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. Social Networking Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and even Youtube, when used correctly, are proving to be the most effective ways to build your fan base and keep them updated. Make it a point to follow other successful artists to see how they are using these tools to their advantage. 2. Creating An Artist Concept What do you represent? What are you about? The answers to these questions are key to finding a fan base. Whether it’s connecting with avid weed smokers or others who share your political philosophy, being consistent with your message helps attract fans to you because you become a spokesman for their lifestyle. Trying to be everything to everybody never works. And if you haven’t already noticed by now, lyrical skill and banging beats are not a sure winning formula for success. We now live in an era where J.Cole and Lil B can coexist and be successful in hip hop. Just make sure you’re not being boring. 3. Video Audio is good, visual is better. It stimulates an extra sense. This is a good thing when done well. Fans are more likely to pass around something visually entertaining than something that’s just audio. You don’t need a big budget to create something visually clever and entertaining to accompany your music. 4. Mixtapes Free mixtapes and EPs are still proving to be effective for artist. These are done best, in my opinion, when the performances are mostly over original beats. Keep in mind that your beats are an important part of establishing your signature sound as well. 5. Frequent Releases Release music and release it often! People have a short attention span and short-term memory. Keep them engaged. Don’t let them forget about you. 6. Physical Products Tangible products are still cool. True fans still want to have something physical in their possession. CDs still sell. I’d personally like to see usb flash drives fully replace the CD format. It’s a great way give your fans extra media such as videos, pics, and higher quality files of your music. There are a lot of cool ways you can distribute them too. There are customizable usb wristbands and other cool things you can do with them. Hip hop has been the setting the trends for a long time and I believe that if our community started to collectively support a different and better format for the music, that it would no doubt become the standard for the industry as a whole. 7. Collaborations We’re now starting to see artists from different sides of track doing more collabs these days. Why? Because they’ve figured out that it’s more productive than beefing and hatin’. You may think that other artist is garbage, but he could have and audience that’s not familiar with your music and one that would most likely become fans of yours if you two did a joint together. Beefs don’t have the shelf life they used to. Hip hop is evolving and there’s more benefit in making allies instead of enemies 8. Live Shows I always tell artist. When you hit the stage, make sure the audience remembers you afterwards. I don’t care what you do, but leave an impression. Get your performance tight. Most of the time, this is your best opportunity to sell your music and merch. This is the time to make that audience become a believer. Do your homework. Go to Youtube and search for the live shows of other artists. Study how they put it together and work the crowd. Then make the proper adjustments and tweaks to your own show..

Mixtape Malpractice: A New Problem for Hip Hop Artists

There used to be a time when a rapper could put out a mixtape using popular beats. And as long as that artist wasn’t selling it, he didn’t have to worry much about the beatmaker coming after him for any sort of copyright infringement. Well those days are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Some independent hip hop artists are now building successful careers off of buzzes created by these free mixtapes. And now the beatmakers are starting to feel used and abused. A popular mixtape, for an artists, can lead to well paid shows and even a major label deal. Producers and beatmakers are starting to feel like they have played a role in the success of these artists, and are reaping no benefits. Some of these artists neglect to give credit to the music source, so there isn’t even a promotional benefit to those that composed the music. Now that were living in a digital age, visible credit for those who contributed to these recordings are becoming obsolete. I personally used to enjoy looking at the liner notes in albums and CDs to see who produced, mixed, and mastered the songs I enjoyed listening to. Now that we’re in the era of mp3′s, finding those credits require some thorough digging…if it’s even available. Artists like Mac Miller and others are finding out that those producers who feel wronged by this practice can wait for years before filing a lawsuit against you. So it doesn’t matter that you may not be famous yet. You may get sued for your very first mixtape by a producer who could make the claim that he contributed to your success. It may be hard to convince the courts of that claim, but even fighting a case against you like this could be costly. So what do you do? I suppose the best thing to do is to get clearance from the producers. But many feel that this is too much trouble to go though for a project that’s not going to be sold. But beware, information these days travels fast, especially when you start creating a buzz. Usually the safest and most respectful thing to do is to always give credit if you use someones music without permission. Oftentimes that’s all people want in a matter like this. They don’t want to feel misused and disrespected.

3 Tips That Will Improve Your Hip Hop Stage Performance

1. Learn to Use the Mic Properly - Time and time again I see too many hip hop artists who don’t know how to use the mic correctly. The microphone is the one thing that stands between you and your connection to the audience. Learn how to use it. Don’t eat the mic or hold it flush to your mouth. This muffles your tone and no one can understand what you’re saying. Also, don’t grip the mic on it’s head. This can cause unpleasant audio feedback. Keeping the mic a couple of inches away from your mouth not only makes for a better sound, it also leaves a more sanitary piece of equipment for your fellow emcees.

2. You don’t need everybody that lives on your block on stage with you. - This is a major problem. Unfortunately I see way too many artists who are supposed to be veterans in the game, make this terrible mistake. Multiple people on stage all yelling the lyrics to the song. It may feel good to you on stage, but for the spectator, it looks and sounds like a big mess. Stop it! If you’re going to use hype men, make sure that they enhance your performance.

3. Don’t overstay your welcome. - If you’re an unknown artist, you’ve got to know when to hit it and quit it. Give them a taste and keep it moving. You will have a greater chance at making an impression if you hit with a couple of nice songs and then exit the stage. If you start trying to perform your mixtape anthology, you’re sure to lose everybody, and maybe even get something thrown at your dome. This has been a public service announcement. Please share and pass it along. Tweet it, retweet it…three tweet it! Print it out, mass copy it and tape it to the front door of every open mic club. Anonymously leave it on the doorstep of the offending artist. Help these artists see the error of their ways. Hip Hop will thank you for it.

Music Business 101 - Producer vs Beatmaker

Ignorance to an industry that you claim is a big part of your life as well as your livelihood is a major mistake. This type of ignorance can ultimately lead to you being mislead, taken advantage of, and at worse screwed out of money and royalties. Understanding the difference between a beat maker and a producer is the Industry 101 lesson of the day. WHAT IS A BEAT MAKER Usually this is the person who sells or leases the beat to an artist before ideas, lyrics, arrangements, etc. are done. This person has no influence on how the record turns out or the direction of the project. Once you get the beat, exclusivity not a lease, your pretty much done with this person until your album is released. Industry Terminology Leased Beat Means that the beat maker is free to let other artist lease the beat until Exclusivity is bought. As soon as exclusivity is bought (make sure you have your paperwork straight) the lease is then that of the purchaser. WHAT IS A PRODUCER? A producer is the person who decides the direction of the project. They take the beat and help it to evolve into a song. They are there in the studio and have active voice in the arrangements, pitches, and tone. They are then given producer rights for their input and hard work. Sometimes a beat maker is involved in the production of the song depending on their level of involvement. This starts to get a little tricky depending on the situation. For example producers like Jazzy Pha, Jermain Dupri, and Timbaland have beat makers signed to them. This allows them to have a variation of different sounds to fit different artists. But because they have these beat makers signed to them, they are able to take the headline credit for the work even though they are just involved in the direction. Although the beat maker receives payment they often don’t receive the credit at the end of the day. I bring these points up because, I have noticed recently that a lot of Independents are attributing album points, credit, and money, to beat makers when they have nothing to do with the actual project. Anyone who doesn’t tell you this, when you are working with them, definitely doesn’t have your best interest at heart. If you, as an Indie buy a beat and you go into the studio and decide your own direction for the song, its arrangements, and breakdowns than you ARE the PRODUCER

Personal branding for introverts

Here are seven tips to get introverts on the path to personal-branding success:

1.Speak up about your accomplishments. Introverts often don’t get the recognition they deserve because they have a difficult time promoting themselves or bringing themselves attention. But it’s unwise to rely on others to speak up about your accomplishments, and letting them go unnoticed could get in the way of opportunities for promotion. Think carefully about what you can say about your accomplishments, and to whom, to ensure you receive credit where credit is due.

2. Forge strong relationships. Many introverts may find it helpful to have a mentor or trusted supervisor to help them succeed. Forging strong relationships with those who are more apt to speak up on your behalf can be beneficial when you need someone to vouch for your abilities.

3. Share your ideas. You don’t have to force yourself to be a chatterbox, but when you have a new idea or opinion, share it. This is one way that a boss or superior will really recognize your contribution to the organization. It can often help to mentally lay out what you’re going to say before you say it.

4. Don’t over-analyze your performance. Introverts can be particularly hard on themselves because they often become self-conscious when on public display. Remember not to dwell on “mistakes.” Focus on your successes, and don’t over-analyze your situation.

5. Rehearse. If you have an interview or presentation coming up, practice a few times in front of the mirror or in front of a friend. The more you do something, the less foreign it becomes.

6. Have a plan. Prepare for networking events by having a plan laid out. Have a few conversation starters ready, like comments about things most people can discuss, such as current events, movies or books. Making small talk comes more naturally when you find common ground. Or, prepare a 60-second elevator pitch as a quick way to forge relationships.

7. Take advantage of your strengths. Many introverts find that they communicate much better online than in-person. Make sure to take advantage of online networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other site for young professionals to gain contacts in a stress-free environment.

Daily Bread

If you want to build a successful company give up control. You can try to micromange but: the business will never grow bigger than one person (you, the CEO) can handle effectively; the company won’t be able to move very quickly. Since everything will have to flow through you, you will create a bottleneck; you won’t get the best ideas out of your people. Once they understand the company is set up so everything revolves around you, people are not going to take the time to develop their best ideas. “Why should I,” they’ll ask. “He is just going to do what he wants anyway.” And it’s exhausting

Daily Bread

Take small, smart steps towards your goals. Contrary to the popular press, the most successful entrepreneurs are not swing-for-the-fences, bet-everything-on-one-roll-of-the-dice types. They are extremely conservative. They take a small step toward their goal; pause to see what they have learned from taking that small step and build that learning into the next small step. Then they pause to see what they have learned from that second small step, build that learning in and then take another small step and so forth. They don’t take large risks.

daily bread

The most important decision you can make is…where do you want to spend your time. You only have so much time, energy and ability to focus. That means, as much as you would like to, you can’t do everything. That’s a given. So is this: The places which receive your full attention will do better than the places that won’t. What follows from that is this: You need to make hard choices about what you will do–and what you won’t. And it is really is the important decision you can make, because everything else you do will flow from it…including the next point.

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It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday, is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow"!!!!!