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Benoir and the Long Beach All-Stars / Blog


We rocked the stage at opening day AITP and Green Fest May 24th, and thankfully there are some great videos to show it... Thanks to Sammi Hoop and Robert Shanley, and our fans!


Man what a crazy 12 piece band we had going that day and I want to thank each member. Chris DeCarmine for his extreme drumming, Johnny Scratch the washboard percussion genius, the Great Carmonica, J Brittany, John Peri Jr, Jesse and Lucas Klirsfeld, John Botten, Tony Breit, Jeff Alan, Mike Caprino, and Lisa Engellis who tore up the stage and blew me away with her vocal prowess. Did I forget anyone? I hope not. That was one of the best gigs ever. It felt great and looked great and sounded GREAT. Thank you musicians.

Sunday May 25th we rocked J.W. Trainor's acoustic w David Weintraub - guitar vocals percussion, Johnny Scratch, and guest sax John Peri Jr. Jeff Alan also joined us and ripped plenty of amazing solos both days. It was a sweet reunion to be playing at this classic watering hole celebrating 40 years, and also to be performing on the Halftime Howie radio show again. It was great to see old friends from the show and to dedicate the performance to my mom who passed away last year from Cancer on the same date.

New show dates are being added including hits on Fire Island, and more!

Stay tuned, Stay connected, Namaste!



We are playing Saturday at AITP noon to 4pm and Sunday at J.W. Trainor's - 2 great shows, don't miss. Enjoy your weekend. Big thank you to our Veterans!


Check out the awesome Open Mic Spotlight produced by David Feldman of Long Island NY . tv



Man, have we been having a BLAST at the Long Beach Hotel Thursdays. Tacos and Tunes has only taken off 3 weeks since late October. Always a great crowd of musicians coming down to jam with us, or do their own thing and we have had the pleasure of celebrating some great birthdays like Bobby Blues 78th last week! We have a lovely young singer making her debut this Thursday April 17th at 9pm and her name is Dana DeChiaro. She has a sweet voice and plays acoustic guitar. Backing her up will be Tony Breit on bass and myself on drums. Don't miss this special appearance.

Arts In the Plaza 2014 is coming, and opening day May 24th will feature music by Benoir and the Long Beach All-Stars! It is also Green Fest and DJ Chef will be on hand playing the greatest music ever! Come down and feel the love. 11561 http://www.artsintheplaza.com


Wassup peoples! The Thursday Jams have been an amazing success and I have all our friends and fans to thank, including the staff at the Long Beach Hotel. The Benoir Trio w Chris DeCarmine and Luigi Carollo Jr has been wowing the early crowd and have been joined by several regulars including tenor saxman John Peri Jr. and trombonist Victor Poretz. David Weintraub and Tony Breit have also filled in on bass and drums and we've had a flow of about 40 to 75 people each week even with the horrid cold and blizzards, brrrr. Our slideshow projections by Karen Dinan contain photos with famous musicians and local favorites. If you came down to play you will probably end up in the slideshow. The $2 tacos have been quite yummy and the added TRIBAL HOOP JAM at 6:30-7:30 w Sammi Hoop have pumped new fun and new energy into the night with Hula Hooping and percussion.

March 6th will feature WOLFISH a band founded by Emilio DeFillipo a local bassist and vocalist with a very cool original flavor. Fish Taco specials in honor of the PISCES birthdays!

March 8th is Alicia Doerbecker's DIRTY 30 PARTY @ the HUB BILLIARDS CLUB in Island Park NY. We will be performing with some guest artists like Rich and Lisa Engellis - vocals and Tony Breit - bass, Weintraub drums. $10 cover gets you free food all night catered by Bobby Blues. Bobby Blues, the Sirens Octalounge, and 2 other acts start at 7pm. We rock til midnight or later. Pool tables and comfy seating plus the new Hub hardwood dance floor and extended stage. Our last performance for LI Cares was awesome. Can't wait. Happy Spring!


Wassup people, Happy 2014.

Things are poppin in LBNY and Benoir hosts an open mic jam from 8pm to 11:30pm at this really great venue. Plenty of space, full bar, dance floor, full menu, plus a $2 taco special and they are out of this world. 405 E Broadway Long Beach NY.

The Benoir Trio rhythm section (Chris DeCarmine drums, Lou Carollo Jr bass) kicks out the jams with guest horn players and official All-Stars each week at 8pm. Benoir has been performing 45 minutes or more with funky jam band originals and then offers the stage to the many great musicians who arrive. Bands sometimes come down, or acoustic solo artists. We've also had comedians.

Spread the word and help us build this already happening evening. We average 40-70 people depending on the weather.

You can also get a room at a reasonable rate.

Check http://www.longbeachhotelny.com for more info.


Hey people, please listen to us on SPOTIFY and tell your friends. We are also on I-Tunes for $6

Help us make number 1 up here!


St. Patrick's Day at J.W. Trainor's was crazy. Big crowds and lots of music w John, Dave, Mike, and guest Jeff Alan. John Peri even came up on tenor saxophone. We will return to Trainor's soon, so be on the lookout. We now hold down a residency at a great newly renovated bar and soon to be restaurant called BLUE POINT every other Friday beginning March 22nd. 9pm til the wee hours. Acoustic or electric you'll be entertained. There's a pool table and a lot of room for about 140 people. It's a short walk from the West End of Long Beach, past Beach Bagel to the hidden gem at 1143 W Beech St East Atlantic Beach, NY 11561.

MAN... have we been busy...

BIG THANKS to all of you who have helped us all play so much music in so many great venues! It all kinda started w J.W. Trainor's the week after the Super Bowl, then the 4/20 party in Williamsburg for Bill Thompson, then Fire Island, Cabana, the Hub Billiards, Arts In the Plaza, the Long Beach Fine Art Show, Paddy McGee's, Speakeasy, Declan Quinn's, Bahia Social Club, SAND JAM, NYSEA stage, and a few private parties here and there. We've been rocking the WGBB Halftime Howie show, Sutton Place, Thai Rock, and having a real blast with the core group and all the guest All-Stars.

We are looking forward to recording a new CD at Studio Noir before Benoir leaves for Liverpool to perform in Rhys Chatham's - A Crimson Grail for 100 guitars.

On your marks, Get Set, JAMMMMMMMMMM


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Much amor,

Benoir and Z All-Stars Long Beacho!



We aim to help musicians, club owners, and possible run our own multi-day music festival in the future. A loose group of talented people coming together to help the community. Stay tuned for our Launch Party and live performances for July 14th.