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Mike "Murderer" Martinez / Blog

Holy Shit.

My last blog post on here was in 2012.


Yes, babies... A new Mike Murderer EP is dropping before year's end.

Produced entirely by yours truly, the album will feature 8 slick cuts and be available in $5 hardcopy (which includes artwork by your ol' pal Murdy as well) or free download!

Here's the tracklist:

1. I'm Daniel Johnston 2. East Coast California 3. Murderer (Yeah Yeah) 4. Plaid on Full Attack 5. Perfect Hair Day 6. 6, 6, 6 7. A Day Without 8. Smelly Old Drunk

Sounds exciting, yes? I'll keep you posted!


I'm happy to report a musical rebirth.

I recently was hooked up with New Smyrna Beach legend THEREALONE through a mutual friend, and well, it was reminiscent to when cocaine met baking soda. Instant dope.

We've decided that if we combined forces to do what we do so well, we'd be unstoppable.

Thus DUMPSTERFOOD.®©™ was born. DF.®©™ is the new movement. A floodgate has opened in my brain, as well as THEREALONE's, and the music and ideas are just flowing like water. We will both rhyme and both produce, and we're working on songs now. Shows (as well as an album) will be coming very soon as well, so stay tuned!

You don't wanna miss this.®©™

Playing the Waiting Game.

My people! I'm sorry I've been so speechless as of late; it's not like I didn't have anything to talk about!

I guess I'll start with the title of the blog, THE WAITING GAMEEE... I'm still waiting on my stuff being sent down to me from Connecticut. Said stuff includes my entire lab, so I haven't really been able to record any tracks since.. gasp.. AUGUST '11!!! The good news is my people have assured me its arrival is imminent.

I haven't been a total musical waste, however. I took the opportunity to sharpen my production blade (SOUNDCLOUD.COM/MIKETWAIN for my beats) on this beat up old laptop my mother was kind enough to let me use until my stuff arrives from back home.

This further fueled a pre-existing plan I made last summer to release a fully self-produced album as my next official project. The Rooster Album (titled so because my deceased older brother used to call me Rooster) is more or less FINISHED from the beat standpoint. Meaning, when my mic arrives, and I plug everything in, the album will be done within WEEKS.

My new recording method (before I escaped CT for a maritime climate) has been just to freestyle the lyrics on the spot, if I fuck up, delete it from there and carry right on. I'm making HOT fuckin songs in like 10 minutes. Check "How Does He Do It?" for a great example.

So THAT IS COMING! The motherfuckin ROOSTER ALBUM is COMING! Allover your face, biznatch. What?

Anyhow, there's MORE!!! I'm very excited about this next news, Twainiacs.

Most of you who are true Twain and OD fans know who the fuck the DEALER is. He is a producer that has been down with me and my crew since 2005. I wish I could capitalize numbers for that, because he is my dude. When many flake and fall away, my man the Dealer has been a real and supportive brother since we first got down. And the kid makes INSANE BEATS (extremely limited selection of his production credits for me include classics such as "Who Knew?" "Rat Race" and "Piece it Together (ft. Gr33n Monsta)"). Oh, and did I mention my boy can rap his ass ? Check the song "Get A Hustle" (right on this page) - Dealer made the beat and he spit the first verse (not to mention incredible talk up - lol). That is a prime example of how my dude gets down.

I don't know if it's gonna be an EP or a double LP, but me and dude are long overdue for an official collaborative project, and we are doing so as "SUPPLY AND DEMAND" (the dealer and the dopefiend, get it?).

So in closing, I am tired of waiting on my mic and other recording paraphernalia, but I am soooo excited for what is coming on the horizon.

My best music to date; mark my words.


Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

Happy Belated New Year, Twainiacs!

I rang in 2012 inside the walls of an inpatient rehabilitation center in Daytona Beach, Florida. I bade farewell to Connecticut in early September of last year, and from October-January of this year I was confined to that rehab.

I'm back in society now, adjusting to the slower pace and flatter landscape around me. While inside, I started an acoustic hip hop duo by the name of Mama's Little Junkie with a singer/guitarist named Jason. We will be recording the songs we've written thus far very soon!

I also made the acquaintance of several other people who are in some facet tied to music and entertainment or art, and would love to help me spread my tentacles out in this new environment.

I've linked up with a couple folks who have studios and want to do music, and my own home studio equipment will be back in my possession by no later than March!

In the meantime, being mic-less, I've taken the opportunity to sharpen my production blade. I've been making lots of beats, and am constantly mining sample sources and sound packs to enhance my output. The totally self-produced ROOSTER ALBUM will be out this year; a milestone in my musical catalog.

The energy is flowing positively and in the right direction. I am excited for this new year, and I'm ready to hit the ground running. Don't ever forget the staggering amount of music I have online free for you at SOUNDCLICK.COM/MIKETWAIN, and stay tuned!

Peace and Love. -Twain Gretzky

Fuck You Been At, Twizz?!

That's what they keep askin me.

I'm down here in Florida, man. I left CT in early September, and I already caught a fresh charge down here in the Sunshine State. Fuckin hell.

I'm trying to clean up my act, as it were. I've been mostly just producing beats lately, and you can hear some of them at soundcloud.com/miketwain.

Once I get outta rehab, straighten out the legal sitch, and get my recording equipment back (or link up with FL artists), you'll be hearing my wonderful voice searing tracks once again.

Keep your heads up kiddos; it's fucked up out there.

Titwainium-Plated Music

What's up people? I been layin low on the musical front as of late. I barreled head-first into the recording sessions for what I thought would be my next LP last month. The songs recorded for what was supposed to be "Exile on Twain Street" came out wonderfully, but not in the vein of something I felt comfortable releasing as a Mike Twain project. Instead, you can hear the songs free at soundclick.com/miketwain, and some are even here on Reverb. I had assembled a band for another project, and lo and behold, that fell through as well. I'm not giving up mind you, it's just going to require some new personnel. I'm definitely planning on making some music with a live band in the very near future, and expanding my horizons in that way. Also in the interest of expansion, I have been producing a lot of beats as of late - dusting off all that "beginner" from myself. I'm really happy with the sounds I'm creating (though naturally there is large room for improvement), and my production will be heard a lot more frequently in the coming months. I'm still planning on dropping my entirely self-produced Rooster Album, though there's no date yet for it. It's not going to be a Detox situation though, don't worry. It will see the light of day! The best thing I can advise my Twainiacs right now is to stay tuned to this page and soundclick.com/miketwain for new singles as I drop them, and news on what projects are forthcoming as they near their release. And of course, when the albums do drop, they will be available at miketwain.bandcamp.com! Holler at the kid! And thanks for listening. :D

What's Going On?

What's the happenstance!? I got a lot of work um, in the works, so I wanted to let my Twainiacs know what was goin on. First off, I'm recording an LP over the next two weeks. It's called "Exile on Twain Street" and I'm introducing the alias Mick Swagger on this one! I'm gonna be spittin on a whole buncha different producers' beats, and I'm even gonna throw a few of my own on there to get the people for ready for my next project: The Rooster Album. That one's gonna be entirely produced by me. It'll be out at the end of the year. As always, you can get Mike Twain albums for free online at miketwain.bandcamp.com and listen to loosies at soundclick.com/miketwain. Holler at me if you want physical copies of CD's; I got you.

The Saturday EP

This past Saturday (May 28th, 2011), I recorded and mixed a five-track EP. The plan was to release a lil suttin for my fans to hold them over until my official solo debut (The Rooster Album) is released later this year. The Saturday EP features a different producer on each track, and a guest verse from my man Millenium Falcon out of New Haven. Most of the lyrics on the EP were freestyled, and the beats I chose were all very chill. It just kinda took on a shape and feel of its own. The Saturday EP is available for FREE download at miketwain.bandcamp.com, as well as soundclick.com/miketwain. Cop it!

The Rooster Album

Mike Twain's self-produced, official solo debut is underway.