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Mike "Murderer" Martinez / Blog

The Revival of Shing

What's up my people!? I love you for even caring to read this. Thank you. For those that follow, I was working on an album to a beat tape Savage put out a couple months ago. A bunch of false starts on other projects and the flakiest of flakey people caused me to put it down for a minute. I was so done dealing with people that I started producing an album for myself! Tentatively titled Self-Expressway, I'm really thinking of calling it the Rooster Album now. Anyways, I realized since I'm not a producer first, it's gonna take me till probably fall to put together 12 songs I feel are hot enough that did not involve any outside hands production-wise. And I can admit that! But also, as you know- angry feelings fade. I listened to that funky Shing Tape and realized that I need to finish that project! Me and Sav been working together a while now, and have no official release together. That's just erroneous. It can also give me something to do while I try my hand at making slappin beats for my Rooster project. So what am I saying really? Expect another two albums from me this year!! Sheeit. I shoulda just said that first. Peace and love!

Self Expressway is Underway!!

I started production for my solo LP this past weekend! I'd love to tell you the samples I'm using, but I have no plans of clearing them! Suffice to say, they're chopped and flipped beyond recognition anyhow. I'm using Roc Marciano as inspiration for this totally self-produced venture. He just dropped his album Marcberg last year, and it's a MONSTER. He produced it top-to-bottom, and just spits bodies on it. Check that out to see where I'm settin my bar! I make no secret that I'm an emcee first and foremost. That's evident from the amount of material I've released over literally hundreds of producers' beats. But the fact is I CAN produce an album for myself... So I should! Laziness is the key factor. Being that I am an emcee first, I don't get that urge producers do to just go make a beat. Up till now, I've been producing in a group setting, over an engineer's shoulder, tellin them where to place what. So I've not fell in love with the whole technical aspect of it. I'm definitely using unorthodox methods to get these beats put together, but that's what Hip Hop is about. Making your statement any way you can. On that note, I think I'll be returning to an old title I never got to use: The Self Expressway. I'm a rolling stone, and just the implications of travel that expressway denotes, and then throw the self on it, and wow. That's a title; I'm sorry. So expect it soon. Expect it to be DOPE. Expect a hand drawn cover too. This is gonna be the first true MIKE TWAIN release. I'm excited.

Spring's a-comin!

What's up my people? It's a brand new year and I'm makin music like it's goin out of style. I thought I knew which projects I was going to release next, but I started branching off in all these different directions. I'm experimenting with new styles of composing lyrics and recording, as well as fully committing to producing myself. I'm still working with other producers as well, but you will definitely see a fully self-produced Twain album in the near future! I'm still working with the Overly Dope kids of course. The Shing Tape (produced entirely by SavaGE) is still coming, and I'm definitely releasing something with Benji. I'd really like to complete the albums I began with Trouble T and Gr33n Monsta, but distance and time restrictions can really prevent things from happening... Speaking of real life getting in the way, I'm in the process of moving as well, so my output will suffer briefly.. Before it EXPLODES in my new studio! I got already about 50 tracks in this year and it's only March. And that's while I'm living somewhere I can't record any time I want.. I cannot wait to have this new studio and just PUT. IT. DOWN! I hope you all are having a blessed year. I truly thank you for your support. PEACE!


Hey Twainiacs! I hope your new year is going positively. I'm happy to report that mine is going very well! Since the outset of 2011, I've been working heavily with my producer/engineer, Benji, at his studio space in Meriden, CT. We've been putting down at least a track per session. "A Lotta People Ain't Around No More" and "Till We On Top" are two tracks on this page that came out of these sessions. We're sitting on some very innovative and very fresh tracks, some of which feature some local CT firespitters (What up to Issues and Fat Mike!) and vocalists. The combination of me and Benji is called Generation Car Stereo, and we first linked up in 2005. We produce all the tracks together, using live instrumentation and programs. The sounds we are using are as varied as they are unique; and moreso than anything - they're very hip hop! There's going to be all sorts of sounds and styles on this album, and people are really going to be surprised at the range and direction taken. But surprised in a good way! In addition to that project, longtime Overly Dope producer/singer/emcee SavaGE and myself are releasing an album this March. Savage put together a collection of 12 instrumentals and released "The Shing Tape," which I in turn told Savage I will be recording an album over! Me and Savage have been working together within Overly Dope since 2005 as well, and very extensively so. Anyone familiar with my catalog knows that Savage is and was a key component in the Overly Dope sound. So those are the two projects to be on the lookout for in spring of '11! In the meantime, hit up soundclick.com/miketwain for over 200 songs you can jam to!

New Mike Twain Album for Early 2011!

Generation Car Stereo is really what it is! For those (all) of you who don't know what GCS is, it's the combination of Mike Twain with engineer/producer/musician extraordinaire Benji of Overly Dope Crew. We just started a new project we'll be working on in the coming months, entirely produced by GCS, and featuring Twain crafting rhymes without the aid of pens and paper! The first track for the project was laid this past weekend, with an additional beat produced that will be featured on the album. The song is called "A Lotta People Ain't Around No More" and it deals with the many reasons friendships and relationships cease. I got very honest and open about what I wanted to talk about, and the delivery is passionate as hell, not to mention the beat knocks... It is DOPE. I've got all sorts of ideas for fresh topics and concepts directly related to some things I've been going through, but that are definitely universal and relateable to many. As far as the production, it's a dream come true. Working with Benji in the lab, I'm able to hum a melody or explain ideas in my non-musical terms and have him turn them into reality right before my ears. The beats have a heavy feel to them, with hard drums and deep bass, but very funky and unlike what's currently out (i.e. The Freshy). It's like we're pulling the beats out of my head. And then I get to RHYME on them! :D I feel like this is going to be my masterpiece to date. I'm going to be working with Benji every Saturday, churning out at least a song a day until we feel we're ready. Artwork for the album will of course be handled by Kontrast. I'm not sure if it's going to be released under the name of Generation Car Stereo or if I will release it as a Mike Twain album with production by GCS, but I shall keep you posted! Everything is real tentative right now, but it's super-exciting, so I had to let you in on it! Stay tuned!

Wrappin up the year...

2010 is fast drawing to a close! It's been a hell of an interesting year; that's for sure. I moved back to CT from Boston at the start of the year to get my life into some semblance of order. I have certainly succeeded in that! I'm keepin up all the appearances of a productive member of society with the good job and the new car and all that! But what's more, I've gotten more in tune musically. I'm not writing lyrics anymore; I'm doin the Biggie/Jay-Z method and makin my verses in my head. That alone adds a nice new dimension to the studio process and keeps the music exciting. I've released TWO albums this year: The Ivy League LP by the Electric Outlet (myself with producer/singer EzDread) and That EP by Those Guys (myself and emcee Pdawg). Both of these projects were released in the fall. We've got a lot of stuff in the works! OverlyDope.com is coming fast! You'll be able to order OD music and merchandise, get graphic design work, or book us for shows (among other functions)! We've got shows coming; we're workin with a lot of area promoters and artists and really expanding our brand. As for me personally, I've got a lot of recording to do! In no sort of order, 2011 will see the release of: 1. The first OFFICIAL Mike Twain solo debut 2. The Electric Outlet's sophomore album 3. The Sticks & Stones LP with Kontrast of OD 4. TnT with Trouble T of OD And this is just what's immediately pressing.. There will def be more releases from Overly Dope and very possibly Twainer himself! Stay tuned to us, folks. We're poised to do big things in the coming months! Don't forget I got over 230 songs at soundclick.com/miketwain!

"That EP" release party 11/19 in New Haven, CT!!!

Come get it, come get it. Mike Twain and New Jersey prodigy Pdawg put together one of the most entertaining & offensive pieces of underground hip hop that will ever meet your ears - as THOSE GUYS. In an unbridled display of lyrical finesse, humor, introspection, style, and skill - THOSE GUYS are releasing THAT EP. - A 7 track, 7 producer project on which P and Twain do they'z thang. The release party is November 19th, at Lily's Pad in New Haven, CT. Also on the bill are CT artists Marvalyss and Bootleg, as well as Springfield, MA representative and OD-affiliate Trouble T. THOSE GUYS will be performing THAT EP (in its entirety) at the show. 18+ to party, 21+ to drink (as is the law). Show is $10 in advance, $12 at the door. THAT EP will be $5 and Twain will also be selling Ivy League for $10. Bring yo booze and rap myoozick moneys! Tracklist for THAT EP is as follows: 1. Welcome to the Show (prod. Mike Slugs) 2. Sing Along the Song (prod. King Solomon) 3. If We Knew ft. EzDread (prod. Introspective Minds) 4. (B**ch) You Did Me Wrong (prod. the Dealer) 5. They Want It (prod. JDiablo) 6. No One (prod. DJ SMB) 7. Stick To It (prod. Crafty) It's a strong lineup that spans from silly to sick, profound to profane - and always entertaining. Album artwork will again be handled by KONTRAST of Overly Dope Crew (as well as QN5 Records graphic/web design fame). KON did the Ivy League LP artwork this past September, as well as Twain's past albums, Blaze.One and the Champagne Album. So yes yes. THAT EP will be BONKERS. This show will be BONKERS. Tickets available at aftonshows.com/theelectricoutlet, or holler at me directly (facebook.com/miketwain or my cell 617 901 8109).

That EP by Those Guys is coming.

OVERLY DOPE MUSIC PRESENTS: THOSE GUYS! Connecticut's Mike Twain and New Jersey's Pdawg make up super-duo THOSE GUYS. The two hip hop mega-stars will be convening in Pennsylvania on October 14th-18th to record their first official offering as a group: That EP. "I know we're gonna make a colossal album," promises Mike Twain. "We've been working together for a long time, so the chemistry's there. We also both think we're the sh**, and that usually translates into great rap music." Pdawg could not be reached for comment by press-time. It is assumed that he agrees with Twain's sentiments. That EP itself will contain an as-yet undetermined amount of tracks, as all songs for the album will be recorded over the course of the mid-October recording session. Expected producers for the project include CT's King Solomon, Vitalsine from MA, as well Overly Dope producers EzDread and SavaGE, and many more are in talks. Only the final tracklist will determine who makes the album! That EP by Those Guys will be made available for $5 at the release party on November 19th, 2010 at Lily's Pad (at Toad's Place) in New Haven, CT! It will be available online as well! Stay tuned to Overly Dope!

The Ivy League by the Electric Outlet

The Ivy League LP by the Electric Outlet is now on sale! Go to http://kunaki.com/Sales.asp?PID=PX00IPZFXA to purchase the official hardcopy of the album! The digital version is available right through my ReverbNation page! Released 9/7/10, the 20 track opus details a rocky period in my life where I finally broke out of a powerful addiction to alcohol and heroin. EzDread produced all the beats, and even lends her silky sweet voice to a few hooks. It's the first of many releases you'll be seeing from the Electric Outlet! Get plugged in! BzZt!

Burnin Up

I'm on fire these days. FIRE! Ivy League is COMPLETE and is being submitted for pressing next week!!! You'll be able to cop it online or directly from me (either by request or at shows). Trouble T and I laid down the official first track for our upcoming, as yet untitled, joint EP. It's incredible. This EP is gonna be absolutely off the chain. It's going to be laid down up at Trouble's lab in Springfield over the next month or two. Those unfamiliar with my man, google him! In other news, I'm pretty close to finishing up my album with Kontrast, my fellow OD crewmate. We've been consistently putting down insane tracks since the end of '09. Our project is titled Sticks & Stones, and it's HARD. That will be the next official Mike Twain release following the Electric Outlet's Ivy League. Also be on the lookout for a couple OD Crew mixtapes I'm going to be making available for digital download this winter. In the meantime, I got over 220 songs you can download for free at soundclick.com/miketwain! Take advantage! Thank you all for your continued support! We're gonna make a big noise this year.