get yourself a copy today. Copy and paste this link.. http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/SteveCone

Sold Out again!

"Killing Time and So*Lo have both sold at at cdbaby but more are on the way. Both titles have very limited stock remaining and once they are gone they will be gone for good. You can find them on eBay too! Get some rock n roll today before its too late!

Dodged A Bullet

Dodged a Bullet sold out at cdbaby but more are on the way. You can also find all my Solo CD's and Cyanide Scream releases on ebay too! Get yourself a copy or two or three or four....

Rhapsody users read this


Dodged A Bullet is at Rhapsody now!

Guitar Radio Show


Listen to Episode 8 of the Guitar Radio Show. Interviews and songs from artists and dealers from the weekend at the Dallas Guitar Show.

Battle On at cdbaby now!


You can purchase the new Cyanide Scream disc at cdbaby now. Copy paste and spend a few bucks. You know you want it!

Amazon Italy??




I have no idea what this is.