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Indie Record Label

"Misty Wind Records" an Indie Label will be launching a music website soon. Are you an indie artist? Are you tired of so called labels taking advantage of you? Are you serious about your music and you want to be added on Misty Wind Records site for FREE and you want to be considered for our roster, contact us for more info at mistywindrecords@yahoo.com

New Book Release!

To view, Click, Copy and Paste link and take a look at this cute book. http://store.blurb.com/ebooks/462299-the-teeny-tiny-kingdom Don't forget to pass it on. See YOU on "The Blurb"

Fund yours!

Fund your music projects or just something your passionate about. You'll be amazed! http://opds2.com/lacesspace1 (or) http://opds2.com/cp4.php?user=lacesspace1 Also Please read my Blog everyday to find out more, so go here at http://lacesspace1.empowernetwork.com/

Updates to Albums for 2014

"When Released" I will be giving away 2 of my new and upcoming albums for 2014 to 2 people that have joined my mailing list right here at: www.lacetomus.com "Don't forget" If you have not already joined my mailing list please go and do so, It will be AWESOME! Thanks for your love and support. Lace



New Holiday Song!


New Release

Now Available! Support a great cause! http://lacetomus.bandcamp.com/album/save-the-whales

Upcoming album

Working on a new album. It's not like anything I've worked on before. This album is for Charity. Hope you'll join me in this effort to "Save The Whales" from extension.. Oh by the way!!! Thats the name of upcoming album. In the mean time you can go and check out all my other music right here. http://lacetomus.com/home

New to Artistsignal

Could you take out a few seconds out of your busy day and go vote for me? I would appreciate it! Thanks so much for your support. https://artistsignal.com/lacetomus